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The  Newfoundland Department of Employment, claimed a boat owner wasn’t paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent to Burin to investigate him.

GOVT  AGENT: “I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them”.

Boat Owner: “Well, there’s  Clarence, my hired hand, he’s been with me for 3 years. I pay him $200 a week plus free room and board. Then there’s the mentally challenged guy. He works about 18 hours every day and does about 90% of the work around here. He makes about $10 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of Lamb’s rum and a dozen Labatt Lite every Saturday night so he can cope with life. He also gets to sleep with my wife occasionally”.

GOVT  AGENT: “That’s the guy I want to talk to – the mentally challenged one”.

Boat Owner: “That’ll be me. What’d you want to know”?

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Jewish Jokes about Goyim & God

Q:  Why were gentiles invented?

A:  Somebody has to pay retail.

Some Jewish jokes elucidate themes
that explain our reality.

Jokes suggest some Jews think God is a wily businessman they cannot outfox.

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The following joke (from Wikipedia) illustrates that Judaism may be deficient as a religion. You cannot have religion without God.

Two Rabbis argued late into the night about the existence of God, and, using strong arguments from the scriptures, ended up indisputably disproving His existence. The next day, one Rabbi was surprised to see the other walking into the Shul for morning services. “I thought we had agreed there was no God,” he said. “Yes, what does that have to do with it?” replied the other.

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Who Was MOSES ??

March 22, 2013 By


By Robert Temple—

When people are spoken of constantly, we feel we know them. Christians and Jews have been talking about Moses for thousands of years, so they assume they know who he was. But is this an illusion? Is it possible that no one really knows who Moses was? That the evidence about him is contradictory and enigmatic? Is it even possible that he never existed except in fable?

Even religious fundamentalists have an immediate problem with Moses, and the accounts of him in the biblical Book of Exodus. People who fanatically believe that every word written in the Bible or the Torah is somehow ‘the word of God’, ‘written by God’, or ‘inspired by God’ (these claims vary and are rarely defined with any degree of precision), are faced with serious contradictions in the biblical text itself.

Near the beginning of Exodus, God speaks to Moses from a burning bush at Mount Horeb in Sinai and tells him to go back to Egypt. So Moses, not wishing to be impolite to an unknown entity who has spoken to him from a burning bush in no uncertain terms, duly begins to travel to Egypt as instructed. But what happens next? Suddenly we are told in Exodus, Chapter 4, 24-27:

During the journey, while they were encamped for the night, the Lord met Moses, meaning to kill him, but Zipporah [the wife of Moses] picked up a sharp flint, cut off her son’s foreskin, and touched him with it, saying, “You are my blood-bridegroom.” So the Lord let Moses alone. Then she said, “Blood-bridegroom by circumcision.”

Can anybody explain what is going on? Here the supposed ‘Word of God’, i.e., the Bible, says the entity calling himself God instructs Moses to drop everything and rush off to Egypt, and then the same entity meets him on the way with the intention of killing him. This homicidal impulse is however appeased by Moses’s wife grabbing a sharp flint and circumcising her son and claiming that he is her bridegroom. This all sounds more like an incident from a really bad Hollywood horror movie. And as for the actions of Zipporah, it is more like the kind of thing one might expect at a voodoo rite in Haiti than what one would expect from the wife of such a reputedly sober character as Moses, who is on a mission to Pharaoh to persuade him to “let My people go.”

As for “the Lord” so-called, he seems capricious at best and a homicidal maniac at worst. There is no need for us to assume, as so many have uncritically done for millennia, that “the Lord” of Moses had anything whatever to do with God. The world is full of paranoid schizophrenics who hear voices and believe that ‘God has spoken’ to them. If all of these people were to be believed, there would be tens or hundreds of thousands of ‘Gods’.

In order to try to figure out more about this puzzling episode from the Bible, I turned to a volume I have in my library which is a commentary on Exodus published by a biblical scholar named A.H. McNeile. He says:

The narrative in these three verses appears, from its contents, to be one of the oldest portions of the Bible. Its antiquity is shewn [sic] by the use of the flint knife, and by the part circumcision plays according to the belief of the actors.1

McNeile then goes on to add that the text really says of the foreskin that she “made it touch his feet,” but he says that is a conventional euphemism of the time which really means touching her “pudenda,” i.e. her genitals.

If we are to believe this remarkable bit of information, we are faced with the undignified magical scene of the superstitious wife of Moses circumcising her son and pressing his bloody foreskin to her vagina and pronouncing him her bridegroom, or as McNeile translates her words: “A bridegroom of blood art thou, because of the circumcision.”

For some reason not explained at all, Yahweh is appeased by this and decides not to murder Moses after all. I ask any rational person: is such a Yahweh to be identified with ‘God’? Do all the people who attend church and synagogues seriously believe that ‘God’ wanted to murder Moses on his way to Egypt but was appeased by this tawdry bit of superstitious magic?

The confusion over the true nature of Moses probably reached its most extreme form at Petra. Many tourists have now visited the amazing enclosed city of Petra in modern Jordan, which is reached by passing through a narrow crevasse in a cliff face. It is one of the surviving archaeological wonders of the world. Epiphanius of Salamis (who lived circa 310/320 CE – 403 CE) recorded in his book The Panarion, sometimes known as his book Against Heresies:

The profundities and glories of the sacred scripture, which are beyond human understanding, have confused many. The natives of Petra in Arabia [modern Jordan], which is called Rokom and Edom, were in awe of Moses because of his miracles, and at one time they made an image of him, and mistakenly undertook to worship it. They had no true cause for this, but in their ignorance their error drew an imaginary inference from something real.2

I wonder how many tourists going to Petra realise that they are going to the only place in the world where Moses was worshipped as a god. That’s not something you would be told by your tourist guide!

