No desperate strategy. Iran lost its brothels in Qatif, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan & India. Pro-Iranian Shiite Zombies are butchered everywhere.


Its Alquds Brigade, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah Shabeeha and Muqtada’s Badr Militant that aided by Iraqi Police carrying out all those Chaotic bombings in Sunni neighborhoods and blaming al-Qaida for it. This is very naïve. String of attacks across Iraq kills 31. Fallujah, Anbar, Bagouba, Tikrit, Kirkuk, Adhamya & Mosul Are Sunni strong hold McCain Germs ain’t bomb the hell outta ‘em. Sunni Traitors can easily be headhunted without devastating Sunni Neighborhoods. It is irreligious to leave Shiite neighborhoods enjoy Petrodollars Prosperity and Peace. Washington reconstructed, armed Iraq and doled it as an Iranian-Bitch-State to Iran. That’s what it is now. Iraq…

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