The Yankee dog is now certified as kosher

The Yankee dog is now certified as kosher

How many stories do you have to read that in this war Al-Qaeda is on their side but in that war Al-Qaeda is on our side?

You may draw only one conclusion from this phenomenon. The same people who promise to save us from “the terrorists” are the very ones creating the terror.

You may only draw one conclusion from the throat-gagging fact that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is surrounded by Chabad Lubavitcher advisers. That conclusion is that all these country-wrecking military expenses squandered by all this geopolitical posturing are a totally useless vaudeville costing millions of lives, but ultimately only a testosterone charade on a grand scale for the bemusement of the credulous public.

Few people can really perceive how long this farce has been going on — only the rabbis know for sure — that the all-encompassing power of Jewish money has controlled both sides of every argument ever expectorated from the lips of humans during at least the past 200 years.

Now, as the robot citizens quibble over the identity of the latest government lone nut assassin program designee, the atmosphere drips with poison, and biotech feed causes third-generation animals to keel over dead, the screams of those who have already been blown to bits or sickened to smithereens are nowhere reflected in the latest reports from the silver market nor in the presidential proclamations about the sick laws ordering us to venerate gays and ingest other poison medicines.


The rules of reality are skewed in favor of the rich and powerful who shape the perceptions of the less successful. This has happened throughout history — the powers that be shape the minds of the masses into the robots they want them to be, reliable but docile revenue producers.

So are we shaped by these conceptual constructions that are put in our minds by the spinmasters — Democrat vs. Republican, Catholic vs. Protestant, Hindu vs. Muslim — all classic examples of a difference where there is no real difference at all, only arguments over terminology exploited by the mythmakers as a deception to conceal what is really going on.

The purpose of it all is exacerbating conflict for profit, whereas, wherever you go in the world, in the small villages people are all pretty much the same, devoted to caring for their children and making supper on time.

Every time there is about to be a war, the people unanimously exclaim they want only peace, but the newspapers, the preachers and the proper politicians insists it’s simply something that has to be done, without ever telling you the real reason.

It is all about rich vs. poor, twisted every way you can think of — the rich trying to justify their crimes and the poor crying “Uncle!” before they bleed and die.

Every single one of these philosophical or religious arguments rests on two indefensible rationalizations: that theirs is the ONLY way to salvation and redemption, and that this reward is not only guaranteed but not even challengeable as a rational product of the human mind.

For years, I’ve called this the mindlock.

This is the twitching insanity that is vibrating the world into little pieces because of the emptiness of everyone’s purpose. Make a profit, buy some security — that’s what we live for. When you profit from a system that depends upon making others bleed you eventually and inevitably wind up bleeding yourself.

Now, Americans are crying because of the inevitable karmic fate they have incurred by their unconsciousness of what their beloved country has been doing to the rest of the world — I think they used to call it “gunboat diplomacy” — for more than a hundred years.

As you sow, so shall you reap, Yankee dogs!

Of course, the Yankee dog is now certified as kosher.

As long as this situation continues, more people will continue to bleed needlessly.

The poisoned mist of the Jewish penetration of reality that infects every avenue of human endeavor and captured the world’s financial markets HUNDREDS of years ago has created a population totally enmeshed in its toxic reference points, which have been inculcated through public education and mass media. As a result people are utterly unequipped to perceive the invisible manipulative level of the Hidden Hand that presents an entertainment spectacle on the one hand but conceals a bloodcurdling, heartfreezing atrocity in the other.

Just talk to your doctor about why your operation went bad, and see his eyes turn to steel. It’s almost as bad as pointing out that the AP reported in 1947 that only 87,000 or so died in the German work camps of WW II.

Consider the components of the poisoned mist of the Jewish penetration of reality:

• Radioactive air and oceans, all pointing to radically altered future in which only technologically protected lifeforms will be able to survive; the rest will mutate and die.

• A deliberately intertwined relationship between food suppliers and the medical establishment designed to sicken people for multilevel profits.

• Artificial media that present a falsified picture of the world, which practically everyone adopts as their reality, and accepts transparent lies as reasons to kill other people.

It isn’t the people who go to war, it is the spinmasters who have no regard for what the people think, only what their well-heeled “advisers” think.

The rescue of human reality from the spinmasters who shape their drone humanoids depends, first and foremost, on a better understanding of human history, and how these so-called “royals” who rule the world today gained their ascendancy over the human herd in the first place.

The only real royalty in the world today are the Rothschilds and their savage Jewish princes among the Schiffs, Warburgs and Bronfmans who defrauded the world in the same way as the ancient kings did — by clever strategy and ruthless cunning.

Unlike the ancient kings, they haven’t yet reached the divine status they seek, but they continue to work on that — shaping our minds in an Orwellian way where the majority of the population now bows down to Israel leaders much more willingly than they do to their American puppets.

Like sheep to the slaughter, debit cards attached to our noses, we march silently toward oblivion. The Jews have never been richer, and we have never been closer to death.

We are so entrained to accept nonsensical deceptions as scientific truth that we can survey our last 50 years of presidents and world politics and seeing an unbroken string of barbaric foreign interventions triggered by some disguised act of fabricated terror trumpeted in the Jewish media as the greatest threat to humankind ever to emerge.

Reflect upon the fact that what they said about Saddam Hussein they said about Adolf Hitler just before they turned their respective countries into heaps of rubble.

The post-mortem accounts of these wars are never reported in the same media that incessantly broadcast the original need for them.

Germany, it turned out, never really wanted to conquer the world. It built a system that worked by itself, without the help of the international vampire Jew bankers, who controlled the U.S., Britain and Stalin’s Soviet Union, and who all got together to smash probably the last real threat to Jewish worldwide financial hegemony, which by now, 67 years later, has poisoned every living thing on this planet.

Or in Iraq, where free college education and liberation from Muslim oppression was shock-and-awed into 2 million dead serves as the most eloquent portrait this Jewish-driven American reality that is a clear and present danger to the health of the whole world.

Our leaders are war criminals who need to be arrested immediately on easily provable charges of treason, accessory to mass murder and widespread obstruction of justice.

The future of America depends on how many Americans are criminals just like them.