Mmmmm..Britain Supports Palestinian Bid for a State?..I wonder why ?

Gilad Atzmon – Nov 27, 2012

The Guardian reported today that Britain is prepared to back a key vote recognising Palestinian statehood at the UN but only if Mahmoud Abbas pledges not to pursue Israel for war crimes and to resume peace talks.

“On Monday night, the government signalled it would change track and vote yes if the Palestinians modified their application. Whitehall officials said the Palestinians were now being asked to refrain from applying for membership of the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice, which could both be used to pursue war crimes charges or other legal claims against Israel.”

I wonder why the British government is so keen to save Israeli war criminals? Could it be because 80% of the Conservative MPs are Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI)? I’d also like to know what is it that led the British Government to change its position on the Palestinian bid for statehood. Is it because our Tory politicians are trying to squeeze more money from their paymasters? After all, if Whitehall’s decision is driven by any ethical and humanist concerns, why then are they trying to save Israeli mass-murderers from being schlepped to the International Court of Justice where they belong.

Another possible explanation for the British turnaround is that Israel and its lobby is actually interested in world support of the Palestinian bid for a State. Such a bid, would accomplish the Zionist project by removing once and for all the demographic threat to the Jews-only state posed by millions of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. A ‘sovereign Palestine’ would ‘liberate’ Israel from the burdens of being an occupier.

I suppose that, following the last Israeli defeat in Gaza, some brain in Whitehall must have cottoned on to the fact that the Jewish State belongs to the past – and doesn’t have much of a future. They’ve probably realised that Britain had better seek some new allies in the Arab world. Still, putting all their money on Abbas might just one more poorly calculated British political decision.


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–   The Osama bin Laden Myth

By Paul Craig Roberts on November 27, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts – via Info Wars Nov 26, 2012

The interview below with Osama bin Laden was conducted by the Karachi, Pakistan, daily newspaper, Ummat and published on September 28, 2001, 17 days after the alleged, but unsubstantiated, al Qaeda attack of September 11, 2001, on the World Trade Center twin towers and Pentagon. The interview was sensational. The alleged “mastermind” of 9/11 said that he and al Qaeda had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack. The British Broadcasting Corporation’s World Monitoring Service had the interview translated into English and made public on September 29, 2001.

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“It’s not that we are inefficent, it’s due to the secrecy of our work we don’t know what we are doing “

Special Issue

Our ancestors must be proud of the parliament we now have in Canberra where once echoed true governments for the people now reduced to a corrupt snake pit of liars, rogues and deceitful treasons greed.

Democracy is but a word when people cannot remove any government or politician working against the will and safety of the people.

The only light seen at the end of the tunnel was a high speed freight train driven by entrenched power crazed political parties on your freedom, however, a candle shone last night for the people of Australia.

Out of pure disgust, Bob Katter formed the Katter Australia Party on a shoestring budget to return politics back to the people. This is reflected in his speech below made to parliament Monday 26th November 2012.

Listen to this again and reflect on our –


bob katterThis AUDIO presents “Our Parliament of Fools” a magnificent VOCAL HARMONY & NARRATION reflecting Australia under siege from corrupt political parties we dismiss daily. The solution is with you, the people who allow this control to remain…

To play click the link below – to pass around this great audio copy the link then paste to email – to download, right click the link and “save link as” to a folder.


Mr KATTER (Kennedy) (10:42): In recommending the bill to the House, I have just come back from a tour of the Murray-Darling area. To see what this place has done to the Murray-Darling would make any patriotic Australian blush with embarrassment and shame. It should make every member of this place feel utterly ashamed of themselves. At Mildura, we were told that 85 shops in the town have closed. I drove around the vineyards and the orchards and I felt one in 10 were closed down and was informed that the figure was much closer to one in five. In Griffith, they said 120 shops were closed. I do not know if this is true or not, but these are the things that were being told to me. There most certainly seemed to be many shops closed. In Deniliquin, we were told that there were normally 60 or 70 houses for sale; there are now 155 houses registered for sale.

