The tale of the 4 parrots..Every-One, Some-One, Any-One, and No-One.

With a very important mission in mind, the chamber of Judges, invited the so called for experts for an decisive conclusion and final remarks.

EVERY-ONE was very convinced, that ANY-ONE will/can do the job, but NO-ONE did nothing about it.

That of course, did upset SOME-ONE, since the responsibility was given to EVERY-ONE.

EVERY-ONE, in his own defense, believed that ANY-ONE could do the job, but NO-ONE knew that EVERY-ONE were behaving cowardly, reluctant and ignorant.

Finally, EVERY-ONE in the group started to blame SOME-ONE, while NO-ONE did or try the least, what ANY-ONE could have done it so easy in the first place.


That, Reminds Anyone of Someone ?….LOL

Indeed reminds Me, of my Government and the bunch of Super Dupes Puppets & Actors, Liars & Slimes, Self Fish & Greedy Criminals, Pests and Parasites elected.