Try Telling That to Hamas

Turkish PM: “Israel is a terrorist state”

Over the years, I had the doubtful joy of speaking with Israeli Zionists belonging to the right and left sides of the political spectrum. Strikingly, the differences between them were not political in nature, but mainly an issue of style. Rightists were acidly sarcastic, while leftists were naively sarcastic. Both abused the Biblical language, while snatching every opportunity to offend others. On November 19, 2012, the Hebrew media provided an awesome example of that while commenting on the barbaric Israeli offensive on Gaza, Operation Pillar of Cloud.

Avner FainguelerntAvner Fainguelernt

Protests in IsraelProtests in Israel

Yedioth Aharonot—the Hebrew largest newspaper—published an op-ed titled like this article “Try Talking to Hamas.” The column was written by Dr. Avner Fainguelernt, an educator and independent filmmaker, who lives in a Gaza vicinity kibbutz. I won’t enter into Israeli social subtleties, but this short biography is enough to identify him as a “smolan,” a “leftist.” Yet, a Labor government was the one to allow the first settlements in the West Bank while a Likud government was the one to diminish discrimination against Mizrahi Jews. Who is right-wing? Who is left-wing? These obsolete political terms are irrelevant. All of them claim to pursue peace while encouraging violence and discrimination. Let me jump to the article’s end, where addressing the Israeli leadership in general, he wrote: “You owe us the preliminary and most basic thing—talking to Hamas—if you wish to gain our trust. You have tried out all the weapons in the world. The only thing you haven’t really tried out is the simple, required dialogue.” Israeli sarcasm is seldom wrote down; however, the author provided a rare opportunity to witness leftist naivety to the extreme.

Gaza City | Operation Pillar of Cloud

Gaza City | Operation Pillar of Cloud

Odd Coincidences

Following is a short table showing the dates of various elections to the Knesset (all except the first one) and military events that occurred just before the elections. During the first times, this looks innocent. The war actions were continuous and to some extent imposed by others. The turning point was probably in 1969, when casual operations drove the politicians’ attention to the fact the military operations can be used to get votes. After the disastrous Yom Kippur War, two small operations improved the self-esteem of the IDF, The 1977 elections were lost by Labor despite the successful Operation Entebbe; this was a delayed result of the 1973 war. Afterwards, it is pure cynicism. Both government and opposition used military operations in order to improve their results. The worst events belong to Begin, who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor days before the elections and won (though barely so), and to a desperate Peres, who engaged in Operation Grapes of Wrath after Rabin’s assassination; yet he lost after a successful use by Netanyahu of the then frequent bus suicide-bombers against Peres. Operation Cast Lead in 2009 and the ongoing Operation Pillar of Cloud just before the January 2013 elections are superb examples. It seems mini-wars have become a requested prelude to elections in Israel.

Elections Date

Military Operation

July 30, 1951 Retribution Operations against Fedayeen and Operation Ezra and Nehemiah
July 26, 1955 Retribution Operations against Fedayeen
November 3, 1959 Retribution Operations against Fedayeen
August 15, 1961 Retribution Operations against Fedayeen
November 1, 1965 Retribution Operations against Fedayeen
October 28, 1969 Operations Boxer, Bulmus 6, Raviv (the Ten-Hour War) and Escort
December 31, 1973 Yom Kippur War, Operations Doogman 5 and Abirey-Halev
May 17, 1977 Operation Entebbe on previous July
June 30, 1981 Operation Opera against Iraqi nuclear reactor
July 23, 1984 Kav 300 Affair
November 1, 1988 Assassination of Abu Jihad in Tunis
June 23, 1992 Assassination of Hezbollah leader Abbas al-Musawi
May 29, 1996 Operation Grapes of Wrath
May 17, 1999 Barak promised to withdraw Lebanon if elected
January 28, 2003 Operation Defensive Shield
March 28, 2006 Squirms between Hezbollah and the IDF previous to the elections, the Second Lebanese War right after them
February 10, 2009 Operation Cast Lead
January 22, 2013 Operation Pillar of Cloud

Right and Left Right and Left

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