In the second century BCE, a Jewish playwright named Ezekiel lived at Alexandria in Egypt, and he wrote a drama in the Greek style called ‘The Exodus’, in which Moses was the leading character. This play survives only in extended fragments preserved by Eusebius (circa 263 CE – 339 CE) in his book The Preparation for the Gospel, which he took from an earlier historian named Alexander Polyhistor. The text of the play is largely lifted from the Bible, with flowery language and interpolations, as shown by this monologue by Moses:

Ha! See! What sign is this from yonder bush?

A marvel such as no man might believe.

A sudden mighty fire flames round the bush,

And yet its growth remains all green and fresh.

What then? I will go forward, and behold

This wondrous sign, that passes man’s belief.3

From this, we can see that Ezekiel was no Shakespeare, and his task was a simple one, to dramatise the story of the Book of Exodus in a straightforward and rather unsubtle manner for the stage, so that the Gentiles of Alexandria could have the Jewish legends presented for them in an outdoor theatre. It was a bit like producing a soap opera for mass television, but it was two thousand years ago. One does not read anything about this play in the histories of the theatre, but it deserves a mention. It was probably much less corny than Cecil B. DeMille’s film about Jesus, ‘King of Kings’, which I had to sit through several times at the Roman Catholic school I attended as a child (an experience which helped put the finishing touches to my lack of affection for the Catholic Church).

The Staff into Snake into Staff Trick

Children who read the Bible always remember the vivid incident where Moses throws his staff on the ground before Pharaoh and it becomes a snake, and then he picks the snake up and it becomes a staff again. Actually, this is how we remember the tale but in fact the Bible says that Aaron, not Moses, does this before Pharaoh. In Exodus 4, “the Lord” and Moses have this dialogue:

Moses answered, “But they will never believe me or listen to me; they will say, ‘The Lord did not appear to you.’” The Lord said, “What have you there in your hand?” “A staff,” Moses answered. The Lord said, “Throw it on the ground.” Moses threw it down and it turned into a snake. He ran away from it, but the Lord said, “Put your hand out and seize it by the tail.” He did so and gripped it firmly, and it turned back into a staff in his hand. “This is to convince the people that the Lord the God of their forefathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, has appeared to you.” (4:1-6)

Later, the story of the snake continues in Book 7:

The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “If Pharaoh demands some portent from you, then you, Moses, must say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff and throw it down in front of Pharaoh, and it will turn into a serpent.’” When Moses and Aaron came to Pharaoh, they did as the Lord had told them. Aaron threw down his staff in front of Pharaoh and his courtiers, and it turned into a serpent. At this, Pharaoh summoned the wise men and the sorcerers, and the Egyptian magicians too did the same thing by their spells. Every man threw his staff down, and each staff turned into a serpent; but Aaron’s staff swallowed up theirs. (7:8-13)

Even though this seems one of the most unbelievable stories in the Bible, it is curiously enough one of the most convincing (and hence, a source of encouragement regarding the veracity of some of Exodus), because this was a genuine trick of Egyptian magicians which was recreated in the twentieth century.

The way this trick is done is by means of ‘animal hypnosis’, or animal catalepsy. I described the use of the trick by Moses in my book Open to Suggestion, which was published in 1989. However, the book was only published in Britain, and readers in the USA never saw it. My book was an extremely long survey of worldwide hypnosis research, compiled by me over a period of 15 years. It also contained a survey of 150 years of documented case histories of the criminal abuses of hypnosis. My book so alarmed the hypnosis community and various security agencies (especially my sections on mind control and mass hypnosis), that every effort was made to suppress the book.

Eight American publishers to whom the book was submitted sent my agent identical letters from two referees (always the same two men in each case, whom I knew personally and strongly disliked) warning them that the book would be a public danger, and they must not publish it. The two referees were not distinguished clinicians or experimentalists, they were functionaries whose job it was to liaise between the security services and the hypnosis community.

They succeeded admirably in their task, which was to prevent the American public from ever reading such things as this revelation which I made: more than fifty percent of the hypnosis experiments carried out in the United States have been carried out by the government and are classified as top secret. You can understand why my book was considered seriously ‘uncool’ by various grim persons.

Dr. Franz Völgyesi & Animal Hypnotism

The man who perfected the ‘snake-into staff-into snake’ trick in the 1930s was one of the most extraordinary characters of his time, a Hungarian psychologist named Dr. Franz Völgyesi. I discussed him in my book, and that was especially unpopular, for reasons which will be clear in a moment.

In the 1930s, Völgyesi published a book in Hungarian entitled Ember és állat Hypnosis. I’m sorry I can’t translate that, for my Hungarian is rusty. This book appeared in a German translation in 1938, as Menschen- und Tierhypnose (Human and Animal Hypnosis).4 The book was so shocking and astounding that it inevitably came to the attention of the Nazis. I have a copy of this rare book, an item that various interested parties would not like any members of the public to have.

Völgyesi became the hypnotist-in-chief to the Nazi regime, and considering that Hitler went into spontaneous auto-hypnotic trances nearly every day, it is more than likely that Völgyesi became Hitler’s personal, as well as official, hypnotist. (I have no evidence of that, and I am merely speculating, though I believe, soundly.)

