ELECTION DAY…Be BRAVE and Kick some A$$



The Red Head You Can Trust

This lady, a true Australian, put the fear of exposure into the major parties in 1998 election when she threaten to open the book for public scrutiny forcing them to combine to save their two party monopoly of Government. Tomorrow, September 7th, she again runs for the Senate, has draw the very last column on that massive ballot paper, easy to find for a vote above the line to “Keep the Bastards Honest”  

Pauline quotes: I am an ordinary Australian who cares about the future of my children, and my fellow Australians. My passion is to ensure accountability and transparency, from our self-serving, dysfunctional, political representatives. It is not my fight alone. You have to decide how you see your future, and the future of your country.


Never has there been such a disillusioned audience for a Federal election. Among the personal vilification and slap stick dialogue where are the policies, leadership, national vision, selflessness for their constituents and the good of the nation? Tweedle dumb and tweedle dee, focused on their pensions salary and benefits for life they have not mentioned how youth will be employed, the elderly grey party will be catered for in their retirement, the invalid cared for, the school children, assisted with logistics of educating in a fast moving world, university students heading oversees to avoid the abominable HECS destroying ideas of professions such as doctors, dentists, nurses, large animal vets … A few boat loads of refugees have taken the emotive attention of the media and the people.

Do either of these parties know there is a rural Australia out here that is not carved up for de-habited subsidised wilderness tourist destination blatantly, unashamedly buying swinging votes for a public sector well out of control harvesting public and national assets for their own agendas. Farmland is fair game for city water, city carbon off sets, water diversions, biodiversity corridors, coal mines, gas fracking, iron ore, bullet trains, highways down river flats and across farm infrastructure, confiscation for another tree planting program on crop land, government grant where school children are used as volunteer labour recruited like Hitler Youth. The grant holder gets $1 a tree to confiscate crop-land declared “over cleared” by people largely unqualified to judge.

Read this full story by Noeline Franklin before you vote [HERE]



Abbotts being exposed over his lies, deceit and slush funding to halt Pauline Hanson and destroy her ONE Nation party who threatened the two party control in the 1998 Election has tried his luck with Bob Katter to discredit him and came undone in a Queensland court where his is also currently defending a law suite by previous ONE Nation co-founder David Ettridge for damages over the 1998 scandal.

Winning in court to halt Liberals Lies advertising big time across Queensland quoting ‘A Vote for Katter is a Vote for Labor’ confirms Katter has them more than worried as he enjoys an explosion to his support base of disillusioned two party voters sick of the corruption and dictatorship government.

KAP Federal President, Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter said, ‘It’s the sort of dirty politics which contributes to a record one-in-four Australians refusing to be forced to choose between the ALP/LNP duocracy that believes it’s born to rule’.

“Of course we all know the major parties have done their own preference deals with each other – such as the LNP preferencing Labor – because it’s in their best interests for Australia to be ruled by the duocracy. However history has shown that our outdated two-party system of government has proved in the worst interests of Australia and its people,’said Mr Katter.

KAP Qld Leader and Member for Condamine, Ray Hopper said the KAP had negotiated preference agreements with a clear focus: ‘To put our candidates in the best position to win seats in Parliament so we can be the people’s watchdog of our corporate-controlled major party governments – and get rid of the Greens puppeteers holding our country to ransom’.

But the major parties did not deserve anything from the KAP, said Mr Hopper – and the preference agreements were designed to do exactly that; to give them nothing but rather take seats away from them.

‘The major parties are just different dogs with the same fleas – or different bananas in the same skin, as the case may be,’ said Mr Hopper. ‘So we are effectively giving neither anything – because we are in fact poised to take seats from the ALP and LNP and become the third force in Australian politics.’

Mr Katter noted that whilst government is formed on the floor of the House of Representatives, the KAP’s strong showing in the 2010 Qld election effectively handed the LNP about a dozen seats because the KAP cannibalised the ALP vote.

‘So it’s crucial that Australians do not hand complete control of both the House and the Senate to any major party to rubber stamp any decision they like – nor keep the Greens calling the tune. As such, the KAP negotiated preferences that put our candidates in pole position to be the people’s voice in Parliament against the ALP-LNP ‘corporation’ that’s destroyed industry and opportunity in Australia and taken voters for granted.’

Our colluding two party system claiming democracy in Australia as we the people are forced to enduring inefficient government, corrupt government, dictatorial government without means of terminating this violation under our present constitution until the elected period has expired. A true democratic voice would call to account, politicians and government destroying our nation under political license.

Another true Australian who will “Keep The Bastards Honest” in the Senate



Kevin Rudd is a real sleazbag. Just ask any Qld. public servant from the 1990′s. He earned the name Dr Death. Then he had the gall to use his position, as Wayne Goss’s chief of staff, to push his wife’s then small business, Work Directions. No wonder it has grown into such a mega business. It was no accident – it received some almighty help. The career, of one very decent and honest public servant, was flushed down the toilet, so uncle Kev could promote the business. He was not the only one, many others suffered the same fate.

The full disgusting story – [Read More]


Election Fraud a Scourge

A taboo subject before elections by the major parties is the hidden scourge of voting fraud. Like a crazy cousin it tends to be swept under the carpet. In her groundbreaking work, ‘The Frauding of Votes’ Professor Amy McGrath has dissected the electoral process in Australia. Her findings are quite discomforting, leaving the reader with a lingering mistrust in the electoral process…[Read More]

Labors Slippery Get $1.8 Million

Racking up more than $1.8 million since 2007 in travel and office expenses, which we taxpayers have been asked to reimburse Peter Slipper.

In 2009 and again in 2010, Slipper claimed more than $700,000 in expenses a year, at the rate of almost $2,000 a day. Yes, that’s $2,000 a day. This included regular $300 taxi trips from Brisbane Airport to his home on the Sunshine Coast; a $15,800 study trip to Argentina; and annual vehicle expenses of more than $40,000.

In just two months in 2011, Slipper racked up $4595.40 in overseas calls from his mobile phone…. It’s your vote people.

Mal Bids Fairwell

After 12 years of beating my head against the wall, I feel a certain amount of self gratification in exposing the dictatorial governments across Australia offering the voters information to make informed decisions when polling day comes around.

Tomorrow September 7 is your chance to change this nation and remove the fear mongering war lords who have systematically reduced the freedom of Australians to political incarceration in a prison controlled by designed legislation.

Retiring today from SOS-NEWS I started in 2001 with a smile, I make this quote from a good friend of mine back in 1970 who said, Getting your message across to voters is like wearing a dark suit you have just pissed your pants in. It is a nice warm feeling and know body takes any notice”.

Keep well, keep supporting SOS-NEWS, now 12 years on under a great team of volunteers I thank very much for their loyal and professional service and all subscribers for your support spreading the word controlled media refused.

I will be around online with a few projects in the pipeline I am sure you will be made aware of.

Mal Davies