May 14, 2013…Replacing Israel as the legitimate country in the Holy Land.

Mimicking Replacement Theology, Palestine performed the first symbolic step in replacing Israel as the legitimate country in the Holy Land.


“Metzada lo tipol shenit!” were the last words of the oath uttered by the commander, “Masada shall not fall a second time!”

“Ani nishba!,” answered a sea of soldiers, “I swear!” Many years ago, a young Benjamin Netanyahu participated in such an event, where Israeli soldiers swear allegiance to their country. In his case, the oath was superfluous; he grew up among Zealots.

Masada - Metzada

Masada – Metzada


Two millennia ago, Masada was an impressive fortress overlooking the Dead Sea. A small Jewish sect related to the Zealots occupied it and withstood the Roman siege for a few years. Surrounded by high cliffs on all sides—an early version of the modern Israeli wall around the Palestinian territories—the place seemed unconquerable. Food reserves within the walls and sophisticated wells ensured the survival in the arid landscape. Yet, the Romans were resourceful and built a ramp all the way up. Nowadays it is called the Snake Way—due to its undulating shape around the cliffs—and it is still the only way to reach the top by foot; the nearby cable car is a modern contrivance. When the Romans reached the top, Masada’s people committed suicide to avoid captivity. Only one woman and her children survived to tell the tale.

Masada drives Israel; the event is at the core of any analysis performed by Zionist leaders. The IDF operative plan in case Israel is attacked by Arab armies is called “Metzuda,” which means “Fortress;” “Metzada” (“Masada” in Hebrew) is a word derived from it. Even deadlier is Israel’s second strike, an event in which the Israeli fleet of German submarines will fire nuclear missiles, creating the “Samson Option:”

Judges 16:30 And Samson said, Let me die with the Philistines. And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life.

Samson and the Sicarii in Masada preferred suicide than surrender. The State of Israel had been preparing itself for such an option even before it was formally established. Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions in recent days prove that this is true. The worthless opposition of Israel to the acceptance of Palestine as an Observer State at the UN was foolish; the event couldn’t be stopped. By opposing it, Israel antagonized the Palestinians even more. In the aftermath, Netanyahu decided to punish Palestine, by building on E1, and stopping the transfer of taxes to Palestine. Arab countries pledged to cover the missing income, giving Palestine economic independence. In both cases, Netanyahu chose the Samson-Masada suicide path. A modern Zealot, Netanyahu is forcing Israel to suicide.

Reviving the Great Game

Reviving the Great Game

Historical Perspective

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas surprised everybody, proving himself no less far-sighted than Yasser Arafat. As analyzed in Israel and Palestine go to War, in the year 2000 it became clear during the Camp David meeting between Barak and Arafat that Israel and Palestine would not be able to negotiate a peace agreement. The futile encounter in 2008 between Olmert and Abbas strengthened this assessment. Instead, of negotiations, Abbas centered his actions on a historical perspective.

The main problem is that neither side is ready to renounce sovereignty of the Temple Mount. The 2000 proposals showed that clearly. Barak offered that in several stages, Palestinians receive sovereignty on over 92% of the West Bank and Gaza while Israel would have dismantled over 60 settlements. Israel was to keep Kiryat Arba (in Hebron), a road connecting Jerusalem with the Dead Sea, and parts of Jerusalem’s metropolitan area. Israeli negotiators proposed that the Palestinians be granted administration, but not sovereignty, over the Muslim and Christian Quarters of the Old City, with the Jewish and Armenian Quarters remaining in Israeli hands. Mahmoud Abbas, at that time Arafat’s chief negotiator answered, “All of East Jerusalem should be returned to Palestinian sovereignty. The Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall should be placed under Israeli authority, not Israeli sovereignty. An open city and cooperation on municipal services.” This issue could not be solved; the last serious negotiation between Israel and Palestine ended with no results.

Barak couldn’t sign the proposed agreement because it offered more than the Israeli public was ready to concede. Had Arafat signed, Barak would probably have failed to have the agreement ratified by the Knesset. Abbas is in a worse situation since there is no chance that the extremist Netanyahu will offer what Barak did. Moreover, if he renounces sovereignty of the Temple Mount, he will be considered a traitor by the entire Arab World. With no achievable compromise, Abbas looked at a wider perspective. He managed to get Palestine recognized as Observer State on November 29, the anniversary of the historic 1947 vote on UN Resolution 181, better known as the UN Partition Plan of Palestine. If Israel could match Palestine in its level of historical analysis, it would have concentrated its efforts, not in getting an “against” vote from other nations, but in changing the date of the vote. Israel gave Palestine a powerful symbol. Mimicking Replacement Theology (which claims that the Church has replaced Biblical Israel), Palestine performed the first symbolic step in replacing Israel as the legitimate country in the Holy Land. Davidian Palestine outsmarted a modern Goliath named Israel.


Palestine Adopted a Replacement Theology Approach | Olive Trees at Gethsemane



As stated in Palestine’s Next Step, the first steps of Palestine’s Independence War can be seen on the ground. It is difficult to analyze in any other way the placement of signs asking Jews to leave; these are the natural precursors to Palestinian road blockades against settlers. Yet, these are just small signs of what is about to happen. The situation on the ground mimics and inverses what happened in 1947. The next key event to be expected is a formal declaration of independence that will smooth the path of Palestine into the UN as a regular nation.

In fact, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s National Council declared the independence of the State of Palestine in Algiers on November 15, 1988. Back then, the political situation didn’t allow the implementation of the resolution and the declaration was quickly forgotten. In 2013, the situation will be different. Palestine was already accepted by the UN as an observer state, despite its independence declaration and political situation being less than ideal. Mahmoud Abbas has already proved that he possesses a sharp historical perspective. Probably, he will continue to implement his parallel of Replacement Theology by declaring independence on May 14, 2013, on the exact anniversary of Israel’s declaration.

“Masada shall not fall a second time!” shouted Netanyahu the following day and fell on his sword.

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