Völgyesi was given carte blanche by the Nazis to carry out experiments on human beings. During the years between 1938 and 1945, he hypnotised no less than sixty thousand individuals, most of them Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, and leftists who were interned in the concentration camps. He could perform any experiments he liked, without reference to anyone. Considering the detailed evidence which we have of his experiments with dozens of animals, it takes little imagination to visualise what he would have done with sixty thousand human beings to play with.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Franz Völgyesi was the most experienced hypnosis researcher in the entire history of the world. His research notes on these 60,000 cases ‘vanished’. But he himself did not vanish. He was one of those Germans snatched by the Americans, like Werner von Braun, and taken off to the United States, as a consultant to the security services. His research files probably exist somewhere in a high security archive of the American security services, ‘snatched’ at the end of the war. Someone should make an attempt to have them released through the Freedom of Information Act. I have ceased to pursue this subject, so I leave this task to others.

In 1963, Völgyesi was allowed to bring out a sanitised second edition of Menschen- und Tierhypnose, and in 1966 this appeared in London in an English translation as Hypnosis of Man and Animals.5 This time, the book appeared with his Hungarian first name of Ferenc rather than his German first name of Franz. (In America he was sometimes called Francis or Frank.) It is possible to purchase occasional copies of this book without too much difficulty.

In both books, Völgyesi published photos of cataleptic snakes which are stretched straight as rods, and have gone stiff. In the 1938 book, one is seen in Figure 8 on page 16. In the 1966 book, another one (an adder) is seen in Figure 18 in the first plates section. Völgyesi hypnotised just about every kind of animal, bird, or reptile you can possibly imagine. He would enter zoo cages and put bears and lions and crocodiles into trances with the greatest of ease. Many photos of these cataleptic animals are reproduced in his books. I cannot go into this fascinating subject further, and must return to Moses.

The fact is that any skilled animal cataleptist can turn a snake into a staff and a staff into a snake very easily. Such tricks were standard in ancient times. They were ways of calling attention to oneself as a wise man. And, frankly, if you couldn’t turn a snake into a staff no one would listen to you. So you might say Moses had little choice. And that is why I say that this incident is convincing evidence that there is genuine ancient material in Exodus, since later writers would not have been able to invent such a thing.

Moses’ Sacred Mountain

Moses is generally associated with Mount Sinai in the Sinai Peninsula. However, that is the wrong mountain. Although Mount Sinai was also important, it was Mount Horeb where Moses did most of his communing with his ‘Lord’, and where he saw the burning bush. But if you ask any biblical scholar where Mount Horeb is, they cannot tell you. It is officially unknown.

I am certain that it was the great mountain at Serabit in southwest Sinai. There is specific evidence to support this idea in the writings of Philo Judaeus (20 BCE – 50 CE), also known as Philo the Jew or Philo of Alexandria, where he lived and wrote. He wrote in Greek a lengthy ‘Life of Moses’, which survives in its entirety. Near the beginning of the third book of this treatise, Philo tells us:

For, having gone up into the loftiest and most sacred mountain in that district in accordance with the divine commands, a mountain which was very difficult of access and very hard to ascend, he is said to have remained there all that time without eating any of that food even which is necessary for life; and, as I said before, he descended again forty days afterwards, being much more beautiful in his face than when he went up, so that those who saw him wondered and were amazed, and could no longer endure to look upon him with their eyes, inasmuch as his countenance shone like the light of the sun.6

Tourists often comment about how easy it is to ascend Mount Sinai, which goes completely against this evidence. On the other hand, the sacred mountain at Serabit in Sinai, much further south, which I believe to be the biblical Mount Horeb, is notoriously difficult to ascend. There is a great deal of crucial archaeological evidence about Serabit to support this hypothesis, but it is too lengthy and detailed to give here.

A magnificent ruined Temple of Hathor survives at the top, which dates from the Middle Kingdom period. It is known that the site was shared between the Jews and the Egyptians. Excavations have uncovered beneath the floor of the temple extremely thick layers of ash from offerings made on the mount before the temple was built, and it was admitted by Sir Flinders Petrie and other Egyptologists that this was clearly the famous ‘High Place of Burning’ of the early Jews before the time of the ‘Lord’ of Moses, who came to be known as Yahweh, and when the Jews still worshipped the deity or deities whom they called El, Elyon (the Canaanite form of the name), or Elohim (Elohim being a plural form of the name).

Apparently, during the period when Sinai was under Israeli occupation, General Moshe Dayan was so interested in Serabit that he had an entire Hathor column lifted out by helicopter and flown back to Israel, where he placed it in his private garden. That is not the correct way to behave! I hope that, since his death, it has at least gone to a museum somewhere.

I have elsewhere written about the associations of Moses and the early Jews with Serabit, and cannot repeat all of that here. I also have suggested that Jesus spent his forty days in ‘the wilderness’ at this same spot, in emulation of Moses, who spent forty days on this very mountain.

