Merry Christmas from S.O.S.News and Me.

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“Average Australians have access to the courts in the same sense that Christians had access to the lions”


With good news in short supply we need to reflect on Christmas for the children keeping the happy face of Santa alive as childhood is such a short lived period of life.

For those who remember beyond 25 years enjoyment of a traditional Australian family Christmas, think how sad it is today for your children and grand children who never felt that freedom and festive spirit stolen by the servants of our nation.

Our last “AussieWatch” news for 2012 will be published Friday 14th December as we take a break for a few weeks. The next newsletter will be published 8th February 2013 along with new formats on our web-network we hope will assist you to continue making informed decisions.

SOS-NEWS consistently recognised and quoted by media around the world differs in Australia where controlled media watch us like a hawk, utilise our publications, never mentioning the source confirms SOS-NEWS keeps pressing the right buttons nutralising spin doctors, infiltrating political and corporate bunkers.

Government and opposition will continue to extinguish the remaining embers of free speech in Australia threatening their power base. Watch the next move – “when government cannot dictate they legislate“.

To all subscribing owners of 70,000 + computers on our mailing list, to all readers who receive forwarded “AussieWatch” from subscribers, we at SOS-NEWS thank you for remaining loyal over the past decade and we look forward to your support over the next decade.

SOS-NEWS Volunteer Staff
“Like Rust We Never Sleep”

A Message To Our Misunderstood Ethnic Cousins


Merry Christmas from the Prime Minister

If you think the country is in good hands, you are not a public servant, a school teacher or an academic recipient of fictional government science research funding, this information may assist you making a decision at the polling booth next year – then maybe not … read more [HERE]

Two Years of Cablegate as Bradley Manning Testifies for the First Time

Julian Assange we support to the hilt. Never expecting his damning information to appear in mainstream media, read Julian’s release concerning Bradley Manning, detained without trial for 921 days, testifies for the first time over Wikileaks cablegate. – – – read more [HERE]


How much longer is this dictatorship delivered by the major parties to the people going to continue unchecked? Pictured left will soon be democracy in Australia if we continue to capitulate to government threats and bully tactics used successfully by the Nazis to control until the people said “NO MORE“.

It appears the historic fighter from Australia, recognised world wide as famous for standing fast during conflicts with an enemy from another country threatening their freedom, will not exercise the same guts to fight this political enemy within who have placed the people in a political concentration camp.

Here is your chance to make a move. Arm yourself with a pen or computer, now hype yourself upby shouting out loud 3 timeI want My Australia Back then go for it before Friday 21st December 2012 then snail mail or email with your stand as an Australian who has had enough.

The short time frame for people to make submissions against this government agenda to shut you up is a façade of democracy but research facts reveal 98% of pending legislation calling for public submissions over 20 years have passed in original format. A contributing factor to this is the small amount of public submissions allowing dismissal without consequent to politicians.

Hit them hard with thousands of submissions no matter how small, vent your anger at the arrogance of these taxpayer funded public servants GAGGING you their master from voicing your opinion as an Australia who enjoys our constitutional freedom of speech. Ask for a referendum, that will frighten the hell out of them.

Could we be gagged?


A Senate committee is conducting an inquiry on a controversial bill by federal Labor Attorney-General Nicola Roxon. The deadline for submissions is not far away – Friday 21 December 2012 – and brief emails pointing out the bill’s dangers are urgently needed.

Among other problems, the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 would:

greatly increase the number of attributes (eg gender identity) on which discrimination is forbidden;


make it illegal to offend someone at work on the basis of their religious belief or political opinion;


reverse the onus of proof;


deny non-disabled respondents the right to have a legal adviser at conciliation conferences;


make it illegal for church-based aged care homes to discriminate on sexual orientation or gender identity grounds.

The new offence of “offending” others at work on the basis of religious belief is a big worry. A similar law in Victoria caused great stress and expense for two Christian pastors before they were vindicated by the Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal five years later. Some other states then decided not to proceed with such harmful and counter-productive laws – but the federal Attorney-General is ploughing ahead.

Former NSW chief justice Jim Spigelman has spoken out against the federal bill, saying it would impose unprecedented restrictions on free speech, far beyond anti-discrimination laws in other countries (The Australian, 11/12/12). Reversing the onus of proof (so respondents must prove their innocence), then denying the right to have a legal adviser at conciliation conferences, is contrary to natural justice.

The bill would prohibit discrimination against same-sex couples. There would be no exception for religious bodies providing aged care – they would have to treat homosexual couples as married couples. This would undermine religious freedom and could be extended to schools and other services in future.


Please act now – send a brief submission to the Senate inquiry by Friday 21 December

Email or fax to 02 6277 5794 – or post to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600.

Write “Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012” in the subject line. Include your name and postal address.

In your own words, say:

The Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill undermines free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association and natural justice. It should be rejected, or amended:

to remove from clause 19 the words, “conduct that offends, insults or intimidates” and the words “religion” and “political opinion” from the list of protected attributes in clause 17;


to delete clause 124 which reverses the onus of proof;


to allow respondents the right to legal representation if they wish;


to allow religious freedom to religious bodies in all circumstances.

For more information on the parliamentary website for this inquiry click here or go to:


Family Voice Australia: a Christian voice for family, faith and freedom phone: 1300 365 965 email:

Download a pdf copy of this to distribute and print



Coal Train Crash – Was Just A Matter Of Time

SOS-NEWS released a VIDEO in January 2012 on coal mining in NSW showing ramification to our rural food bowls and rail network running 24 hour convoys of 70 carriage heavy laden coal trains pulled by 3 locomotives along a single track never designed to accommodate this traffic mentioned as we videoed the rail track.

The trains run 70 carriages to accommodate the loop line used to wait off the main line for tha train coming from the opposite direction to pass. If there was a double track the mining companies would be running very much larger trains.

At Boggabri 29 November 2012, on an elevated rail bridge over Cox’s Creek, a fully laden coal train was derailed putting 5 carriages off the bridge closing that section of the line to all rail traffic for an estimated bridge rebuild and track-work of 3 months.

The wheat export from that area of NSW is also unable to meet export contracts if they cannot get the produce to shipping ports with an estimated loss of around $150 million.

Expected from rail investigators was suggestion of heat buckling the track. With the mangled mess that finding may remain, but for XPT passengers using the same track pounded by coal trains on an infrastructure never designed for this punishment, there is always the bus.

The almighty dollar need to be collected by government and their corporate mates with Whitehaven Coal, running out of space to store coal they cannot move by rail, have contacted their mates in government to set in place authorisation to operate convoys of truck to move coal on our highways.

Read the story published by the Newcastle Herald – [HERE]

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