Geting closer to the ” Third Temple “

Can you daily follow up on the growth of a hyena? Most days, no differences would be spotted. Yet, from time to time, changes become obvious. One day, it becomes a monster. The word used in Hebrew for hyena is complicated because it depicts also the name of a bird and the word “hypocrisy.” In the most literal way, “tzavoa” means “colored,” or “painted,” and thus is a natural choice for naming speckled animals. It is used also for “hypocrisy,” because hypocrites’ souls are painted in complex, misleading patterns. Symbolizing hypocrisy, there is no better analogy than a hyena to depict the State of Israel. The most dangerous aspects of Israel are slowly appearing over time, making it difficult to notice that they are increasing. One day, Israel became a treacherous monster.

Hyena Feeding

Hyena Feeding

Muslims and Jews consider the Temple Mount a holy place. Muslims call it Haram al-Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary; Jews call it Har HaBait, Mount of the House. The Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock mosques atop it are among the holiest places to Islam. In the past, the First and Second Jewish temples stood there. The Western Wall is nowadays the most visible leftover of the Second Temple. Quietly and slowly, Israel is planning the Third Temple, an event which may trigger an Armageddon-style war.

Temple Mount

Temple Mount

The last time I informed on a development with regard to the Third Temple was in Military Rabbinate Plans Third Temple, published on January 6, 2011. It followed an intensely controversial publication by the IDF Military Rabbinate. A pamphlet was issued for Hanukkah; it described the Jewish revolt against Hellenistic rule. It included a section named “The Festival of Jewish Heroism,” which included an article and a quiz on the Jewish struggle against ancient Greece. In the picture accompanying it, the Dome of the Rock mosque had been edited out. This can be seen in the “before” and “after” pictures reproduced below. The “before” shows the actual situation, with the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall Esplanade. The “after,” which was taken from the pamphlet, shows only the Western Wall Esplanade. The Military Rabbinate deleted the Dome of the Rock. The State of Israel distributed pictures showing the scene of the crime after the destruction of the Dome of the Rock. It distributed it to soldiers, who have access to the weapons needed to perform the crime. It is the same thing that happened with Yigal Amir—Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin—when he was approached by Avishai Raviv, Israel’s agent provocateur. Israel seems to be hoping for what later would be described as an “unpredictable crime,” and “an act of a wild soldier.” Israel has no scruples in desecrating Christian and Muslim temples (see Israel’s Religious Intolerance Hits Church).

Temple Mount before Temple Mount after

Temple Mount before and after | IDF Military Rabbinate

Little happened since then, until the beginning of October 2012, when belligerent declarations by settlers were accompanied by a survey conducted by the Joint Directorate of the Temple Movements. It disclosed that 17% of Israeli Jews, religious and secular alike want to see a Third Temple built. In a related topic, numbers increased from previously conducted polls; 43% of the secular public and 92% of the religious Jewish public want to pray in the Temple Mount. This averages to 52% of the Jewish public. A threshold has been crossed.

The abovementioned Joint Directorate of the Temple Movements includes many organizations and prominent professors from various universities. Organizations like the Friends of the Temple, the Movement for the Establishment of the Temple, and the Temple Institute are busy studying the different aspects involved in the construction of the Third Temple. The only item still unknown is the mysterious “red cow” (“parah aduma” in Hebrew); obliquely hinting at the importance of this issue is the fact that the most popular chocolate bar in Israel is named “red cow.” This is an amusing point; less humorous is the Mobile Altar developed by the Temple Institute in order to allow its fast deployment into the Temple Mount area when the time comes. They plan to offer sacrifices as fast as the mosques are removed.

Israel is not alone in this. Christian-Zionism is a popular cult in the USA. It claims that the return of the Jews to the Holy Land, and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, is in accordance with Biblical prophecy and a prerequisite for the Second Coming of Jesus. This contradicts the New Testament. With such a background, they make the perfect ally for warmongering Zionists. On March 18, 2012, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed John Hagee—a Christian-Zionist leader—and a large group of American Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in Jerusalem. Among the heresies mentioned there, Netanyahu was compared to Moses, King David, and the Messiah. Both sides showed matchless faithfulness to each other, while candidly ignoring God. Israel and Hagee are consciously building a scenario that closely resembles the descriptions of the Battle of Armageddon in the Book of Revelations, where a false Messiah is recognized by a false clergy man, both in the service of Satan (see Armageddon’s Alliance for more details).

At the beginning of October 2012, a threshold was crossed and a hyena became a monster. Over half the Jews want to pray in the Temple Mount; several Jewish organizations announced in parallel that everything is ready. This includes a fast deployable altar and the garments of the “HaCohen HaGadol” (“The High Priest”). Israel just got one step closer to the Third Temple; the world got one step closer to World War III.

In October 2012, a threshold was crossed


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