I think I should explain once again one other detail of the account in Exodus, which is the so-called ‘golden calf’. The explanation for this is that it was a Hathor-face, a wild cow’s face, and which to someone unfamiliar with Hathor traditions looks like the face of a calf. Philo specifically tells us that the misbehaving Jews who made the golden calf did so for this reason:

…they made a golden calf in imitation of the Egyptian worship and folly and established dances and prepared an altar…7

The only ‘calf’ worshipped by the Egyptians was the Hathor face, which looks like a calf to the uninitiated. Public dances were an integral part of Hathor worship at festival time, and were common at the Temple of Hathor at Denderah, so would have been common at Serabit as well. There were altars of Hathor at Serabit, and of course her huge temple, much of which remains, though it is never visited by tourists, and there is no road to it.

As for the gold used to cast the golden calf (the Temple of Hathor must have been full of these), it is explained by the fact that Serabit was from Old Kingdom times a famous mining and metallurgical centre, where carvings of Pharaohs Cheops and Sneferu were engraved on the rocks. It was the main source of Egyptian copper for millennia. Gold was also processed and cast there, and the metallurgical workers were traditionally the Jews, who had a permanent settlement at the foot of the mountain. These Jews would have been respectful to Hathor because they were thoroughly Egyptianised. This was intolerable to the purist Moses, and with the aid of the Levites, he massacred 3,000 of them in the name of his ‘Lord’, Yahweh.8

At other times he massacred other people, and so he was not a peaceful sort of fellow by any means. We don’t really know who he was, although he clearly was born in Egypt and grew up there. It is all very mysterious. But I, for one, am glad not to have met him, as he was not someone to mess with, and I would probably have said something sarcastic and been ‘massacred’. After all, Moses was into commandments. And some of us don’t like authority.


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ROBERT TEMPLE is visiting professor of the history and philosophy of science at Tsinghua University in Beijing; fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society; member of the Egypt Exploration Society, Royal Historical Society, Institute of Classical Studies, and the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies; and visiting research fellow of the University of the Aegean in Greece. He is the author of 10 books, including The Sirius Mystery and The Genius of China. He wrote, produced, and presented the documentary film ‘Descent into Hell’, based upon his book, Oracles of the Dead, for National Geographic Channel. His translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh was staged at the Royal National Theatre in London in 1993. He resides in England with his wife, Olivia. They are joint translators of Aesop: The Complete Fables. His latest book is The Sphinx Mystery, a controversial reappraisal of one of Egypt’s most famous monuments. Robert’s website is and the website for his new book is

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Staying Sane In An Insane World


God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.
Reinhold Niebuhr, Serenity Prayer,1943

One of the most important questions to ask ourselves, as dissidents, is how to stay sane in such an insane world. When delving into the dissident world, it is easy enough to get so depressed that we can no longer function. In fact, the closer we look at this horrible world of ours, the more attractive suicide can become.

For those of us though, who have no choice but to function, the Serenity Prayer above certainly provides a very helpful piece of advice. There is no point fretting over things we cannot change. That only prevents us from changing those things we can. The tricky part though is how to distinguish between the two.

If we can learn anything from history it is that there are no real revolutions. They are staged events, engineered by extremely rich and powerful people, replacing one bunch of monsters with a bunch of worse ones. Revolutions cost money and the people who pay for them, usually want their money back, with interest.

No, the only way to make this world a better place is through a change in consciousness. Our ruling parasites cannot control us without the greed and selfishness of middle class. The moment middle class becomes more concerned with what kind of world it leaves behind for its children, the moment it will stop running after the carrot dangling in front of its face. It will quit the rat race and tell our self-chosen rulers to get lost.

Part of that change in consciousness is the realisation what is really happening and not putting up with it. We are billions, our ruling parasites are just a few dozens intermarried dynasties and their two, three thousand house slaves, the likes of Henry Kissinger, George Soros and Bill Gates. Even if most of mankind has no clue of all of this, at this stage, it doesn’t matter. In any technological, organisational or societal change, there are innovators, early adopters, early and late majority and laggards. It’s up to us, the avant-garde of the dissident movement, to recruit the early adopters and make the majority eventually follow us.

In the meantime, whenever you feel depressed, count your blessings. Make a list of all the things that make you feel happy: your children, your health, your favourite spot in nature, whatever works for you. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the only thing that keeps me sane.

The Art of Resistance

Rebel of Oz – March 15, 2013

This is my eighth year as a full time Internet activist. The longer I’m fighting this “War on Evil”, the more I’m concerned with the effectiveness of resistance. No matter what our cause, liberty, false-flag terrorism, free Palestine, debt-free currency, New World Order, Illuminati, chemtrails, vaccination, cancer cures, drug prohibition, or historic revisionism, we must first and foremost make a conscience decision about what’s more important to us, being right or resisting effectively.

In most countries, the ‘ruling elite’ is more than happy for us to say, write and publish whatever we want, as long as nobody that matters listens to us. In facts, it’s a sign of strength and confidence for our self-chosen rulers to let us – figuratively speaking – stand on a box in Hyde Park and scream our head off, while everybody around shakes his head and thinks to himself, ‘What a fool!’.

We must learn from great dissident leaders such as Malcolm X. The biggest mistake we can make as activists, he’s warned us, is trying to rally people behind a specific agenda before they are fully awake. Doing so only makes it easier for moles to paralyse us with infighting and lead us astray pursuing nonsensical goals. A good example is the Free Palestine movement which has been infiltrated by closet Zionists and is now wasting its time with useless grandstanding such as lobbying church investment groups. If the ‘pro-Palestinian’ activists really wanted to make a difference for the Palestinians, they would lobby politicians in Washington DC, where the decisions are made whether or not to support the ‘Jewish state’ with billions of dollars, state of the art weaponry and consistent vetos in the United Nations Security Council.