This place has destroyed the economic base of all inland New South Wales. This place has destroyed the economic base of Northern Victoria and southeastern South Australia. This place has not destroyed Queensland, because Queensland’s Murray-Darling allocation is mostly Cubbie Station. No, this place has kept all the water intact at Cubbie Station and handed

it all over to a foreign corporation, when there were other bidders in Australia. What the government should

have done was to break up Cubbie Station into 10 or 12 civilised sizes where there would be owneroperators instead of fly-ins from the coast. Most of Cubbie Station is done by fly-in work out of Brisbane, in the main. But instead of doing that they sold it as one big heap, and they sold it to a foreign corporation.

The allegations in this case are very interesting because they are similar to the allegations in the case concerning—and it is not sub judice at the present, so I can speak up—the South Johnstone sugar mill, which was sold. Two mills smaller than it had been

sold for over $130 million. We are talking about a mill worth $150 million. It was sold for $2 million because the people that are liquidators are people who are corruptible to a point of being illegal and should be committed to jail. This is happening again, again andagain.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Dr Leigh ): The honourable member for Kennedy is reminded that particular allegations against individuals are best pursued through a substantive motion.

Mr KATTER: I have not made any allegations against any individuals. I have made general remarks concerning liquidators.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: I am simply reminding the honourable member of the standing orders.

Mr KATTER: I take the Deputy Speaker’s comments. In this case it has been sold to foreigners. In the last five weeks the biggest farm in Australia, Cubbie Station, has been sold to foreigners—the biggest water licence. It has not been bought by the government for environmental flows. It has been sold to foreigners —the biggest water licence. This place sold the biggest fishing licence in Australia. Only through the actions of my colleague from Hobart here beside me, seconding this resolution—on other issues completely, environmental issues—was the decision reversed. But the government had already made the decision to sell.

I came back from Tasmania, where another 20 per cent of their second biggest industry—and it is one of their only two industries—the timber industry, has been chopped away, leaving the economy of Tasmania almost a basket case because of the actions of this government. So they have wrecked an area—not this government, mainly the last government, actually; but this government most certainly have been up to their eyeballs in it—leaving an area stretching throughout all of New South Wales. Two-thirds of New South Wales: gone. Two-thirds of Victoria: gone. One quarter of South Australia: gone, destroyed by government action. And now of the 20 per cent of what is left of poor little Tasmania, half of it has been given to some subcommittee of UNESCO over in New York. All human activity on half of Tasmania is controlled by a UNESCO subcommittee. I know, because north Queensland suffers the same fate, so I speak with authority.

But let me go over it. The biggest farm: sold. The biggest water licence: sold. The biggest fishing licence: sold. The biggest dairying area in Australia: sold. The 10th biggest cattle station in area in Australia: sold. The daddy of them all, the big, grand, colossal Santa Claus of all destructive decisions is the Ord. Here is one of the great achievements of the Australian people to bring irrigation and development into the northwest, the most outback and most unpopulated part of Australia. It is a great dream of all Australians. The second stage could have been put up as 1,000-hectare farms.

The government of Western Australia or the government of Australia could have put up ethanol to give us something that we could grow there—they could have done that. They continually refused. This government is the only governments in the world that does not have biofuels by law in petrol tanks. People die when you have not got oxygenated petrol in their petrol tanks. That is why they put biofuels and ethanol in their petrol tanks. We are the only country on earth not to do that.

The Chinese will not buy ethanol off Australia. Now that they are producing ethanol in Australia, they will buy it from their own operation in Australia. But they were given a huge area—some 20,000 hectares, an area bigger than Cubbie Station. It carries a $600 million subsidy with it. The government will not subsidise Australian farmers; they will not give us a cent. The Liberal Party will not and the Labor Party will not. They will not give Australian farmers a single cent. And yet they will deliver to a foreign corporation a $600 million subsidy. The Ord dam was built by the taxpayers of Australia. The delivery channels, which cost as much as the dam, were built with Australian taxpayers’ money. And yet the government has taken it upon itself to sell them.

