Freedom of Speech and The Forbidden History of Terrible Taxes.

Your Freedom of Speech being closed by Australian parliament is revealed in the above video by this great Australian video producer “TOPHER”   plus  “Counting The Cost of Government” below are both … compulsive viewing


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The Forbidden History of Unpopular People

The Forbidden History of Terrible Taxes

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AS the Party Faithful stand in line to voteWe as Australians never suffered “FOOL”, yet we elect them into our Parliament without consideration under some false loyalty that once held credence to political parties with values delivering governance for the people of this nation. That no longer exists which recent history reflects both major parties personal greed and party power hunger being the creed for today’s governance as they are handed unaccountable license to destroy this great nation.

This 2 minute audio explains the position of Australia, it’s parliament, with reference to how this all happened. Vocal harmony by “Skyclad” – narration by Mark Webb.

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The real boat people government ignor

   “We do not approve of political jokes – we have seen too many of them ELECTED”

Gillard has been rated as the 4th best Prime Minister ever:

Of the 27 Prime Ministers of Australia – Menzies and 5 others tied for first; 11 Prime Ministers tied for second; 10 tied for third; and Gillard came in fourth.

What Mains Stream Media Refuse to Publish






5th April 2013– Mal Davies introduces an interview with Prime Minister Gillard by 2GB presenter Ben Fordham. This is riveting as the PM dodges hard questions Ben fired which all Australian need answers for. With that hide of an elephant, she dodged and weaved issues like a true politician backed into a wall of undeniable truth. SEcond, listen to this as proposal for farmers to be jailed over working dog projected violation by a well chosen few experts funded to get results, not to help save our rural families on struggle street under government unworkable legislation and enforcers dedicated to shut down our shrinking food bowl.

24th March 2013– Mal Davies speaks to People’s Activist and self employed engineer Wayne Glew, who explains of government manipulating our constitution, the Australia Act, and illegal local government and explains his court action challenging the Attorney Generals Office authority and courts in Western Australia.

11th March 2013– Mal Davies informs Cairns resident of Lord Monkton’s meeting 15 March – Rosella closes after 100 years, Cowra Beetroot Cannery closes now we do not have a cannery anywhere in Australia – Who owns the insurance companies that are flooding Australia.

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