The Pernicious Power of Partial Truth


by Zen Gardner

Here’s the problem. It’s not the awakened and informed that get ensnared by partial truths. It’s those that have yet to find full awareness and gain a real conscious perspective. It thwarts real investigation and shunts the unwary up the garden path to Numbsville.

This is what politics and social engineering thrive on.

You think people would go along with complete frontal lies continually? While it seems our Orwellian society has degraded to something pretty close to that, there has to be something that appears to relate to people’s everyday experience, no matter how engineered that is as well. It may be a relative truth within an entire fabricated system, but still it’s something someone can relate to.


The Alternative Dilemma

What has been labelled the alternative community, alternative research community or truth community is in a bit of a quandary. It’s nothing new. Whenever you have an implied or perceived polarity this kind of lumping together by the mind happens. Strangely enough almost every time our low level thinking does this polarized perception it’s wrong and a false choice.

Same with this mainstream vs alternative. Very lumpy thinking but deal with the concept we must.

The right/left political paradigm is a good, obvious example. A totally false premise yet a whole fabricated system is built around it making it appear legitimate. Oh how many things in this life are like that! When you realize all this is a holographic projection based on intention and participation you can work backwards and see how pervasive and restrictive that limited mind thinking really is and understand why it falls for all these tricks.

With the alternative news media concept it’s a little more clear the dichotomy people face with respect to where they get their information. From a mainstream perspective, the alternative press is anything outside of their accepted realm and “trusted” sources. They don’t look at the details much except to accept the mainstream definition and have total disdain for anything so-called “alternative” where they’ve turned the word conspiracy into a broad brushing pejorative.

Within the alternative news community there is obviously a lot more diversity than the flatfooted mainstreamer could ever imagine. They won’t touch it, or if they do it’s a couple of accidental hits or doubt-filled super skeptical queries they venture to look into. There are those that get an eye opener and it leads to new worlds of information, but I’m describing the general perception.

Amongst the overall “alternative” or non-mainstream community there are loads of dynamics at work. Which is wonderful. The truly enlightened can tell what’s what and understand there are many ideas and theories and approaches and they learn from anything they can. There’s no fear because they’re grounded in truth and not jumping on any bandwagon that happens to roll by just because it’s so called “alternative”.


Moles, Cling-Ons and Psyops

Of course this ugly stuff goes on. There’s also controlled opposition like the mainstream co-opting partial truthers like Glenn Beck who apparently thinks he’s a radical or something. Just look at the employers, paychecks and big egos of these types if nothing else. Wittingly or not so many are manipulated by Zionist interests, big banks, corporate and political influences, secret societies and occult powers.  That’s the name of the game. That’s who’s running the external show. So by definition if someone isn’t fully conscious and free from all that, they are being tooled around by them in some fashion.

Especially people in the media where the projected illusion is so all important.

But in the alternative world it can get pretty tricky. The labyrinth of the rabbit hole is practically endless so just about anything goes when you really get into the big picture and are trying to excavate the Truth from the rubble of lies and sealed off compartments you find. So most of us are willing to consider most anything and at least take a look at it. You eventually develop an intuitive sense about things, but even that stretches and changes as more becomes apparent and your consciousness grows.

We realize we relatively know less and less in the grand scheme of things and it’s wonderful!

The Spaghetti Test – Observe and Stay Detached

As I’ve often said, I use what I call the spaghetti test when processing information. Not the perfect analogy, but it demonstrates several truths.  You know when you first learned to make spaghetti and the test was to see if it stuck to the wall or not? If it did it was done. Messy but effective.

That’s one way to approach it. If it sticks, OK, leave it there for now. Sometimes things fall away later on. The main point is to sort of leave it out there and just keep going. Something later may confirm or contradict it, or it’s just lower level information that’s leading you to somewhere Universe is taking you. That’s the fun part, watching synchronicity lead the way.

Number one lesson I’d say is stay the observer when it comes to information. Detachment is the key. The mind is working along with your consciousness to process whatever you’re coming across so beware of getting attached to ideas and concepts and the allure of “sexy” information. It’s whenever we get attached we get ourselves in trouble – whether it be to a what could become a dogmatic concept, belief or an outcome, we need to constantly let go; it’s a matter of conscious awareness survival.


Look at the billions who’ve been sidetracked and hijacked and joined these confining mind controlled religions or belief systems or the like. We’ve all been in some form of a belief system or another even if just school or the overall system. The good news is the struggling to get free from that chrysalis, or a series of them, is what pushes the blood into the wings of the conscious liberated butterfly to-be!

Snakes and Rats in the Labyrinth

We have enemies. Truth has enemies. Humanity has enemies. Just as you see the alphabet agencies infiltrate militia groups or persuade patsies to participate in some false flag scheme, the same is true in the Truth community. That’s a given. We see the trolls and phony social media perps all the time and we each have those sites we’re wary of. Expect even more.

Information is the name of the game and if they can’t shut us down, they’ll try to trip up, divert and divide us.

Or discredit us. But you know what? I’m not that worried about that. While some want to be watchdogs and stop people from firing off their theories as happened with the Sandy Hook reaction for example, people need to decide for themselves and feel free to express themselves if they’re sincere. It’s like that insane criticism of the Occupy movement. “What’s your message? You have no united voice or clear agenda…” blah blah. Yeah, so they could sculpt one for us and divert it into one of their controlled arms. Such is collectivism.

Besides, nothing would have satisfied the critics.

At least it was an expression of life, as well as protest. Sure, Soros and his dirty ilk are always up to no good and there we all kinds of plants and agents provocateur, but something else also happened– an energizing and coming to real realizations of what we’re all up against from people of all walks of life. The political stuff all missed the real issues and there was a lot of short sighted frustration, but instead of listening to what people were saying and learning what people were upset about, all the major media could do was belittle and mock and criticize. That says it all right there.

