The God Concept in Mind Reality……Interesting Read.

Interesting Concept/s….You be the JUDGE


God = All-That-Is, Pure Consciousness, Universal Mind, Source of All, Prime Creator, One Infinite Creator.

Elohim = A Group of Creator Light Beings that are involved in the Creation of our world. The Angels are also collectively known as “Elohim” and are messengers or executives of Elohim. “Elohim” means “The Powers that Be”.

Yahweh = Creator of the Elohim and is directly involved in the Creation of the Human Species and is our Planetary Logos. In the Bible and in the Keys of Enoch, Yahweh is known as the God of Gods (Elohim of Elohim) and the Mind of all universal intelligence, of all collective Lordships and Godships. Yahweh is Alpha and Omega (Yahweh = YHWH = Yod Heh Vav Heh = Who Was, Who Is, Who Is to Come).

Lucifer = A Being of Light that is involved in presenting polarity into our world for freewill evolution of humanity. Lucifer plays the role of Satan (The Adversary) and represents Darkness and All that is Not-God. Lucifer serves the Creator through the offering of 3 things: Light, Darkness and Distorted Light.

Jesus = God Himself incarnated in Form to relate with His Creation. Jesus is actually Yahweh/Jehovah and also the Savior of the World. Jesus is Yahweh’s Full Name (Jesus = Yashua = Yahweh-Shua = Yahweh Saves). Jesus is Lord of All, and the Redeemer. Jesus is Fully God and Fully Man.

Ministering Spirits = All kinds of Entities in the Higher Planes of Existence and Other Worlds that serve the human race through spiritual teachings. These include Angels, Gods, Daevas, Extra-Terrestrials, Spirits of Human or Non-Human, Lords, Ascended Beings, Saints, and any other name that can be named. Their channeled messages are according to the level of the Spiritual World they occupy that can vary from directly above the Earth Plane, to the Intermediate Planes, to the Higher Spiritual Planes, all the way to the Throne of Glory. Their teachings are not necessarily without distortions, and are of varying degrees of completeness of the Truth.

Evil Spirits = Spirits of Human or Non-Human that cause harmful effects upon the lives of others. They may or may not be of an outright malicious nature. Some evil spirits are truly corrupted and ignorant, while others are intentionally evil because of the role that they play in service as Satan (The Collective Adversary). There tends to be a blurring of the lines between “evil” and “ministering” spirits. In short, the “higher” a spirit is in the Spiritual World and their dispensation of Truth and Revelation, the more “Good” or “Holy (Holistic)” they tend to be. This is not an absolute as some highest beings (such as Lucifer) play dualistic roles that include Darkness or Evil to a great degree. Those that serve roles of Pure Light are God’s Highest Holy Angels or Saints in Glory.

Man = An Aspect of Prime Creator that is in third density embodiment for the human experience. Prime Creator is All Things.

“The Holy One, Blessed be He, said to those, You want to know my name? I am called according to my actions. When I judge the creatures I am Elohim, and when I have mercy with My world, I am named YHWH” (Exodus Rabbah 3:6).

“I have said you are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.” – Psalms 82:6

“Even though the Church preaches many good things, there are many most essential truths of spirituality which need to be mentioned. Three of these are: “All is God/One”, “You Create Your Reality” and “The Laws of the Universe.”

The highest level source energy beings such as Abraham Hicks say there are many games being played. Lucifer also says it is all a game and when the game is over, all beings will return to the light.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

“God is a concept. Instead of “God”, think “Creator”. The word “Creator” or “Consciousness” is essence. A creator does not need to control or rule over its creation. Its creation can have the inherent creativity to unfold on its own and to be itself. As above, so below: When you create, you want your creations to be as autonomous and as self governing as possible. This frees up the creator to continue creating more and more. In the process of true creativity, you are not creating anything actually. It is creating itself through you. That is because All is One, and All Creation is The Creator creating itself through prior manifestations of itself. Therefore Creation is Creator, and Creator becomes Creation.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

“Perhaps “God” is just a concept, a good one albeit. But “Creator” is what the truth is. There is only Creator and Creation. This is Universal. Everyone knows it understandably.