If they had given us ethanol and they had given us 15 or 20 1,000 hectare farms you would have been killed in the rush. But the ALP believes in corporate farming, the biggest disaster in agriculture in Australian history. The Liberal Party believes in corporate farming even more. That means that it has to be a corporation; we could not possibly have an owner operator! The only

farms in Australia that operate at a profit are the owneroperator farms. Every corporate farm in this country, to my knowledge, have gone broke, not once but again and again. Collie farm has gone broke six times. The two big mango farms have gone broke four times. Then there is the disaster in grapes and wine. I do not have to tell anyone in this place about Great Southern.

All the cattle stations— (Time expired)

Bill read a first time.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Dr Leigh ): In accordance with standing order 41(c), the second reading will be made an order of the day for the next sitting.

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Australia protesting dec 1st – 3rd.avi

This power has been handed to politicians by voters of Australia to allow them to become the masters and this video shows how. Will you vote next time to change this and claim your rightful Austalia back ?



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We are the world laughing stock as USA news explains to the world how Australians stand by and let our food security be taken over by carbon trading greed mongers as other nations take over our farms while the Gillard government hide all this from the people.

This video above, must be seen by all Australian to observe how the whole world is laughing at us …



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If you believe in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 (as proclaimed) and our standard and way of life since settlement then I seek your support for David.

Sue Maynes of Flora has simplified the issue to assist those that have never read the Constitution.

Your country needs you we need to stand together, so if you can help.

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Iron Dome, Pillar of Cloud, and Netanyahu’s Next War

1, 2, 3, 4, – 6

Hebrew media insists that something went very wrong for Israel in Operation Pillar of Cloud. Most Hebrew analysts are blaming Netanyahu. Most polls show disgust towards the Prime Minister, who is being portrayed as too soft and indecisive. Most articles portray the Iron Dome antimissile system as “Hero of the Hour” while criticizing the Israeli Air Force. The role of Egypt in ending the conflict is overlooked. The recruitment of over 50,000 IDF reservists, who eventually weren’t deployed, is not mentioned anymore. Israel is showing such a strong combination of a bad memory and poor analytic capabilities, than one must ask oneself whether this is an intentional tactic aimed at disguising the actual date of a ground attack on Gaza.

Stalling the IDF

On March 29, 2002, Operation Defensive Shield started with an incursion of the IDF into Ramallah, placing Yasser Arafat under siege in the Mukata, the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority. The IDF recruited its reservists planning to re-occupy Palestinian cities in the West Bank. Brigade 310 (the Jerusalemite Brigade, number changed to 16 after the operation) was aimed to enter both Ramallah and Bethlehem. The entry to the latter was delayed due to the sensitivity of the Church of the Nativity. It was decided to delay the deployment of the army until a force from the Shaldag Commando (Kingfisher) could block the entrance to the church. For some unclear reason, the commandos didn’t appear, Palestinian forces obtained refuge in the church and the infamous siege began. The IDF is not built to work in such a fashion. Sieges stall the economy supporting it, and drain its limited resources. No operational plans of the IDF, either the ones dealing with invading armies (Metzuda) or the ones dealing with a Palestinian insurrection (Sdeh Kotzim), take long waits into account.

Iron Dome in ActionIron Dome in Action

Iron Dome in ActionIron Dome in Action

By any account, Defensive Shield was a larger operation than Pillar of Cloud. Yet, it was carried out mainly by one large territorial division manned by reservists. That means slightly over 10,000 people. In Operation Pillar of Cloud, Hebrew media reported that over 50,000 reservists were waiting to enter Gaza. This means that the entire reserve forces of the IDF Southern Command had been recruited, and then stalled. Considering that Israel has no sensitivities in Gaza, this is odd. As commented in an earlier article of this series, this was done openly, with pictures of soldiers waiting to enter Gaza flooding the media. The delayed deployment was harmful, yet, Netanyahu didn’t give the order. “Hold me back!” shouted Netanyahu while waiting for the international community to stop the operation. He achieved that, apparently against his own interests.

