World Government And The Twelve Triggers Driving Mankind Towards It.

Know thyself and your Enemy, and you will win all battles;

Know thyself and not thy Enemy, for every victory there will be a defeat;

Know neither yourself nor your Enemy and you’ll be defeated all the time.

– Sun-Tzu, ” The Art of War “

What might World Government look like?

Today’s telecommunications technologies even make geographical centres mostly redundant and unnecessary. One can thus envision that the Coming World Government will be multi-centred along the lines of the lessons learned under that grand experiment in supranational management called the European Union. In many ways, the EU is a leading case in proto-World Government applied to one specific and highly developed region of the world. No wonder then that it was matured and readied “just-in-time” for the demise of the Soviet Bloc, thus giving it more than a dozen “unexpected” new members coming from the former Soviet Bloc…

The European Union is, amongst many other things, an exercise in merging whole countries with vastly different cultures, economies, financial systems, legal systems, administrative norms, languages and religions into one formless, faceless, inhuman entity.

The EU has its Administrative centre in Brussels, its Monetary centre in Frankfurt, its Legislative centre in Strassbourg, its Courts in Luxembourg. Similarly, the coming World Government could conceivably have its own key centres, say, Washington as its Military centre for an expanded global imperial armed forces command; New York City as global Financial Capital from where world currency (a “Global Dollar” backed by gold?) will be managed; London as global Political Capital (that’s where vast power has resided for centuries: financial, diplomatic, nobilities, Freemasonry, the Anglican Church…); Rome as a sort of “Ecumenical Clearing House” from where a “light and liberal global religion” will be run;2 and – last but not least – Jerusalem as the “spiritual” capital of the world, where the highest echelons of the Global Power Elite (the “Committee of 300” Walther Rathenau spoke about a century ago) expect to fulfil their centuries-old dream of crowning one from their bloodline as the King of the World, once Israel rebuilds the Third Temple on the Mount… (Hmmm… more trouble there!).

The Twelve Transitional Triggers

All of this being said, we finally come to the Twelve Transitional Triggers being used by the Global Power Elite to wrap up “Globalisation” and usher in World Government.

These triggers are linked, interfaced and interlocked in a highly complex, holistic matrix that is very flexible in its Tactics but rigidly unbending in its Strategic Objectives. They should be read as a whole, interpreted in their holistic hierarchy and considered in various sequences. The picture that unfolds is a clear case of the whole being far more than the mere sum of its parts.

Financial Meltdown – The Global Financial System continues on life-support since the crisis exploded on 15 September 2008. Barrack Obama, Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve System, treasury secretary Timothy Geithner, and the US government’s economic hit team (i.e., Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Paul Volcker and other entrenched bankers), together with Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup, JPMorganChase, the Bank of England, the European Union, and the G20, have not and will not take one single step to help the people in each country and their ailing national economies. All they do is throw huge monetary lifelines to the banking elite and to themselves. They will do anything to impose their flagrant lies on public opinion, including the myth that certain banks are just “too big to fail” (i.e., Orwellian News peak for “too damnpowerful to fail”).

Trillions upon trillions of dollars in toxic debt write-offs with taxpayer money; irresponsible central bank money printing; the IMF milking dozens of national economies in Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Argentina and, soon to come, Spain, Italy and many others; Quantitative Easing I & II (and soon to come III), again News peak for hyperinflation; all adding up to trillions more for bankster bailouts… Why? Easy: because it’s not governments overseeing, supervising and controlling Goldman Sachs, CitiCorp, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, JPMorganChase, UBS, but exactly the other way around…

The Global Power Elite are ready and willing to collapse the US Dollar and the Euro at a moment’s notice, replacing them with a global gold-backed currency: a “World Dollar” in all likelihood that will be controlled by a world central bank. In line with their Masonic symbols and style, they even subtly laugh at us all. Take a close look at the new US$100 bill they’re putting into circulation: its design splits the note right down the middle, with the left side carrying symbols that may be interpreted as saying goodbye to FED Fiat money, whilst the right side seems to be saying hello to the coming gold-backed world currency.