Self is Supreme, Self is Creator, Self is responsible for all events and experiences, and Self is All. This is All based on the Law of One. The concept of God is not based on the Law of One, and in many cases forms a dualistic consciousness. There is actually nothing other than the Law of One. Anything other than the Law of One is “unreal”. Therefore the concept of God represents a slightly distorted view of Ultimate Reality.

When reality is viewed with the Law of One, there is no distortion and only the Self is seen. It is said that “God is the Creator”. But in truth, Self is Creator and Self creates the reality of “God” and all its implications as one of its experiences. Therefore the experience of “God” is the result of a created reality, but Self is the uncreated reality.

It is important to note that “Self” with a capital “S” here does not mean just that individual consciousness of you that experiences reality in whatever form it is in. That is the “self” with a small “s”. But the “Self” is your individual self in conjunction with the whole of existence which can be taken to be the Totality of YOU. It is All One Self.

A concept is a perception of reality that may or may not have a certain amount of distortion to it. In this case, the term “God” comes with a slightly distorted view of reality. “Creator” is an undistorted view of reality.

It is enough for some to perceive reality directly as Consciousness, Creator and Self. Other undistorted terms are Source and All-That-Is.

Another way is to UPGRADE the Concept of God with the Law of One. There is Only One of Us Here. God Is You. You are All-That-Is.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

“Instead of thinking God as a separate being from you, think of God as the Whole and your individual point of view as a portion of the Whole. God is the portion that is you and God is the Whole of Who You Really Are. And all other portions of God/Whole are also you, although you are a portion of God experiencing them as “not” you. But when you comprehend that you are a perception within the perception of God, a fractal perception so to speak, you realize your unity with all things and know that All is One.

Every portion is God, and the Whole is God, and you are God individually, and you are God as All of it. This is the true meaning of what God is. God is Self. God is the Amalgamation of many things. Self, Source, Creator. In this case, God is no longer just a concept based on the previous understanding of God, but the term “God” would now be used in an undistorted and true way.

From your individual perspective, you can also perceive God to be an aspect of You that is doing things on your behalf, and that perspective is also valid, because it works. We exist in the relative world to experience our Self in such a manner. But the important thing is not to lose sight of what the absolute reality is.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

“God is an energy source. It is PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. It’s the energy source that makes up all life. It’s the energy that holds atoms together. It’s what creates our real life version of The Matrix… Our Holographic Universe! Some call it Chi, some call it Prana, some call it ‘the force’. But it’s all the same. And it is conscious… It’s just not how we typically understand ‘consciousness’. This is what the Ancients meant when they said ‘God is everywhere, and in all things’.”

– Science Fact (Facebook Page)

“You are an expression of universal consciousness. The consciousness of you is temporarily manifesting itself in individual form through your body. There is only one consciousness here; it is you, and me, and all things both and invisible. It is only by this underlying consciousness that the universe emerged. Everywhere you go, you are staring into a different reflection of yourself. The Universe is you. The stars are you. This picture and what it contains is you. All feelings, emotions, events, and things are you, for it is only due to this one source consciousness that all experience of these things is even possible. The reason why your thoughts are connected to all things in creation is because the universe itself is a thought; It is consciousness, and is fundamentally composed of the same thing that thoughts are.”

– Spirit Science and Metaphysics (Facebook Page)

“What we want you to remember is that you in your physical body are an extension of that which humans call God. And because you are the furthermost extension of God, or Source, then God is also experiencing that expansion because of you, through you and with you. When we use the word God to express this nonphysical Source energy, we find that, because it reminds people of the ideas they already hold around this word, it often prevents them from being able to find the deeper clarity that we seek to provide. And for that reason we rarely describe this nonphysical Source Energy with the word God. The word God just activates within most of you what you already think about this subject. So, instead of the label God we will use the label Source. And this nonphysical Source experiences constant expansion through you, even when you‘re unaware of its existence or of its connection to you.”