Continues …

Rumblings of an Old Fart

Visible Origami ” On Betrayals and the Inexplicable

– March 4, 2013

 Dog Poet Transmitting…….(((((((((())))))))))))

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Jesus Christ! I wish we could start talking about something else. Now I understand from a comment at Petri Dish that I am supposed to have said that I am one of the seven avatars, the final one and that I came to Earth to save mankind. I flat out never said this. Wouldn’t I have said it before to someone else if that were the case? Whenever I say things like that, which is rare, I will mention that it could be that I am a Bodhisattva because I have been told that. I should have read that blog posting but I did not because, my recollection of it all was that nothing happened and neither I, nor anyone else around could figure out why he just up and split for no reason. It was out of the blue. Meanwhile, I was only drinking about six beers a day, which doesn’t change me much at all. Maybe there’s some kind of an effort to get me off of the internet, to discourage me to the point that I don’t want to do this anymore. In any case, it’s working because I am pretty close to just hanging all of this up. It isn’t worth the shit I go through and doing it all for free in the first place so, if I just disappear you will know why.

I am now finally finishing that novel and it will be out in March. After that I will consider what is best for me. It’s been getting a little wearisome anyway, working all day for nothing but what dribbles in occasionally from the collection box. This, in part, connects to the dissolution of my marriage. The cost has not been small. I am paying through a nose that is no longer cold and wet. As I have mentioned already, several astrologers warned me about betrayals and hidden enemies. Typically, I paid no great attention to it. I should have. Usually when I get warned about something there is usually a good reason but I go blithely along, as if nothing can really touch me. I really ought to pay more attention but none of it seemed relevant to me.

The fact that he would just go and make a blog post in the first place, without saying anything to me beforehand is inexplicable and really bad form, no matter what the excuse may be. There is no excuse for that kind of thing. It is the penultimate expression of petulant childishness and no real man, or anyone who calls themselves a friend of mine would behave in such a fashion. I know he took the blog down out of embarrassment, when it dawned on him what he had done. I took him into my home there at my expense. I bought him bedding and food and all else. Friends of mine gave him money to enhance his trip and he repays me like this? It’s odious and contemptible and I’ll say no more about it. Then he went to the fellow that gave him a considerable amount and said, “You got your moneys worth. What could that possibly mean? If I should lose some readers over this then so be it. I have served as best I could but apparently my service comes to nothing in the end. Well, I got next to nothing for it. I gave my books away to all who could not afford them. I give my music away for free, though no doubt there are some who feel it isn’t worth that much to begin with. Well, I’m not going to cry in my tea about it. There’s nothing I can do but trust that the majority of the readers trust me. This is some kind of test, obviously and I will do my best to meet it at the marrow.

When things like this happen, there is always a good reason and it usually has something to do with the wheat and chaff. I doubt anyone who has my back will believe I said such a thing and how, if there are seven avatars would someone come to the conclusion that I was the last one if there were six others around in the first place? The lie is embedded in the statement in the first place. and surely I would have made this comment before to someone else and no one can say that I did. So… I’m going to let this slide, hoping there will be a general accord on this. There are always going to be bumps in the highway and we have to keep our minds on the highway and not the bumps that are already behind us.

I can hear my mind telling me, it’s for the purpose of demonstration and I realize the best thing is just to laugh about it and chalk it up to temporary insanity and experience.

Now, the usual anonymous is coming around trying to get my goat. Luckily I don’t own a goat and ‘women scorned’ like Katz are coming around making outrageous claims that she will not, because she cannot, back them up. It’s like Fox News headlines, where the story bears no resemblance to the headline.. I suppose this is all to get a rise out of me but I am impotent in that regard (grin).

Drunken Gopals are calling me up in the night because I didn’t do enough for him while I was there, even though I tipped him outrageously and left him everything I had when I went. I’ll have to put India up there on the clusterfuck list. Truly, I wouldn’t even have been drinking the beer, except that I would have gotten no sleep as a result. The power of that mountain is something else and when I wasn’t having a beer in the early days, I started waking up and crying out, “Oh my God” and had to leave my first apartment as a result. After that there were no more events of that nature and I attribute that to the beer grounding me.

My new Goldtouch keyboard arrived today (thank God) the old one was always sticking and causing me continuous problems. Now, at least that is over.

I don’t really know what else to say to the reader. You’ll take all of this in whatever way it sorts out for you, based on what you know about me over the years and I wish you well, no matter what conclusions you arrive at in the end. It’s what it ‘was’ in any case.

Spring officially arrived today. This is the warmest part of the country where I live and one year, Spring came on February 14th. Today it is near 60 degrees with a brilliant sun shining down and melting the snow. Spring, of course, is a time of new beginnings. Let us hope that applies in every sense of the word. One of the things I have always found mystifying about people in general is their inability to let things go and subsequently most people carry a lot of baggage. I prefer to travel light (grin). Well, I’ve been beating this dead horse for over 20 minutes now and it refuses to get up so… let’s see what else we can get into now before this posting reaches its destination.

I should have done that radio show last night but just as I was set up to record, Susanne came in and wanted to watch a movie. By that time it was very late and I was very tired. I will do that show today and it should be up at whatever point James is in a position to make it happen. When you first get back from any journey of any length there is always so much to do. You have to just take each necessity up one after the other, until you reach the end and come into some reasonable facsimile of present time. I’m nearly there and finally, at last, I am finishing the novel, doing at least four pages of transcribing a day, so it will be ready to go in mid-March. It’s taken years to get to this point but it is finally happening. I’m working on buying back the old Visible-mobile and soon I will be behind the wheel of it again; ‘same as it ever was’. In 3 months I will be in some location, as yet unknown …but probably around here, if your reasonably practical invitations come in and if nothing else happens.

