Come The Day And Come The Hour


October 1, 2013

The US Capitol dome is seen at sunrise over Washington, DC (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)

Those of you familiar with rugby will recognise the opening lines from the Irish anthem for the International World Cup of rugby.  We could add here to it by saying “come the day and come the hour; come the man and the country”.

What an amazing month September 2013 has been in the history of mankind. It would be hard to go past the events unfolding in Syria or the peripheral politicking that has taken place surrounding events in Syria.

But to isolate Syria in such a myopic view of the world would be to miss much of what has been the driving factors and influencing motives of the unseen players in this frightful drama being played out in the centre of the Middle East.

Certainly, there will be many with apocalyptic views regarding the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, who will spin a story around their interpretation of Scripture and how this is going to pan out.

I am not claiming to be so gifted and well connected with God that He has enlightened me with wisdom and understanding of these two books of Scripture, so I will refrain from obvious deductions and to parallels to Scripture. Ok, I can hear a collective sigh of relief – not another religious kook going to tell me the end is here.

What I want to do is to look at the events and explore, more in debth, what is behind the events and perhaps, point to where all this is taking us.

This month, more so than any other in recent time, we have seen the emergence of a statesman in the true sense of the word – a statesman of bygone times. Some of us are old enough to recall true statesmen, so we are talking living memory as recent times. But who would have thought or credited that a leader of an ex Soviet State would rise above all other politicians and genuinely stamp his mark on the world stage in such an emphatic manner as Vladimir Putin has?

While Barack Obama [or is that Obomber?] was beating war drums with his Nobel Peace Prize and calling a war council from around the world to punish a sovereign state for an act for which there is no substantive proof that they actually carried it out – Vladimir Putin quietly, with distinguished aplomb, pulled the rug out from under Obomber’s feet and completely removed options for a US/Saudi backed attack on Syria.  Even those who detest Putin must grudgingly concede that this act was a masterful stroke of diplomacy and statesmanship!

With one statement, the whole pretext for going to war was removed and people were asking what was the US/Saudi end game, if they didn’t accept the offer.  Kerry had to accept; he was proverbially between a rock and a hard place. Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister was all over John Kerry, who had degraded himself and that of his office by following the path of Collin Powel with the Iraqi ruse – Weapons of Mass Destruction lie. So much attention was placed on this aspect, that he left himself no wriggle room at all and the Russians simply cut it off.

But does a leopard change it’s spots? No, and sadly, one would have expected the Russians to have anticipated the weaselling out of the accord by the Americans which followed. History is there – Dmitry Medvedev found out to his eternal consternation and Russia’s ultimate embarrassment that American agreements are not worth the paper they are written on. Medvedev had an agreement on Libya with the US that Gaddafi would not be touched and Libya would not be attacked, if Russia supported their UN resolution – yet, as soon as the US had the resolution, they twisted the interpretation of the wording on the UN resolution to allow the illegal bombing and ultimate assassination of Gaddafi.  From that, we saw the demise of Medvedev and the rise of Putin AND a more resolute Russia. The US/Saudi regime had awoken the bear!

Putin has learnt from that! This time, Russia is standing firm with Syria, regardless and Putin will veto any resolution which will later allow an attack upon Syria. Who should have the Nobel Peace Prize? [That’s another issue, as it is politically motivated by certain players].

When this happened – around that time, it was astounding to see that the UK Parliament refused to follow the US/Saudi war drums! I saw an interview with Putin wherein even he stated that “they were surprised by the UK move – as they always just do as they are told”. Certainly, the suave and greasy David Cameroon was surprised too and had to eat humble pie in Parliament when he said, “I hear you and I have listened”. America was reduced to citing France as it’s only supporter of an illegal military strike. French will do anything to keep their banks from closing. Saudi money there helps that.

When the war drums were beaten for the Iraqi war, the internet and social media was very much still in their infancy – the MSM was the main source of news and propaganda for the masses. Of course people would believe their government and of course Saddie had WMD. Isn’t it amazing how 20 years of internet growth and social media networking has help spread truth to counter the MSM lies?  Powel had to admit to the UN that he lied! Now people remember the story of the little boy who cried wolf and can identify the same story in MSM as they heard years before, and more recently, similar themes.

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7 thoughts on “Come The Day And Come The Hour

  1. When they bomb a nation its is not for free…they make much more from recovering from the puppet governments they instil in the country and also by stealing away the bombed nations reserves….

    USA and allies has always bombed to steal, to sustain their failing economy…Since they are not able to bomb Syria, the poor begging USA government has went into a shut down.

    Hopefully this starts the Sheeple wake up call but I’m not holding my breath. Hey just print more money and everything will be okay. Infinite growth + Finite resources + Unsustainable populations = total cluster F&ck.

    And finally, if may I add this…..Unlike the coup against Morsi, Netanyahu is inflicting one coup on Obama far more interesting than that of general Assisi, for failing to attack Syria. This failure to vote on the US budget is more of a geopolitical PLOT, yes PLOT, than a domestic one.


  2. Hi there, I am so not into politics (it’s such a murky business) and thus I cannot contribute an informed comment. But I do have to admit that “Even those who detest Putin must grudgingly concede that this act was a masterful stroke of diplomacy and statesmanship!”

    • Must AGREE…At the moment at least, he saved the world entering WWIII….No one knows later on, like next year or year after ??
      This global war will eventually start soon ( IT IS A MUST ), and it is my sincere hope that it will be stopped before we all end civilisation.

  3. The global war doesn’t HAVE to begin soon… and ending civilisation wouldn’t be that bad. The idea just hurts because we think about our children, but civilisation contributes nothing good to our globe, nothing. SHALOM (is still possible I think. I’m optimistic 🙂 ).

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