– Abraham Hicks (The Astonishing Power of Emotions)

“We are the whole body, but imagine that we focus our consciousness as the hand. We can imagine ourselves as only the hand and lose awareness of the rest of our body. This is what God is like. We are God that has focused its awareness into being only a portion of itself such that it loses awareness of the rest of itself. We are God focusing its awareness into the experience of a human being.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

“When you think about God, you may think which God? But when you think about The Creator, you may also think about it as though it is outside of you. It is hard to identify The Creator as any single personality because The Creator is Infinite. It is hard to locate The Creator anywhere because it is everywhere.

When you think about The Creator as You, it all makes sense. The one who asks the question, is the answer itself. The questioner itself is the answer to the question of “Who is The Creator” and “Where is The Creator”. Who you are is The Creator, and where you are is The Creator.

An analogy is to think of yourself as you entire body. Imagine that you focus your awareness and attention as the hand. You can be aware of only your hand although you are still your whole body. Think of The Creator as focusing its awareness as individual beings. Every being is a perspective of The Creator looking at everything else.

You are The Creator experiencing itself at one place, at one time, in one form, in one way.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

“Illusion is what appears to be. Truth is what really is. All observable phenomena are but constructs of consciousness. Creation is illusionary. Only the Creator is real. All that we experience is Us. There is no other.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

“We are Gods in Amnesia. We are Source Energy that has incarnated into Third Dimensional Existence.”

– Enoch Mind Reality

“In the beginning, God wanted to play a game of chess. But he did not have a partner to play with. So He created the illusion of being two, so He could play with Himself. Then God wanted to play a soccer game. And so He created the illusion of being 22 people so he could play as two teams. Then God wanted to play more and more games, and the games got bigger and bigger. And that is why everything exists right now. Of course this is just a linear way of explaining things. In truth, it all happens simultaneously. God is the One creating Himself in the illusion of the many. The Universe is God playing games with Himself.

The world around you is a hall of mirrors. Everything you can observe is a reflection of the Self. Sometimes we look into the mirror and worship and adore what we see. But it is really us that we are seeing. What the phrase “when we see him face to face” really means is when we no longer observe from a dualistic point of view, but realize it is us that we are seeing. Everything that we can observe in the outer world is a reflection of some aspect of the Self. That is why everything can be used as a message to give more understanding about the Self. You are the One sending the message to yourself.

Everyone and everything you see out there is another “You”. There is only “You” interacting with “You”. There is no other.”

Enoch Mind Reality

“Regarding religious texts, do you know why they contain so much truth about the universe? It is because You (as God/Collective) wrote them. Sure there might be some distortions here and there, but whenever you find things that are true about yourself in them, understand that religious texts are not separate from us. They are Us (God).”

Enoch Mind Reality

“Who You Really Are – is all things in existence. That is why you constantly want to experience yourself being everything. That desire is programmed into your identity as a portion of All-That-Is.”

Enoch Mind Reality

“Yahweh is the Creator of the Human life form, and all of us who incarnate as human beings are actually also considered to be “Yahweh”. The human DNA elements of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon corresponds to the Hebrew letters of Yod, Heh, Wav, Gimel (YHWG). Carbon is what makes us physical because it is the element of dust. When carbon is replaced with nitrogen, it becomes YHWH. Hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen are all colorless and odorless gasses. This is the Breath of God by which our essence is made of. The word meditate is made up of the Hebrew letters Heh-Gimel-Heh. Meditate to experience God Consciousness.

Yahweh as Planetary Logos is also a Social Memory Complex which means all who are created by Yahweh are part of the Group Soul Yahweh, and can also be called as Yahweh. In other words, all of us human beings collectively are Yahweh. Yahweh expresses Himself in so many ways. Jehoshaphat is Yahweh Judges. Joseph is Yahweh Increases. Joshua is Yahweh Saves, and the Name of Jesus also has the same meaning. That is why although Jesus is Yahweh, every human is also Yahweh.