However this all turns out it is my pleasure to have been of service for the years in which it occurred.

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The Last Breath of Romanian Nationalism

March 2, 2013


Cabalism (Satanism) took over the world using Communism as one of its many fronts.
Nowhere was the struggle against Communist Jewish control more
 brutal than in Eastern Europe.

This article commemorates the heroic Christian nationalist leader, Corneliu Codereanu (1899-1937)
and his Legionary Movement (“The Iron Guards”) now smeared as “fascists” in the
 Illuminati-controlled mass media.

In the 1930’s, Jews represented only 3% of Romania’s 20 million  people; yet they dominated politics, economics and culture to an extent Jews would never tolerate from others in Israel. The Legionary Movement enjoyed  brief power under the Nazis,  but were soon repressed because the Nazis had no more use for nationalists than did Communists.  250,000 Romanian Jews perished under the Nazis.




by Christopher Thorpe

“The History of Corneliu Z Codreanu and the Legionary Movement” (Excerpts)


After graduating from high school in 1919, Codreanu was accepted into the University of Iasi and left Husi for Iasi. He had already read many works by the famous professors Nicolae Iorga and A.C. Cuza, which taught him the ideals for Romania:

1. The unification of Romanian people.
2. The elevation of peasantry through land reform and political rights.
3. The solution of “the Jewish problem.”

After arriving in Iasi, Codreanu found that the city and university were heavily influenced by Communist agitators and that even many professors were Marxists. The Romanian workers were experiencing terrible working conditions and had very low wages, and had therefore been drawn to Communism by Marxist propagandists. Students at the University of Iasi were also largely converted to Communism, and Communist student meetings attacked the Army, Justice, Church, and the Crown, essentially propagating anti-Romanianism.



After doing some research, Codreanu discovered that the leaders of the Romanian Communist workers were neither Romanians nor workers. At Iasi, the “workers’ movement” was led by Dr. Ghelerter along with Messrs, Gheler, Spiegler, and Schreiber. At the capital, Bucharest, the leaders were Ana Pauker and Ilie Moscovici.

All of them, Codreanu found, were Jews. Realizing that like in Russia, where a largely Jewish-led Bolshevik revolution occurred a few years earlier, Romania was in danger of being taken over by Jewish Communists who would destroy everything Romanian. He commented:


“If these had been victorious, would we have had at least a Romania led by a Romanian workers’ regime? Would the Romanian workers have become masters of the country? No! The next day we would have become the slaves of the dirtiest tyranny: the Talmudic, Jewish tyranny. Greater Romania, after less than a second of existence, would have collapsed.” (Codreanu, For My Legionaries)



However, just a few weeks afterwards the Romanian government, under pressure from influential Jews as in Romania as well as abroad, decided to change the Romanian constitution to allow almost all Jews to become Romanian citizens.

This allowed an alien body in Romania, different in language, dress, religion, customs, racial type, and soul, to further infiltrate Romanian society and undoubtedly Judaize its culture. Romanian nationalists were shocked and Codreanu so much that he cried.


After explaining this situation in For My Legionaries, Codreanu reflects on how the great and highly respected Romanian leaders in 1879, after Romania won independence from the Ottoman Empire, took action to make sure that Jews would not gain any power in Romania, even though they were forced to give Jews a theoretical right of citizenship (which depended on qualification through military service, thus making only a few Jews citizens, since most Jews did not want to fight in war).

These men, whose works were read by all nationalist students, were Vasile Conta, Vasile Alecsandri, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Mihail Eminescu, Bogdan Petriceicu Hajdeu, Costache Negri, A.D. Xenopol.


The larger Romanian parties ruling the government also refused to take any action against the increasing number of Jews flooding into universities, jeopardizing the nation’s future.

Codreanu wrote of them, “Fundamentally there was no distinction among them other than differences of form and personal interests-the same thing in different shapes. They did not even have the justification of differing opinions. Their only real motivation was the religion of personal interest.”

He also knew, having been educated by the works of Nicolae Paulescu, that the Jews used their economic, financial, and media power to influence the government’s activities. Finally, filled with despair at the almost complete failure of the national student movement, Codreanu and his close friends, including Ion Mota, decided that they would assassinate the top Romanian politicians, top rabbis, and Jewish bankers. Codreanu wrote explaining why he was more concerned with going after the politicians:


“We unanimously agreed that the first and greatest culprits were the treacherous Romanians who for Judah’s silver pieces betrayed their people. The Jews are our enemies and as such they hate, poison, and exterminate us. Romanian leaders who cross into their camp are worse than enemies: they are traitors. The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.” (For My Legionaries)



Eventually, by 1932, Codreanu and his father entered the Romanian National Assembly through elections in Moldavia. Despite this, the treatment of Legionaries got worse as time passed, and all members, including girls, were beaten and humiliated. By 1933, the Liberal Party, led by Ion Duca, was elected into power and declared that it would exterminate [Codreanu’s] Iron Guard.


