Designing the mind: a fable

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Designing the mind: a fable

by Jon Rappoport

August 2, 2013

Before I launch into the fable, I want to discuss briefly a related matter. The submerging of the individual into the collective, group-think, the consensus.

To many people, this submerging seems like a good idea. Why? Because they don’t perceive the actual creative potential of the individual. Therefore, they don’t see the submerging as a sacrifice.

There isn’t a significant distinction between the individual and the group in the first place.”

And therein lies the problem and the tragedy.

What’s the big deal? On one side you have the individual with his ideas and his agendas, and on the other side you have the group with its ideas and agendas. So what? It’s more pleasant and reassuring to dive into the group. So do it.”

THAT’S why it’s important to understand the individual and his imagination…

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