1, 2, 3, 4, – 6

On several occasions, I commented on Israel’s manipulation of its antimissile systems interception data; this is the result of the systems being aimed for export, mainly to South Korea and Singapore, but also due to the generous American support of the development process. The manipulation is straightforward; the system is deployed exclusively where it has optimal interception conditions. This leads to what in Measurement Theory is known as a bad sampling of the data, which becomes unrepresentative of the overall population of the studied event. I avoided quoting the numbers appearing in the Hebrew media for this reason. With their foiled magic, they claim the interception rate is 90%. Yet, in yesterday’s article (Pillar of Cloud ends Unfinished) I provided the complete data (courtesy of the IDF), showing that 700 missiles out of the 1,000 fired by Hamas hit Israel. This amounts to a 70% failure of Iron Dome.

Iron Dome | Israel Manipulates Statistics

Iron Dome | Israel Manipulates Statistics


I can imagine an Israeli general jumping on his chair after reading this and beginning a tirade against me. “Iron Dome was not deployed in the sites that were hit!” He shouts to the silent computer screen. “You are a demagogue,” he continues. Yet, he is wrong. One of the characteristics of antimissile weapons is their being non-symmetric. Building missiles is much cheaper than the antimissile system. A Qassam rocket costs less than $100 while an Iron Dome antimissile is evaluated at $50,000 per unit. Invariably, there would be more missiles than antimissiles. It is an intrinsic characteristic of this type of events and thus must be taken into account in the sampling. Luckily enough, an event including 1,000 missiles can be easily analyzed using the entire event without recurring to statistical sampling techniques. Iron Dome has an operative 70% failure rate. My dear general, Iron Dome is a failure.

Netanyahu’s Next War

Eventually, Operation Pillar of Cloud looks like a distraction event. It allowed Israel to test Iron Dome in real time. The IDF generals can analyze data as well as I can, even if they publish misinformation afterwards. 30% Interception may be good enough to defend Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, especially after most of the Palestinian long-range rocket arsenal was destroyed. The IDF will shoot three or four antimissiles at every rocket aimed at these targets. That was the number the IDF needed to know. The recruitment event was an exercise. The IDF knows now how many of its reservists are ready to appear and fight. This has been a problematic issue since the Yom Kippur War. Unluckily, this data won’t be disclosed.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been Prime Minister for a long time. He was aware that unless he obtained a decisive ground victory over Hamas, he would be perceived as a loser by his fanatic electorate. Hence, Operation Pillar of Cloud cannot be the real event allowing him to win the upcoming elections. Cloud of Pillar was a provocation, aimed at forcing Hamas to attack. Then, Netanyahu will be ready to perform a ground attack in better conditions.

War is still ahead of us…SHALOM.

Obama can no longer afford to give Israel blank checks

File Photo shows US President Barack Obama (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

File Photo shows US President Barack Obama (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The transformation of America away from a white European-dominated society to a multi-ethnic mosaic is ending the United States’ romantic interlude with right-wing “Judeo-Christian” political leadership.

The election of 2012 has proven that America that has backed right-wing dictatorships around the world, as well as the theocratic and woefully undemocratic regime of Israel, is changing its political hue.

The demographic change in the United States will have a severe impact on the domination of Israel’s pressure groups, namely the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) over American foreign policy.

With 70 percent of America’s Jewish population voting for President Obama, there are clear signs that this two percent but important percentage of the voting electorate is no longer swayed by the self-appointed and conservative Republican “Israel above all” leadership of the Jewish pressure groups.

