His Majesty’s Jewish Government Vs Africa

Still TRUST the JEWS America ???

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The Atlantic slave trade was run by the Jews of Portugal, Great Britain, Spain, France and the Netherlands. At least  12 million Africans were shipped across the sea though most were taken to non-British destinations. An unknown number were killed upon capture in the interior of Africa with many more dying en route to the coast even before the long sea voyage. Millions were also taken in other slave routes into either Arab territories where Jews also acted as slave traders and across the Indian Ocean.

Not mentioned in most accounts are the estimated 300,000 European sailors. 90% of all slave ships were owned by Jews and some had Jewish captains. Some of the nominee owners were actually fronting for wealthier Jewish families like the Rothschilds. The Portuguese Jew Aaron Lopez was thought at the time to be wealthy but at his death proved to be much poorer than believed…

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      I wanted to remind those people of the land of free FROM OVER THE BIG POND, once more what it WAS/IS the TRUTH of it.

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