We Create the Change


The more humanity strays from its origin. The more we deny our bond with nature. The farther from perfection we become. We are the only creatures on the planet that use symbols in reference to something else. We use symbols for absolutely everything the mind can conceive of. There is at least one word or icon or gesture to insinuate everything our five senses can detect and then some. But along with this beautiful gift comes a flaw. Most people are unwilling to seek and create their own interpretations of these symbols. Instead they blindly submit to preconceived definitions and connotations given by sources unknown. Because of this, many things have been predetermined in our understanding of life without our knowledge. Words can be perverted and used to manipulate rather than to inform. Symbols can be used to segregate rather than unite. And those given the responsibility and authority to disseminate information to the public to posses the ability to do with it what they choose. Listen carefully.

The Prophecy of Dec. 21, 2012

“Every 26,000 years our solar system passes through the 12 zodiac signs. Ancient civilisations such as the Hopi, Eyptians, Cherokey, Apache and the Mayans were aware of this great cycle and developed calendars according to it. This cycle stems from many different occurences in nature such as the sun’s orbit around Alcion, the central star of Plaides as well as the 260 day cycle of human gestation. This cycle is broken down into 5 sub cycles of 5,125 years each (00.32), which were thought to have their own age. The Aztec calendar or Meso American Sun Stone depicted each cycle as being destroyed by one of the 5 elements. The cycle we are currently is the age of the 5th sun 3113BC to 2012AD. More precisely this Great Cycle ends December 21st 2012. Mayan cultrures and civilisations were aware of this end date and Nostradamus even prophesized about it. 4 Earth, which we are currently in now, is also known as the movement, shift, evolution and consciousness. Living Maya time-keepers proclaim that the Earth has been through fire, earth, air and water. The final element is ether or centre. The Hopi believe that the 4th world of destruction closes and the 5th world of peace begins on December 21st 2012. The Great Cycle is broken down into what the Mayans believe to be 13 Baktuns. Earth began its 13th Baktan in 1618 which was known as the triumph of materialism as well as the time of great forgetting, in the prediction that humanity will lose the awareness of their true bond with nature by means of external possessions. This is where ego and domination became the predominant ambition of the civilized world. Not surprisingly this time frame was precisely when the world wide co-ordination of Pope Gregory 13th forced the 12 month calendar as well as the first mechanical clock onto indiginous peoples. (02.03)This is what’s known as the error in time. Before the inception of the two instruments by the Roman Catholic Church, each year was divided into 13 moon cycles, with 28 days each. But the most detrimental part of these two instruments was the insinuation that time was something external, something inorganic and outside the body that we must watch and obey. The 7th century Mayan prophet Pacal Votan left a powerful message for future generations of evolution. If humanity wishes to save itself from biospheric destruction, it must return to living in natural time. He also foretold of our accelerated technological society and of the damage of our collective divergence from natural law in exchange for material values. Astrology and the studies of the heavens are as old as civilisation. Throughout the past several thousand years, new religions have all but replaced the pagan religions of prior years. Man has been so thoroughly fascinated with these objects in the sky that they formed constellations from them and applied stories to them. In Greek mythology these were personified as the Gods. We notice in the structures that still stand to this day that the most ancient of civilizations put forth more wealth, power, time and effort into the locations of the stars than any other practice. This is commonly written off as simple curiosity. But the truth is becoming clearer (03.30) by the day as we close in on the zero year of December 21st 2012. It is a common misconception that the pagan religion is rarely practiced today. In fact, paganism in its evolution is the most widely practiced form of religion. You may ask yourself how this is possible. The answer is hidden in nearly all of our current popular religions. But who would have the power and the desire to integrate a seemingly long-gone religion into such popular opposite denominations? Dr. Adam Weishaft was born on February 6th 1748 in Inglestad in the city in Berne, Bavaria, Germany. This interesting character was the son of a rabbi and converted to Catholicism after his father’s death. After studying French philosophers such as Voltaire, he supposedly learned the teachings of Satanism in the French Royal Court. World famous central banker Mayor Ansell Rothschild of the Rothschild dynasty chose Weishaft to creat the Covenant of the Golden Dawn which to this day is Rothschild’s private covenant. Ansell Rothschild, for those who are unaware, instigated the American revolution, America’s supposed liberation from Britain. Rothschild instructed Weishaft to create the ancient iluminated Sears of Bavaria. This is better known as the Order of the Illuminati. The name in Luciferian teachings means The Bearer of the Light, the illuminated or enlightened one. The