At the right time (for them: i.e., when their banks and interests have positioned themselves to weather the coming financial and monetary storms), they will then pull plug on the whole circus unleashing mass pandemonium. The US Dollar will collapse when the mainstream media engineer a run on it by confirming what is obvious to many of us: that the US$ has been irrecoverably and purposely hyper-inflated. The Euro, in turn, will collapse for very different reasons: it will disintegrate as the different European countries are forced to revert to their traditional currencies, notably Germany. If Germany were to go back to the Deutsch Mark, then that would spell the demise of the short-lived Euro. The Global Power Elite will drop the US Dollar and the Euro when they are ready to introduce a new Global Dollar replacing both.3

Economic Crises – Through the on-going massive transfer of wealth, “extreme destructive capitalism” will collapse national and regional economies, rebuilding and reformatting them into international slave labour Gulag-like entities that Joseph Stalin would envy. Remember: today’s woes lie NOT with the Real World of National Economies (which are for the most part intact), but with the Fake Virtual World of finance, banks, derivatives, junk bonds, hedge funds… All propped up through Mass PsyWar via CNN, FoxNews, New York Times, Der Spiegel, Daily Telegraph, Rupert Murdoch, El País, La Nación, Clarín, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, Time, Newsweek, Washington Post… Readers are strongly recommended to watch Charles Ferguson’s magnificent documentary “Inside Job” describing the names of the architects of today’s financial and economic crises, and the banks that triggered it.

Social Upheavals – The Greek meltdown, Ireland, UK riots, Iceland’s bank run, Spain’s unemployed, and now the massive social upheavals of the last months in the Middle East and North Africa which are very much fuelled by worsening poverty levels, unemployment, grossly unjust wealth distribution, lack of food, water and education in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine and other countries. North Africa’s social uprisings are a taste of things to come in the rest of Africa, Asia, Latin America, France and the US. Argentina is clearly up for a land grab as the fires spread.

Pandemics – Get ready for more “Flu Surprises” leading to mandatory vaccinations that will not only represent a discrete opportunity to slip RFID chips into us, but also intelligent viruses targeting specific DNA strains, i.e., racially and ethnically selective viruses as part of the mass depopulation campaign. As some observers say, entire countries and racial/ethnic groups might very soon “catch colds.”

Global Warming – As the global economy enters Zero Growth Mode, the main economic driver is shifting from Growth Expansion to Consumption Contraction. The coming “carbon credits” might very well be the scheme that opens the way to full societal control.4 The Environmental factor which received so much publicity with Al Gore has the virtue of being beyond the control of any one Nation-State and thus justifies full global control by world governing entities.

Terrorist “False Flag” Mega Attacks – This is a wildcard to be used if the Elite needs to jump start further crises leading to World Government. New events of this sort will no doubt be something huge that dwarfs 11 September 2001 and serves to justify further global upheaval, wars, invasions and genocide. A Nuclear Weapon over a major city that could be blamed on the Global Power Elite’s favourite enemy or a combination of “enemies”: “Muslim Fundamentalists,” Patriot Movements, specific States… This time it will have to be a WMD so that it has the necessary psychological impact.

The time has come for a full investigation to be made into the covert, secretive dark world of clandestine entities that seem to carry out such attacks throughout the world. This can only be done by researchers who are in no way tied, aligned or associated with Global Power Elite interests and are thus willing and able to dig as deep as necessary in order for the Truth to come out. The key would seem to lie in the existence of virtual mirror structures within “official” intelligence community agencies, notably the CIA, MI6, Mossad, KGB and their counterparts in most every other country that appear to have almost unlimited resources emanating from – amongst other sources – organised crime (notably, arms dealers and drug trafficking).

War in Middle East? This has already been unleashed, and Iran is probably the ultimate target. But before that, other dominoes need to fall, notably Libya and Syria… Constant Israeli and US threats of unilateral military attack against Iran have become commonplace since the Israeli defeat in Southern Lebanon in mid-2006 at the hands of Hezbollah.

An Ecological/Environmental “Accident” – In my initial 2009 YouTube video I described this as a new nuclear “Chernobyl”5 that would “justify” the need for a world entity controlling all nuclear energy facilities, both civilian and, eventually, even military.

