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  1. As the old saying goes–there’s no business like SHOAH business… 😀
    That’s what I call in Hebrew ‘Chutzpah’ …L.M.A.O. 🙂
    After all, this SHAMEFUL A$HOLE, he looks so poorly POOR, and needs to buy same shavers ?? ..L.M.A.O.
    I wonder if he will make an DONATION to a CHARITY of his choice, ( That’s a hard Q to A ) and which one would be if could be ??… 😀
    Yup, you folks guessed it right. .he he he…DA HIS OWN WALLET 😉
    I KNOW that his TATTOO NUMBER is GONE, Alas Magic ( DISAPPEARED ), but I also wonder if this ROMANIAN calling him self an JEW, is also CIRCUMCISED ? 😀

    OI VEY OI MOY Elie , this is my curse to you, and I hope that, THAT BITCH called KARMA gets her turn/s on you mate…May the LIAR CHAMPION OF LIARS get his PANTS ON FIRE 😀

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