Area Pagay? or tribunal was the inner circle of the Supreme Order and were the only ones privy to secret meetings. In Nesta Webster’s book ‘world Revolution’ she states: “The art of illuminism lay in enlisting dupes as well as adepts and by encouraging dreams of honest visionaries or the schemes of fanatics. By flattering the vanity of ambitious egotists. By working on unbalanced bebrains or by playing such pasiions as greed and power to make men of totally divergent aims serve the secret purpose of the sect. People with money were welcomed but kept oblivious of actual secrets. The purpose is to win power and riches. To undermine secular or religious government and attain the masters of the world.” The goal of the Order was and still is to one day deliver the human race from all relgion. Progression through the political and religious heirarchy was obtained by blackmail in the form of bribing people in power with sex from local prostitutes (06.03). In the 16th and 17th century high ranking officials and political or religious organisations were liable to be sentenced to death for such acts. In 1780 Baron France Frederick Carnegie? was recruited. He was the most instrumental person in the marriage of the masons and the illuminati. This allowed the illuminati to expand rapidly with the use of masonic lodges. On August 29th 1781 Congress of Wilhelm’s Bad? declared the alliance official. Those in attendance were put under oath never to reveal what took place at that meeting. Comte de Viriue a mason from Martines Lodge? at Lyons was questioned about the meeting upon his arrival home. He state: “I can only tell you that all this is much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out, that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape it.” He later denounced the illuminati. Sir John Dee. John Dee was a servant to Queen Elizabeth Tudor of the Tudor dynasty. John Dee was the head of the British Secret Service, the MI5. He was also known for the practice of black magic in his affiliation with the occult. If this is your first time hearing about the occult or are unaware of its dominance in the world to this day, pay close attention. Pagan symbols, gods, rituals and doctrines are the basis for almost every religious practice throughout the world. The Christian or Catholic symbols of the cross derived from the solstice and the equinox division lines on the zodiac calendar. The word ‘heaven’ is in reference to what pagan religions refer to as ‘the heavens’ or ‘galactic bodies’ and the crossing of the age of Pices into Aquarius is actually in reference to constellations which interestingly enough occur at the exact same time as the Great Cycle prophesized by the Maya as well as many other cultures. As said before, panthiastic rituals are prevalent in all monotheistic religions today. Circumcision is a pagan ritual marking males in a ceremonial fashion. Weddings are pagan by nature in the wearing of a ring which symbolizes the ring of Saturn. Funerals follow the same pagan derived ritual when a sacred geometrical tomb is placed over a grave to embody and immortalize the spirit. Baptism is a ritual to submerge a child in holy water to symbolize the renewal of life, just as rain replenishes the earth. The Holy Grail filled with wine is a representation of the blood that comes from the birth canal during menstruation, not the blood of Christ. This ritual was taken over by the patriarchical society. Males could not give life as women do, so to symbolize a male giving life was to draw blood which could only be done by injury. In ancient Egypt the godess Isis was the personification of wisdom. Pharaoh Arknarton? changed the worship to himself as he proclaimed himself Amen-Ra, the sun god. The word ‘amen’ at the end of a prayer respond from the praise given to Amen-Ra. From there, the Hebrews left Egypt and travelled north to the Middle East where they encountered the Canaanites who worshipped the god of Saturn, El. The merging of these three gods became the name of the land today, which is known as Isis Ra El – or Israel. 98% of Judaism is based around the worship of Saturn. The symbol for Saturn is the same as the Star of David and the sacred day of worship is Saturday. The worship practiced on Sunday is originated from the Egyptians who worship the Sun god. Most people simply pass these things off and never question their origins. But this just scratches the surface of the pagan influences over the present day. It is not just found in religions. It is found right here in our own back yard. On January 22nd 1783 Congress ratified a contract stating that all bills of credit omitted, monies borrowed and debts contracted by or under the authority of Congress before the assembling of the United States in persuits of the president confederation shall be deemed and considered a charge against the United States for payment in satisfaction whereof the United States and the public faith are hereby solemnly pledged. The party that the UK owe these loans to? King George. I hope this paints a picture for you of how Great Britain funded both sides of the revolution. To this day Great Britain collects taxes from the United States via the IRS. The IRS is not even an agency of the United States Government. If you don’t believe me, look up IRS Publication 6209. It is an agency of the IMF (01.00) which is governed by the United Nations.

The FCC, CIA, FBI and NASA were never part of the United States Government. The US Government only hold shares of the stock in various agencies.

Social Security numbers are also issued by the UN through the IMF.

