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Dec 26, 2012

FLORA puts The Queen and ASIO on Notice

FLORA has now issued the final demands on the Queen of Australia, Director of ASIO who are charged with upholding the security of our Commonwealth. They have until 14th January 2013 to respond before the class action is presenetd to the International Courts. You need to read this and view the documents attached.

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This is the final letter of demand in this matter.  Over 10 years of solid work.  It has gone to the Director of ASIO, who are charged with upholding the security of the Commonwealth and a copy has gone to the Queen.  They have until January 14th 2013 to begin to restore our commonwealth.

If they don’t, it goes to the International Courts of Justice and we sue the Queen for breach of contract.  It will be a class action of awful and monstrous proportions because over 24 million Australian have been stolen from.

Read the letters and the Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

  • Have you suffered an order in the courts of Australia since 1985?

  • Have you been made bankrupt and all your personal wealth taken from you?

  • Have you been incarcerated for any length of time?

  • Have you lost a home to a mortgage default?

  • Have you been forced to pay a fine?

  • How much tax have you been enforced to pay to a government that had no authority to even ask for it?

  • Are you now living without power because you can’t afford to pay your bills because government have conspired to make life too expensive for you?

It is now your decision people.

Do you live with a system of administration that can only see your money and assets and not the needs of a living person, or will you support this action?

Do you want to remain in a country where the government can change its rules in a few hours, until you can’t even afford to live and you too lose your home?

Do you feel safe living in a country governed by people under policy only, where you can be gaoled for committing no offence?

If you were involved in a court case, gather the court orders.  Find out the full name and title of any name on the paperwork.

If you used lawyers, get copies of all the court documentation off them.

Gather letters you may have written to govt departments and the answers, if they are in regard to removal of your rights in some manner.

Gather the value of your property, get your deeds, demand them from the Lands Dept for the matter. If they refuse to give them to you, get their names.

If you wish to leave Australia and find a home in a country which respects your rights of ownership, then be prepared for that cost and add it to your claim.

In order to join this monstrous action you will require $500.  We will need to pay for the claims and the filing into the courts, the staff required to do that and the best of legal support.  The matter will cost a minimum of $200,000.  That is less than the cost of a home in today’s Australia.  David has spent over $300,000 of his own money in this work.

The Crown will have to pay you as a private person, as the queen no longer holds our security and protects our property to common and canon law – the laws of church and state, held to Almighty God and Jesus Christ and to our constitution.

We want our commonwealth back or we get paid out.  Simple as that.

Send this information to every single person you know – make sure your sitting member of parliament gets it and ask him where your commonwealth and its assets are.  Send it to every local councilor – ask them to give you back your commonwealth.  Send it to your local media and demand they investigate.  Ask them why they don’t even make comment on it as if we were simply nutters!!!  Ask them why they all pretend that this matter of our sovereignty and our constitution does not even exist!!   Many of them have been receiving this information since the beginning of the research – they are complicit in hiding it.

If there are no appointed Governor General or Governors appointed by the  Crown for The Commonwealth of Australia and  the 6 States, who holds the consolidated revenue ( Money of we the People), gained from sales of our exports and other property sold on our “behalf”?  Ask your local politicians of The Parliament of Australia  and this includes Local Council.  Where is OUR money?

Every single Australian man, woman and child has been duped and conned by these criminals and the time to be nice is over.

We want our country and our Commonwealth and our assets – personal and community – back!!  ……Or pay us for them!

Sue Maynes