Obama won re-election with 75 percent of the Hispanic vote, including, for the first time for any Democratic candidate, a majority of the Cuban-American vote in Florida. Hispanics disregarded missives from Roman Catholic bishops, who endorsed the Christian “apostate” Mormon Mitt Romney over the pro-abortion Obama, and voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

White Catholics, on the other hand, voted overwhelmingly for Romney, 59 to 40 percent. However, the past political power of white Catholics, largely ethnic Irish, Polish, and Italian blocs in the Northeast and Midwest states, was eclipsed in 2012 by the new power bloc of the Democratic Party: African Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, and young, college age whites.

White Protestants broke for Romney, 57 to 42 percent, another indication that the Republican Party has become a minority movement representing the interests of white Christians, mostly in the South, Midwest, and Rocky Mountain states.

The Republican Party has, belatedly, decided that it must reach out to Hispanic voters to ever again stand a chance of winning the White House. The Republicans have trotted out candidates like Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.

However, Republican logic is flawed if it believes it can win national office merely by having a Spanish surname on their ticket. Hispanic-Americans are rejecting the laissez-faire “vulture capitalism” espoused by the Republican Party.

Hispanics, who are following the news from their friends and relatives in Latin America, are witnessing the success of Latin America’s state-governed economic policies, especially in Venezuela. Fresh from his October 7 victory over the global banker-backed Henrique Capriles Radonski, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has seen a 5.2 economic growth rate for his country.

Brazil’s President Dilma Roussef’s government stimulus program is aimed at achieving a 2-3 percent growth rate for her country in 2013. Overall, Latin America’s economy is expected to grow 3-4 percent in 2012, which is largely due to government-led stimulus programs. Hispanic Americans know from their kinfolk in Latin America the differences between Republican oligarch capitalism and authentic Democratic government-initiated stimuli. Hispanics want no part of the former as shown by the 2012 election.

In the age of Spanish-language satellite television, such news is picked up instantaneously by Hispanic viewers in the United States. When faced with the choice between corporate-dictated government policies and state-directed policies like those in Venezuela, Hispanics, even one-time fiercely conservative Cuban-Americans, see the advantages of government intervention to curtail the excesses of capitalism.

Asian-Americans, once a bedrock of support for the Republicans, voted 73 percent for Obama. Republicans always cited the entrepreneurial nature of Asian-Americans as a natural fit for the Republican Party. However, the modern Republicans, who are retrogressive in their social policies, including policies on education and health care, are at odds with the Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist religious underpinnings of many Asian-Americans, especially those of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Lao heritage.

However, it is with Muslim-Americans that Republicans fared their worst. Turnout among Muslims soared at 95.5 percent of eligible voters. Moreover, 86 percent of Muslims voted for Obama, while only 4.4 percent voted for Benjamin Netanyahu’s “best friend” Romney. The emerging bloc of Muslim-American voters will have an impact on future presidential politics. A taste of things to come was the minor floor fight over the Democratic Party platform at the Charlotte, North Carolina Democratic National Convention.

When it was discovered that the plank on America’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was missing from the platform, Democratic Party operatives quickly voted to have it placed in the platform. However, the decision resulted in vocal protests from Arab-American convention delegates, a scene widely reported by the television networks.

As Arab-Americans and Muslim-American flex their political muscle within the Democratic Party, especially those from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and New Hampshire, the agents of Israel, namely AIPAC, the ADL, and the AJC, will find it more difficult to ram through pro-Israeli policy planks. No longer will Democratic presidents like Obama be able to give blank check support to Israel without political ramifications within his or her own party.


Wayne Madsen is a Washington, D.C.-based investigative journalist, author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs. He is the author of the blog Wayne Madsen Report. In 2002 he suggested to the Guardian newspaper that the United States Navy had aided in an attempted overthrow of Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. In 2003 he said that he had uncovered information linking the September 11 attacks to the government of Saudi Arabia as well as to Bush administration. In 2005, he wrote than an unidentified former CIA agent claimed that the USS Cole was actually hit by a Popeye cruise missile launched from an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine. More Press TV articles by Wayne Madsen


Try Telling That to Hamas

Turkish PM: “Israel is a terrorist state”

Over the years, I had the doubtful joy of speaking with Israeli Zionists belonging to the right and left sides of the political spectrum. Strikingly, the differences between them were not political in nature, but mainly an issue of style. Rightists were acidly sarcastic, while leftists were naively sarcastic. Both abused the Biblical language, while snatching every opportunity to offend others. On November 19, 2012, the Hebrew media provided an awesome example of that while commenting on the barbaric Israeli offensive on Gaza, Operation Pillar of Cloud.