In that same year, Duca’s government, after having already terrorized, tortured, and assassinated several Legionaries, went ahead and banned the Legion to keep it from participating in elections, leading to the arrest of about 18,000 Legionaries (although Codreanu succeeded in hiding). The Legionaries Nicolae Constantinescu, Doro Belimace and Ion Caranica then assassinated Ion Duca in revenge and immediately turned themselves in to the police. Following this, the tortures and assassinations of Legionaries by the government multiplied.

The government organized a second trial to take place, closed to the public and extremely biased, in which Codreanu was sentenced to ten years in prison for unreasonable and unproven accusations of sedition and treason. Calinescu, a few months later, then had the military police murder Codreanu, acting outside of the law (this occurred on November 30, 1938).


After Codreanu’s death, terrible persecutions of the Legion continued, and eventually a group of nine Legionaries assassinated Calinescu. General Argeseanu, the new leader in the Romanian government, afterwards executed 252 Legionaries and imprisoned thousands more, intensifying the persecution yet more.

By 1940, The Legionaries, under the leadership of Horia Sima, attempted to negotiate with King Carol II. Later that year, General Ion Antonescu would finally overthrow King Carol’s government, resulting in the creation of a [short-lived] National Legionary State ruled jointly by Sima and Antonescu.

Another Introduction to Codreanu ( Click Here )

The Suicide of Europe( Click Here )  by Michael Sturdza – Legionary Foreign Minister    basis of — Makow –  Are World Wars Orchestrated?( Click Here )

See more at:

AussieWatch News…. “Like Rust We never Sleep”

“Stupidity is not hereditary it is something you aquire yourself”

Welcome back as we move into 2013 our federal election year as our two party system kicks into gear canons loaded with bullshit aimed directly at the media puppets who deliver this control to the procession of lemmings content with either dictatorship to again take government.

SOS-NEWS is catering more to podcasting interviews, opinions and news as the mobile phone and tablets are the accepted form of publication to the written word. We will continue to publish a percentage of information as we have for 10 years, however all podcasts will be archived and available 24/7.

Newsfront is back as our main news source due to your persistent request for the blog site to publish again. We had decided to make it an archive with information dating back to 2005 with many stories and investigation reports never seen in mainstream media. Subscription at Newsfront is free offering to you email delivery of all new posts as they are loaded to the blog. This will not affect your subscription to “AussieWatch Newsletter”, that is a separate database.

Our tiny team of volunteers has expanded with a second retired forensic computer expert, a journalist, plus in July 2012 an international white collar crime investigator/surveillance expert joined us and has been very active.

Each new year we prune the newsletter subscriber database of dead emails remaining from people just leaving and not unsubscribing, rejoining with new email addresses and not removing the redundant one, etc. We have removed 8348 addresses from 70,468 that now stand at 62,120 active subscriber computers to SOS-NEWS mailing list.


mal-gagged23rd February 2013– Mal Davies speaks to NSW Farmer & Scientist Noeline Franklin as farmers now have had enough. They are being culled from their land management organisation by a cash strapped government who have installed an agenda driven well stacked committee to harvest $200 million cash and assets farmers have controlled for over 100 years to assist them through floods, drought, pest animals and disease as they shut down farming and your food security… If you live in the city your family need to listen to this broadcast -22 minutes.

To listen click [HERE]

NOTE: For any concerned rural ratepaying farmers not consulted and fearful of their $200M in assets redirected from livestock care and pest control to the green agenda, dictated by international treaties, should contact appointed Livestock Health & Pest Authority director Ian Donges, on 0429-613-349, to voice their issues. To consider any direct contact with Primary Industries Minister Hodgkinson w2ith your concern is fruitless.

SOS-NEWS Broadcast with Mal Davies

mal-gagged3rd February 2013– Mal Davies comments on how far we have traveled full forward in reverse over 60 years. He interviews Ralph Barraclough with an update of the Victorian bushfires, he reveals writs served on the Chief Justice demanding government be controlled by constitution and return Australia from political parties back to the people ….

To listen click [HERE]

Ratepayers Expose Local Government Myths


By June Weston

Peoples’ Power Penetrates best when Local Government Ratepayers expose the myths delivering the Propaganda

Exposure creates panicWe the Federated people will not fix our Planning & Development problems until we – the Local Government Owner-Rate-Paying-Sovereign-citizens rid ourselves of all State interlopers. Local Government has to regain its 1842 governing intent else our Federated Nation will fall. Why are Councillors refusing to lead the way?

We now have statutory repugnancy, outlawing settled, fundamental common law land-right principles. This repugnancy arises out of corrupt interpretation. Such corruption is criminal. It is unconscionable. The strategic planning abuse pretends a State’s jurisdictional right, where none exists. Private Property Rights are betrayed by those we elect to honour the Constitutional guarantee. This desecrates all Anzac sacrifices. It is un-Australian. We don’t have to tolerate this injustice. LG can dispel all myths; all contrivances. So why wait?

If true democracy and real freedom is to be restored to we the people; and if these Local Environmental Planning land-rights are to continue for the agreed Constitutional economic, use, benefit and Federated enjoyment of those of us, to whom these blessed corporeal and incorporeal hereditaments were contractually conveyed; we now oppressed land-owners; with wisdom and administrative experience enough to see the fox in the henhouse; must expose these reprehensible State Planning rorts, increasingly being put across every, ‘approved’ rural zoned freehold parcel. [Section 113: Register of Approvals: LG Act: SAVED from 1842]…..

