Have the Elite chosen Mexico to replace America?

Jim Stone — via Rebel News June 24, 2013

Mexico is on it´s way up. The Peso is buying more and more, and Mexicans at the same time are receiving more and more pesos. Standard of living in Mexico is now easily on par with the U.S., and on top of that the Mexicans do not have a giant government gorilla on their backs. The key indicator which shows that Mexico may have been selected by the elite to replace America is in the fact that prices on durable goods are dropping, which means the powerful people who purchase those goods for resale know that in the future, it will take fewer pesos to buy those products. This can mean only one thing – there is a long term plan to bring Mexico up.

Everyone in America with any sense knows that the crash is imminent and that outside of the very useful war machine, the “elite” hate America. They hate America because at one time it dared to have and enforce real freedom. They hate America because it had its roots in Christianity. And most of all, they absolutely hate the fact that Americans have refused to disarm and show every intention of fighting tyranny. In their book, America has GOT TO go.

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Satanic Conspiracy as Investment Thesis .





Satanic Conspiracy as Investment Thesis
Satanic Conspiracy as Investment Thesis