Claiming VICTORY in Aleppo

Introduction – July 30, 2012

Note that the “director of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is disputing Syrian government claims reported below.
Don’t ask us how the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdul-Rahman would be in a position to know what was happening in Aleppo when he is in fact located in Coventry, Britain. Unless he has some inside intelligence, which is quite possible given that many ‘Syrian opposition activists’ have been linked to Western intelligence.
Nonetheless, the Coventry-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is quoted in the following report as some sort of authority on events unfolding in Aleppo.   
As to the identity of “Mohammed Saeed, who is based in the embattled city”: he has been quoted extensively by Western news agencies, none of which have offered anything to further corroborate his identity. Given that fog of war hangs thickly over Aleppo at the moment he could just as easily be in the pay of Western intelligence.
More significantly perhaps, and not mentioned below, are reports that Chinese warships are sailing toward the eastern Mediterranean, possibly en route to Syria. If so they will meet up with a substantial flotilla of Russian warships off the Syrian coast.    
Both Russia and China have vetoed the imposition of United Nations sanctions on Syria, much to the West’s dismay, and the arrival of the naval contingent signals how much further they are prepared to go in support of Syria’s Assad.

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  1. I wouldn’t always count on the backbone or integrity of either Putin or the Chinese. They typically sell out “clients” as bargaining chips in exchange for other favors or conc

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