Then, in April 2010 came the British Petroleum “Deep water Horizon” oil rig catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico which, although now mostly out of the news, is still generating severe environmental damage in the Gulf and beyond. Yet, the almost complete inability and unpreparedness of the US government was clearly highlighted. This failure by the Obama administration is totally unjustified especially after the 2005 Katrina catastrophe that hit the same region.

Now, in March 2011, Japan and the world is faced with a much larger accident in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex triggered by the 11 March earthquake and tsunami which, at the time of writing, continues getting worse by the day. There are certain notable aspects referring to this catastrophic event that need to be fully researched, including whether or not the United States’s HAARP6 installation in Alaska has the potential to trigger seismic events in regions where tectonic plates have built-up potential high tension instabilities. Were this to be proven possible, then we may even be facing some kind of secret/clandestine “earthquake machine” capability, that represents the ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Assassination of a Major Public Figure that will be blamed on some future enemy-to-come: a Muslim country, North Korea, Venezuela or a Patriot “conspiracy.” The social disruption and shock wave would need to be over-powering, so we need to think in terms of somebody very high up in Washington, London, or even Rome. As the John and Robert Kennedy events showed, high profile assassinations are relatively easy to pull, especially when the perpetrators can count on “a little help from their (Mossad, CIA, MI6) friends…”

Attacks on “Rogue States” – At the time of writing North Africa and the Middle East in general – Libya in particular – are clear examples of this. The key question today is: who is next on the hit list? Venezuela? Bolivia? North Korea? Somalia? Some “failed State” in Africa or Asia?

Staged “Religious” Event – This may lie further into the future because other events need to take place before, however today we have the technology to project three dimensional virtual reality holograms just about anywhere. A staged Hollywood-style “Second Coming passion play” may very well be on the drawing board. Imagine the impact of a credible “mystery play” of a Messianic figure (electronically engineered, of course) sending cryptic messages to the world, conveniently interpreted by “experts” playing in sync with the Global Power Elite’s objectives and interests. Who would dare go against “god” himself? Some of the foreplay to this may already be playing out in certain popular films and “projects” on the Internet that attack the present state of things but then go on to suggest we need to move forward into a borderless, faceless Utopian scheme…

Staged “Alien Contact” – This too is very likely in the works, especially considering that very large sectors of public opinion believe in extraterrestrial beings. Here too, hologram technology may stage some sort of “space vehicle landing” – on the White House lawn, naturally – which will highlight the absolute “need” for Man to have “unified representation” with a universe populated with extraterrestrial beings. Yet another justification for world government?

It is no wonder that at the end of September 2010 the UN named what may become a terrestrial ambassadorship for such coming “space contacts.” For the time being, that post is held by Malaysian astrophysicist Dr. Mazlan Othman. Naturally, this would all be part of a giant PsyOps in which Hollywood has so obediently obliged, preparing the public through their hundreds of “space alien” movies for over half a century. We have become used to seeing good ET’s, bad ET’s, cute ET’s, aggressive, wise, monstrous, beautiful, Nazi-like, green, red and blue ET’s. There seems to be a flavour for every taste, the point being this process has definitely helped shape the collective psyche and convince people that flying saucers and ET’s do exist. In fact, saucer technologies probably do exist and one might do well to look way, way down South for that. It may be that such vessels are not manned by little green men (which is something Hollywood would help to explain so public opinion accepts it), but rather by something far more unnerving and dangerous for the Global Power Elite, that seems to put their hair on end…

    What do all these interlocking “crises” have in common? Global warming, pandemics, international terrorism, financial collapse, economic and trade depression, even alien contacts? They all serve to show that such crises are beyond the capacity of any one Nation-State to cope with, and thus “justify” the need for World Government from different angles and for different reasons. It would seem that in today’s world, all geopolitical roads & PsyWar highways irrevocably lead to a World Government centred on Rome, London, New York, Washington and Jerusalem.

We would all do well to stay alert and look at things the way they really are and not the way the TV

Masters want us to think they are.

The above article appeared in New Dawn Special Issue 16.


The Elite, the ‘Great Game’, & World War III