But muzzle ourselves? OK, admonitions are good and needed at times, but freedom of expression needs to be exactly that. And we’re not here to impress or win over the mainstream. Anyone with that idea is headed for frustration and disaster. They will not listen.

But individuals will. Let’s be sure to address people and not the illusion.


The Half-Truthers Are the Most Dangerous

There are a few things I think are important to look for in an information source. Assuming it’s not coming from one of the major media outlets I evaluate along these lines:

1. Is the information fundamentally on the right track?

2. Is the source more interested in notoriety and self promotion than the issues, or is heavily weighed down by those egoic influences?


3. Are there any obvious compromises, or glaring omissions that could be intentional?

4. Are they loving? Is the message one of love, for the good of mankind and its freedom, even if it blasts away at the lies of the matrix?

5. Are they really fully awake and conscious? Or at least on their way to “getting it” and humble and sincere in their quest?

6. Are they heart led more than mind? Can you sense the passion behind the information and ideas?

7. Does yours or a trusted associate’s bullshit detector go off repeatedly? ;)

Big egos are a dead giveaway. That’s why for all the good Jesse Ventura might do in getting some truths out there, he’s anchored in trying the impress the system. That’s why as David Icke says he’s the go-to guy for the Piers Morgan types and he gets away with what he puts in his show. I have the same askance take on Ancient Aliens and those History and Nat Geo channel productions and these Michio Kaku type spokespeople no matter how much good info is presented.

And I think that’s a healthy attitude.

Lots of truth but man, they are always busy shoving some serious agenda down your throat sideways and most people have no frikking idea it’s happening to them. You can’t lead a sheep down the path with stuff that smells like poison. There’s gotta be something that gets their trust and attention that appears to be real food.

Partial or manipulated truths inoculate the masses against the full Truth. Partial truth is fine with them–it doesn’t shake anyone up, doesn’t concertedly challenge their precious matrix.

Whereas whole fully conscious Truth blows their whole frikking control system to smithereens!


Ahem. Warning bells, anyone?

The Zeitgeist Truth Heist

This might be hard to swallow for some, but this Zeitgeist movement is another thing I’m very wary of. Anything that opens up with 50 million hits immediately and youtube and google and the like continue to let fly, you better beware. Anyone else who really challenges the system gets their numbers shaved by the youtube stazis or their work deleted altogether. The Z movement enjoys wide open popularity and acceptance.

Follow the money on this one and it will most likely take you to some interesting sources.

Besides, do you really like the techno-cold world the Venus Project espouses? Do you sense warmth, or transhumanish coldness as well as political daggers getting thrown around? Reminds me of the new agers getting led straight into the new world order. I enjoyed learning from their earlier videos that have some great exposes thanks to Jordan Maxwell’s research and others, but something is amiss as well as way too “accepted”  about this whole thing. I know many Zeit lovers who do not get the whole picture and are even deeply entrenched in Obamamania and other agendized liberal and socialist leanings.

Not a good sign.

And the effect? Diversion, dilution and dissipation of energy in a nicely encapsulated medium that’s prepping you nicely for the coming techno new world order.

I might sound cynical but if it ain’t right, it ain’t right.

Perceived “Truth” Can Be A Control System

We should know our sources as best we can, and take from them what truths we can glean. None of us has everything figured out or are so supra-conscious we can discern or understand it all. We learn as we go.

The problem arises in the direction the spirit of some information takes us. There can be lots of truth head to toe but if it’s being used to manipulate you into some controllable viewpoint or belief system or some sycophantic all-trusting relationship that stunts your growth and ensnares you, that’s wrong.

People are baited with the truth all the time. They’re led down pathways that seem to have all the fixings, but they meet frustration and futility and get waylaid into a sort of stillborn mode. It’s very sad as many were really looking but took one of these engineered detours.

That’s all the matrix does. It’s a lie and leads you round and round to nowhere, spinning your wheels as they vamp off your energy, getting you to support and feed the system. If it takes a few truths to get you to comply and stay sedated, so be it.

Besides, sometimes they’re just pulling a release valve maneuver, letting it appear they’re getting it and we’re having an effect to satisfy the general angst. That can stop people dead in their tracks from the hot pursuit they were on. If we get deceived into thinking they’re listening and believe this type of hopey changey bullshit or whatever false promise they make, we cool our jets and lose momentum.

They’re liars and we cannot stop short and compromise. Conscious awareness knows no compromise.



Controlled opposition specializes in half truths and buses to nowhere, so it pays to exercise extreme caution in this world of mines and booby traps. There’s nothing to fear. Lies don’t hold any real weight except to the swallower. The Truth can take care of itself.

We don’t need to censor or protect the “truth community”, the Truth does that. There is no collective, only consciousness and our underlying connectivity to each other and the entire Universe. That’s a force to reckon with–and tap into and utilize as much as we can.

Staying detached is imperative. When we get invested in static or defined collective notions we’re limiting consciousness. Who knows what’s at hand? Or what magnificent twist Universe will come up with? Maybe it’s already under way and about to manifest. Where will these heavily attached designs be then?


Stay free. And have a good laugh about it all. That’s a good place to start. And finish. ;)

“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” -Osho

Love, Zen

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  1. Wow great article! I wish I had the ability to put into words something like that but, I am a plain and simple ole gal so I would say it in a few words which would be like I always say, “Believe only 1/2 of what you see and none of what you hear!” 😉
    Really listen to what ISN’T BEING SAID!
    I am surprised he did not mention Alex Jones because he also says 1/2 truths. I have learned alot over the past several years about what to watch for. 🙂 Hmmm…Older & wiser is true,eh? LOL

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