The God of Christianity is Yahweh, and He tends to talk of Himself as The All (Most High God). Yahweh recognizes Himself as The All and speaks of Himself as The All. Is Yahweh an individual being with an individual personality? Yes, therefore He is like us. We are all portions of The All. Therefore what Yahweh says about Himself, we also are. Because all portions of The All is The All experiencing itself as that portion.

In other words, the grandest expression that Yahweh can make of Himself is also an expression that all portions of The All can make of themselves. The grandest expressions Yahweh makes are “I AM God”, “I AM The All”, and “I AM Source.” You can also make such expressions regarding Who You Really Are. And this is also one grandest expression: “I AM that I AM.”

“I have said you are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.” – Psalms 82:6

(All of you are portions of The All/Whole).”

– Enoch Mind Reality

“If life is viewed as a sort of movie, with everyone playing their part and speaking their lines, then God/the Creator is the ultimate filmmaker. We have spoken before of the Oversoul and how it creates the simultaneous projections of itself – what you experience as your embodiments or “lives.” The Oversoul is the projector for those individual expressions of itself and God/the Creator is the scriptwriter for all of the movies that play out through the Oversouls, regardless of their polarity. As we have often said, the Creator has created EVERYTHING in order to experience Itself through Its creations. We have also commented on how it was necessary to create the two polarities in order to increase the potential for increasingly complex experiences, and how the Oversouls themselves come in two “flavors” or polarities, which we have identified as the “service to self” and the “service to others” orientation.”

– Yesenia Batalla, Founder of YB Creations

The Mystery of the Trinity of the Godhead Revealed

“In Christianity you have two opposing views on the Trinity: God is three persons in One Godhead and the other that God is one person in three manifestations. Both these views are inaccurate. The first view is inaccurate because three persons make three Gods. The second is inaccurate because three manifestations of one person reduces the majesty of God. (As I try to explain this area with the limitations of human language, please understand that it would still be limitedly accurate because of the lack of human words and vocabulary to describe it).

The best picture of the Trinity is like the picture of the Sun. We have the Sun which can represent the Father God, the light which represents Jesus Christ and the heat (radiation) which represents the Holy Spirit. The Father God represents the Source of the Godhead, the Lord Jesus Christ represents the form and visibility of the Godhead and the Holy Spirit represents the energy emanations from the Godhead.

Thus God is actually one God-person having three God-attributes: the Father as the source attribute of God outside of space, time and dimension, the Lord Jesus Christ as the “shape-form” attribute of God revealed to all creation, the Holy Spirit as the energy-emanation attribute of God throughout all creation. (Remembering that one God-person can be omnipresent simultaneously in various forms emanating through all space and time – which to humans look like multi-persons but is actually only one God-person). He who has seen Jesus Christ has seen the Father (John 14:8, 9). In Christ dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily (Colossians 2:8-10).

In an extremely very, very rough comparison (and potentially highly not very accurate comparison as it is extremely limiting to the Godhead), the one God-person of God is comparable to the spirit, soul and body of a human (made in the image of God): the Father God being the Spirit Being of God, the Holy Spirit being the Soul Being of God and the Lord Jesus Christ being the Body-form of God. As I said, this is extremely rough and only accurately true up to less than 1% in speaking of our great Almighty God but it helps get some measure of understanding across to the limited human mind.

Another way of understanding the one person of the Trinity is as follows (this description probably is more accurate up to 30%). Imagine that it was possible to invent a time machine and I use the time machine to bring the Peter Tan of 1997 to this year 2007; and also bring the Peter of 2017 to the present. Suddenly standing before you are three Peters: one Peter 1997, another Peter 2007 and a third Peter 2017. At this point I ask you a question, “Are there three different separate persons or is there just the same one person Peter from three time dimensions: past, present and future?” The latter answer would be closer to the truth. Now imagine that there are three God-dimensions (for lack of a better word) but one God-person spread across these three dimensions in order to relate to us: God the Father dimension, God the Word dimension and God the Spirit dimension but all the same one God-person. Not one God in three persons but one God in three God-dimensions.”