Avner FainguelerntAvner Fainguelernt

Protests in IsraelProtests in Israel

Yedioth Aharonot—the Hebrew largest newspaper—published an op-ed titled like this article “Try Talking to Hamas.” The column was written by Dr. Avner Fainguelernt, an educator and independent filmmaker, who lives in a Gaza vicinity kibbutz. I won’t enter into Israeli social subtleties, but this short biography is enough to identify him as a “smolan,” a “leftist.” Yet, a Labor government was the one to allow the first settlements in the West Bank while a Likud government was the one to diminish discrimination against Mizrahi Jews. Who is right-wing? Who is left-wing? These obsolete political terms are irrelevant. All of them claim to pursue peace while encouraging violence and discrimination. Let me jump to the article’s end, where addressing the Israeli leadership in general, he wrote: “You owe us the preliminary and most basic thing—talking to Hamas—if you wish to gain our trust. You have tried out all the weapons in the world. The only thing you haven’t really tried out is the simple, required dialogue.” Israeli sarcasm is seldom wrote down; however, the author provided a rare opportunity to witness leftist naivety to the extreme.

Gaza City | Operation Pillar of Cloud

Gaza City | Operation Pillar of Cloud

Odd Coincidences

Following is a short table showing the dates of various elections to the Knesset (all except the first one) and military events that occurred just before the elections. During the first times, this looks innocent. The war actions were continuous and to some extent imposed by others. The turning point was probably in 1969, when casual operations drove the politicians’ attention to the fact the military operations can be used to get votes. After the disastrous Yom Kippur War, two small operations improved the self-esteem of the IDF, The 1977 elections were lost by Labor despite the successful Operation Entebbe; this was a delayed result of the 1973 war. Afterwards, it is pure cynicism. Both government and opposition used military operations in order to improve their results. The worst events belong to Begin, who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor days before the elections and won (though barely so), and to a desperate Peres, who engaged in Operation Grapes of Wrath after Rabin’s assassination; yet he lost after a successful use by Netanyahu of the then frequent bus suicide-bombers against Peres. Operation Cast Lead in 2009 and the ongoing Operation Pillar of Cloud just before the January 2013 elections are superb examples. It seems mini-wars have become a requested prelude to elections in Israel.

Elections Date

Military Operation

July 30, 1951 Retribution Operations against Fedayeen and Operation Ezra and Nehemiah
July 26, 1955 Retribution Operations against Fedayeen
November 3, 1959 Retribution Operations against Fedayeen
August 15, 1961 Retribution Operations against Fedayeen
November 1, 1965 Retribution Operations against Fedayeen
October 28, 1969 Operations Boxer, Bulmus 6, Raviv (the Ten-Hour War) and Escort
December 31, 1973 Yom Kippur War, Operations Doogman 5 and Abirey-Halev
May 17, 1977 Operation Entebbe on previous July
June 30, 1981 Operation Opera against Iraqi nuclear reactor
July 23, 1984 Kav 300 Affair
November 1, 1988 Assassination of Abu Jihad in Tunis
June 23, 1992 Assassination of Hezbollah leader Abbas al-Musawi
May 29, 1996 Operation Grapes of Wrath
May 17, 1999 Barak promised to withdraw Lebanon if elected
January 28, 2003 Operation Defensive Shield
March 28, 2006 Squirms between Hezbollah and the IDF previous to the elections, the Second Lebanese War right after them
February 10, 2009 Operation Cast Lead
January 22, 2013 Operation Pillar of Cloud

Right and Left Right and Left