Read the story [HERE]

Katter and Hopper blast Brisbane Lord Mayor as jobs leave our shores

27 February 2013: KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, and KAP Queensland State Leader and Member for Condamine Ray Hopper have today blasted the LNP led Brisbane City Council for outsourcing fifty-five jobs overseas.

“You know that regardless of the undertaking, the LNP/ALP Governments will continue to send jobs offshore, extending our unemployment queues,” Mr Katter said.

“Government jobs are being exported overseas to India. This is simply incomprehensible to every Australian.”

KAP State Leader, Ray Hopper slammed the treatment of Tennyson Ward Councillor Nicole Johnston when police were called and evicted her from the Brisbane City Council meeting.

“Cr Nicole Johnston has a right as an elected representative to voice her position on behalf of her constituents, and if that means calling a point of order, than her objection should be upheld.”

Mr Hopper further said that “Brisbane is supposed to be a democratic city in a democratic country and it’s an insult to all Brisbane ratepayers that this critical issue was not given a fair hearing by those who had legitimate objections”.

Brisbane City Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk, has refused to rule out further outsourcing of jobs.

“Unless you get rid of the ALP/LNP junta that runs Australia – it will just get worse,” Mr Katter stated.

“And why are they doing it? Because they can get away with it.”

“I plead with every Australian to wake up to what is happening in our country,” Mr Katter said.

ICAC Mines for Truth

Labor Premier Puppet Christine Keneally

In April 2010 SOS-NEWS ran an opinion piece in Newsfront, “Kenealley’s Sky Spy”. This piece brought to the attention of readers a potentially serious risk to the State of NSW and indirectly, the wider Nation of how certain resources exploration information – funded by tax payers – could be at risk of being misused.

Today, ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) is looking into this very fact. Perhaps not so much as we eluded to, but then again, the Inquiry has yet to conclude and hand down any findings.

Most importantly; some of the very people mentioned in our 2010 story who at the time were senior members of the then current NSW Parliament, are today, central figures under intense scrutiny in this current Inquiry.

Picture by Brumbyy (with2 y’s)
One of these people under scrutiny by ICAC is the ex-Minister for Mineral Resources Mr Ian MacDonald. The very man who was at the time of our 2010 piece, the very person who was in charge of — hence therefore the invaluable results of — as the then Minister, a citizen funded $30 million NSW Govt geo-physical aeronautical exploration program.

What’s even more interesting perhaps is how we learn from this Inquiry Moses Obeid a son of the Patriarch of the Obeid family – Eddie Obeid Snr – became involved with a person identified as the Russian ‘Viktor Djamirze’ who was peddling devices –The ‘Geo-Radar’ – to divine mineral resources below ground. Subsequently Moses became commercially associated with the Geo-Radar.

This in itself is perhaps nothing other than the commercially astute seeing an opportunity and entering a business venture. Perhaps though when taken in context of the ICAC Inquiry the citizens of NSW can be forgiven for being doubting Thomas’s, in concert. Especially where members of the Obeid family are suffering their business dealings and trust funds being intensely scrutinised as a result of facing the accusation of profiting immensely from being privy to highly confidential State Mineral Resource Exploration information.

The question is; was the goal of Moses Obeid’s link to ‘The Russian’ and the ‘Geo-Radar’ really to deliver exploration results which in turn could deliver Eldorado style resources; or was it really just a means to justify that which perhaps was already known and in effect, hide the true path of the resource’s knowledge source. If the former is the truth then the Obeid family will without doubt have a right to be seen as those astute business people and soon be vying with Gina for her place at the top of the wealth list of Australia and the globe.

Should on the other hand Moses Obeid’s association with ‘The Russian’ and his technology as purportedly demonstrated on the Obeid Bylong property offer nothing more concrete in results than that of the bent piece of wire a water-diviner uses; then the people of NSW have every right to consider such technology was indeed perhaps used to cover the misuse of truly high tech aerial exploration information.

Information which may well have been found by somewhat similar technology, but a technology superiority which is scarily beyond reproach in so far as the results that technology can and does deliver.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)

Mosman Mayor Abelson spits dummy

Source Geoff Crocker at Menzies House

Menzies House readers will recall the e-mail sent by Mosman’s Councillor Simon Menzies last December when Mayor Peter Abelson (pictured)forbid singing of our national anthem and a short prayer to open the council meeting.

Simon has continued his push for Australian tradition regardless of Mayor Abelson’s personal opinion and decision not to allow such patriotism in what is a public institution, not his private club which may be his belief. Perhaps the mayor would like to know your opinion?

Here is Councillor Menzies’ account:

Just a quick update.

Tuesday night was first meeting held since I rallied residents to sing anthem and read a prayer before start of Mosman Council meeting.

I did the same again, however this time the Mayor & Deputy Mayor Roy Bendall (pictured), spat the dummy and stormed out of the chamber saying that people were not allowed to sing the anthem. The singing continued. The Mayor & Deputy then returned to the chamber and the meeting commenced on time.

With all best wishes, Simon.
Simon Menzies Councillor Mosman Council

SOS-NEWS inquiries found that Simon Menzies proposal to seek ratepayer approval for council removing our Australian national anthem and prayer from the agenda of future council meetings, he could not find a seconder from any other councilors. This casts a cloud on these public servants with serious doubt of their allegiance to Australia. Are they working to Agenda21?

We have created an email for you to send [HERE] to all Mosman Councillors with a message (you may change as you wish) asking them to explain this Un-Australian sanction without consulting ratepayers?


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