Maurice Chagrin on the Grassy Knoll in NYC

 September 4, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….


May your noses always be cold and wet.

You can run but you don’t know what time it is. You can hide but only if you shoot the dog. No, I didn’t want to read it either but that’s life in the big shitty and the small shitty, Americun style. It is impressively weird. It is beyond stupid fresh. It is so off the charts, we don’t have a chart. We don’t have a map and if we did, it would make the cartographers hurl. There may be a tomorrow but yesterday’s gone. As I speak, today is climbing through the bathroom window. Word is that it will be around for a few hours, word up. Yes, there is nothing so new around here, as the same old shit and that we got plenty of. How do you shoot 9 bystanders at the same time? Yes, we got mysteries too. I thought the grassy knoll was in Dallas Texas, apparently it is just across the street from the Empire State Building.Stupid is as stupid does and the land of the Supreme Stupids, nobody does stupid better. Do I have to say the name? Say the name! Say the name! No! I will not say the name.

You know the name and it is not Poland. Sorry Poland, that tall ships cock-up still bugs me. I can no longer find the reference, except for me mentioning it. Wow! I hope I wasn’t wrong. I remember it was at the same time that they were pissed off about all the Polish jokes and had launched a campaign to get the world to stop bagging on them. Did they scrub the net about this? Is it another conspiracy? Was I hallucinating? If I was hallucinating was I still wrong? This is a serious concern. Did I somehow read it in The Onion. I would be Mr. Chagrin if that was the case and given that I used to go by the name of Maurice Chagrin, this makes all kinds of sense.I get disappointed in some of my readers sometimes, especially lately, when they want me to know that 96% of the Israelis, supported Operation Cast Lead, especially when I mentioned that myself so many times. I get outraged when I hear that all Jews are bad. They are not. None of us here knows the whole truth about anything. How can this be true when I have known some for decades, who have never been anything but decent and generous human beings? I understand that they have the highest percentage of dickheads around. You can say that the same relative percentages, apply to politicians of any racial stripe, both men and women. The same applies to CEO’s of every stripe. The same applies to bankers of every type. The same applies to pornographers, even if only 4% of those are gentiles (grin, I hope).We must admit the limitations of our knowledge. It’s easy to be an armchair general or quarterback. It’s another thing to go into battle and get behind center and execute. We know so damn much, until we are called upon to perform in the actions we purport to be informed and talented enough to imagine we can perform. It’s the easiest thing in the world to kick someone’s ass at a distance and to make any kind of an assumption. It’s no trouble at all to say anything anonymously and think you made an impression on anyone, except for being incapable of standing behind what you say and then thinking I group all anonymous into the same category, simply because I disapprove of sniping ambushers. I understand why one would want to be anonymous but I don’t understand being a coward when we are all entitled to have an opinion but if you are no one at all, then your opinion doesn’t mean anything.It is ludicrous to say every Jew on the planet is an abomination.

I understand they have been kicked out of every country in the world at least once, even though it wasn’t every country in the world. I know how that makes it look but that is the proof in the pudding that appearances are deceptive. Things are almost never what they seem to be, simply because they are incomplete.I’m sick and tired of anonymous, coming around here nearly every day, telling me that Jews are 100% bad across the board because they are not. You make me look bad because I hate to censor anyone but nearly all of you are anonymous. I don’t know anyone around like myself, who goes chapter and verse about what I believe, concerning what certain Jews have been up to and I use my real name. My name is Les Visible but some people keep pointing out that I am hiding behind a pseudonym. I put my ass on the line, to say certain things but I make damn sure I know my limitation whereof I speak.I am begging the reader’s indulgence and that they wait until we all know the truth unequivocally, before we state unequivocally anything we insist is true when we just don’t know. I try very hard to say only what I am relatively certain is so and to state that I do not know when I don’t know. You don’t know who I am and neither do I but I do know some things about myself and what little I do know demands that I state only what I know. I know that Israel did 9/11 ( there’s all the proof in the world), with the help of compromised, intelligence agencies and high ranking, political, murder junkies, especially including a particular Vice-President, whose own heart keeps attacking him due to it’s discomfort over its residence.You know what happens when we assert that things are a certain way without exception? We become witch burners and inquisitors. The biggest murderers the world has ever known, have all been social reformers. Look it up. I’m not your research assistant.Maybe I am wrong about this but I would prefer to be wrong and later proven to be right or wrong, rather than to insist that I am right and to later be proven wrong. I am open to changing my mind and to publicly accept that and to admit I am wrong and to change my mind in front of everyone.

I’ve done this before. There’s no shame in being wrong. There is all kinds of shame in not being capable of admitting it, or not making it clear that you are willing to be wrong and having the class and balls to say so, when the occasion requires it.Does anyone think that I like the job I am required to do? Does anyone think I don’t count the cost every day to my economic situation, to the state of my career as an artist, given the blackball I experience in every area of my hopes and dreams? Does anyone not realize that I am aware of the danger I put myself in, or the many times what I say and intend is misinterpreted, simply because people don’t read carefully or remember what they read, moments before they felt so empowered as to misquote me or take me out of context? Does anyone imagine that it doesn’t hurt me when people bear what they hold to be unforgivable resentments against me, when I forgive them and don’t even remember their offenses against me afterwards? Do you think I like living in exile and never being able to see my friends again simply because I cannot lie about what I believe to be true and have to state, irrespective of the conditions it puts me in? Au contraire, au contraire. I give a lot of leeway all the time. I expect a little leeway. Whether my service to you is worth a tinker’s damn is one thing but I give most of all of my time, every day to you and ask nothing from you except to carefully consider what I have to say. I work for free and make about a dollar a day for my efforts and that’s the way it’s been for years. I can’t even afford to buy a decent electric guitar, not that I need one. I have to save up a long time, just to buy the tools I use to work for you for free.

I think I deserve at least a little understanding for saying certain things and at least that the reader would take the time to carefully read what I say instead of immediately leaping to conclusions and responding to things I didn’t say.I don’t appreciate it when certain people come around here pretend to be my friends and then, one day choose to use the language in such a way to seek maximum injury against me, intending to hurt me as badly as they possibly can and then passing it off as a joke and when I react to this, they take off and never come back again because their vanity and ego couldn’t handle a little tit for tat, accent on tit (kidding).I don’t know if what I said here will mean anything at all. It will probably mean plenty to the people who already understand what I mean and very little to the people who don’t possess the latitude and objective awareness to study and find the essence of what I am tying to say.Anyway, I’ve said what I have to say here and can only hope it has some effect, where I am hoping it will have some affect. Wholesaling people and shit canning entire races is not the way to go. Christ was asked by someone, how many times should one forgive those who sin against them; “seven times”? No, “seven times seven”. Blessings all around, whether accepted or not.

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