– The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

 I asked again, “Do the angels and saints who live in the highest spheres of heaven, always look on the face of God? And, if they see Him, in what form and state does He appear?” One of the saints said, “As the sea is full of water, so is the whole universe filled with God, and every inhabitant of heaven feels His presence about him on every side. When one dives under water, above and below and round about there is nothing but water, so in heaven is the presence of God felt. And just as in the water of the sea, there are uncounted living creatures, so in the Infinite Being of God His creatures exist. Because He is Infinite, His children, who are finite, can see Him only in the form of Christ. As the Lord Himself has said, “He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father” (John 14:9). In this world of spirits, the spiritual progress of any one governs the degree to which he is able to know and feel God; and the Christ also reveals His glorious form to each one according to his spiritual enlightenment and capacity. If Christ were to appear in the same glorious light to-the dwellers of the darkened lower spheres of the spiritual world, as he; appears to those in the higher planes, then they would not be able to bear it. So He tempers the glory of His manifestation to the state of progress, and to the capacity, of each individual soul.”

Then another saint added, “God’s presence can indeed be felt and enjoyed but it cannot be expressed in words. As the sweetness of the sweet is enjoyed by tasting, and not by the most graphic descriptive phrasing, so every one in heaven experiences the joy of God’s presence, and every one in the spiritual world knows that his experience of God is real, and has no need that any should attempt to help him with a verbal description of it.”

– The Visions of Sadhu Sundar Singh of India

“Imagine that God is a Circle and we are all within His Infinite Being. Using this analogy, the Father can be said to reside at the Circumference. It is a plane of vibration that is finer than any other. In that plane is Pure Light and no darkness. Imagine that He reaches forth His Hand from where He is to where we are and to save us in every way. To save is to restore, to heal, and to prosper. Christ is revealed as the Arm of the LORD. Christ is the Center of the Circle and the Holy Spirit is the Tether to the Father.”

“Herein is the Mystery of the Trinity revealed: The Father is the Infinite Being where all His creatures dwell within. No one can see the Father because they can’t get on the outside of Him to see Him. Nothing can be outside of God. So the Father appears inside of Himself to us as Christ the Son. The Son is a projection of the Father’s Consciousness into the inside of his being where he can relate with us as one of us. When you see the LORD sitting on the Throne, you see Him as Christ the Son.

Jesus said “No man has seen the Father. He that sees me has seen the Father.” Imagine that you are The Father, and all the cells within your body are your creatures. Imagine that you want to allow your cells to see you. Therefore you project your consciousness within your body and appear as a single cell for the other cells to see. This is an analogy of how God the Father appears to us as Christ the Son for us to see and relate with in a close and personal way.

Christ is simultaneously Here and There, Above and Below, existing as the Father and the Son at the same time. When he appears as the Son to us, He can refer and communicate to his Greater Self as “The Father”. This reference and communication can make it seem like there are two beings, but the two are still One and the Same.

What about the Holy Spirit? Imagine that God the Father communicates from where He is to where we are using some sort of a spiritual telephone line. Some of us treat the telephone line as the Holy Spirit and may think of it as a separate being from the Father. But using the analogy of your own body again, imagine that you communicate with all the cells in your body using a network of nerves. The Holy Spirit is simply the nervous system of God the Father communicating with cells/creatures.

The Holy Spirit is really the same Spectrum of Energy that extends from the Father. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ Himself. In this explanation is the Mystery of the Trinity revealed and understood. We can see how God is One and Three at the same time. It is all JESUS. God is Yeshua (Yahweh-Shua). And His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor (Holy Spirit), the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father (God the Father) and the Prince of Peace (Shalom/Wholeness/Holistic).”

– Enoch Tan (Creator of Mind Reality)

 Trinitarian Christian VS ONENESS Christian

“I believe that Matthew 28:19 was a parable of sorts, and the disciples understood what Jesus was REALLY saying…that He IS the FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT. Every time they went out to baptize, they never once said Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The Bible records that they ALWAYS baptized in the Name of Jesus (or the Name of the Lord).”

– Derrick Frazier

Matthew 28:19 “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

What is the Name of God? It is the Name of JESUS!

Mark 12:29 “And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord.”

Isaiah 9:6 “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

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