The Civil War which lasted from 1861 to 1865 was also instigated by Ensall? Rothschild to divide the United States and force it into debt with the Central Bank. The goal was to put the country of the US

back into the hands of Britain through huge loans taken out for munitions. To do this it was crucial to put a controversial issue in limbo such as slavery, knowing full well that the Declaration of

Independence would create an uproar amongst southern states that depended heavily upon slave labour.

It was signed in Philidelphia, Pensylvania by 35 people, 33 of whom were freemasons (02.00).

John Brown was a mason and a rosicrusion who was brought to power by William Lloyd Garrison and Senator Charles Sumner, both descendents of the illuminati bloodline. With the help of the New York Times,

John Brown was built up to be a hero in the anti-slavery movement.

Ulysses S. Grant, former President, was born Hiram Ulysses Grant. Hiram was a pagan sun god. This name was given to him by his father Master Mason Jesse Root Grant. Jesse Root Grant worked for John Brown’s

father and then went on to work for E.A. Collins (02.33), one of the 13 illuminati bloodlines. Ulysses Grant was brought to power rapidly with help from Colins. From April 1861 to May 1864 Grant went from

the rank of private to Commander in Chief of the entire Union Army.

Once Grant was appointed President his cabinet consisted of 8 freemasons including Alphonso Taft who was William Taft’s father who was also an ancester of Bill Clinton

Jonas Mills Bundy was one of the 13 illuminati bloodlines and was also the presidential adviser to Grant as well as the next two presidents.

And Cabinet Member Columbus Delano was Franklyn Delano Roosevelt’s grandfather.

In November 21st 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt wrote: (03.22)

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

Abraham Lincoln’s father was (can’t hear). He was of the Rothschild’s dynasty. Lincoln’s half brother (can’t hear) dynasty which was the 13th illuminati bloodline.

Pazer? also owned Jekyll Island which was where the Federal Reserve Bank was created.

In the mid 1800s Abraham Lincoln and the wiggs were trying desperately to keep Andrew Jackson from establishing a gold standard called The Independent Treasury System.

Lincoln and his party fought the set up of Central Bank, making such public speeches as:

“Under a gold and silver standard, all will suffer more or less, and very many will lose everything that renders life desirable.” (04.14)

…. elements of scare tactics in this speech and others and give no real evidence or explanation.

In the early 1900s after their failed attempt for Woodrow Wilson to set up what was called the League of Nations following World War I, Wilson and his advisor, Colonel Hauss, set up the Institute of

International Affairs. (04.36)

This Institute had two branches

One in England called the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

The Council on Foreign Relations was incorporated as the American branch in New York on July 29th 1921.

Founding members included Colonel Hauss, J P Morgan, John D Rockerfeller and a few others.

National Income Tax was declared unconstitutional in 1895 by the Supreme Court but a Constitutional Amendment was proposed in congress by Senator Nelson Aldrick. This makes much more sense when you notice

that Nelson Aldrick is also known as being the authentic voice of J P Morgan and later married into the Rockerfeller family. (5.16)

Today 27-35% of American workers pay is taxed and this money goes to a Central Bank called the Federal Reserve or the Fed.

For those of you who are unaware of the Federal Reserve Bank and what it is capable of, it is a non-government owned bank that provides the US with all its currency. They control the inflation rate by the

amount of money in circulation. The most amazing aspect of the central bank is the ‘Suspension of Specie’ Payments (5.44) in which the Fed can refuse to pay their obligations, yet tax payers must pay their

debts or go bankrupt. In other words the Suspension of Specie’Payments is the central bank’s right to breach a contract with no penalty whatsoever. In even simpler terms it is called theft. (6.03)

How is it that the Fed is allowed to breach any contract they wish without penalty from the government? The answer is simple. The Federal Reserve Bank as power OVER the government instead of UNDER it.

Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor while at George Stanley University wrote of central banks

…. they want nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. Controlled in

a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.” (6.37)

It is important to know that nearly all of the founders of the Federal Reserve Bank were involved in the conception of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Since 1934 when the Fed was established, almost every United States Secretary of State, all Secretaries of War or Defence since Henry L Stimson, almost every head of the CIA since Alan Dulas, nearly all

Presidential Candidates; Dwight D Eisenhower, JFK, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were members of the CFR.

George Bush Senior was actually a CFR Director from 1977-1979.

Understand that all these high ranking government positions were lobbied into place by the organisations set up by the international banking cartel.

There are secret meetings held everywhere by many of the same members. Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, United Nations, and the two branches of the Institute of International Affairs.

These groups make up what is known as the Round Table, developed by Cecil Rhodes. (7.39)

Other offshoots are Bohemian Group and Yale University’s Skull & Bones organisations, which as we all know, George W Bush, George Bush Snr and John Kerry were all a part of.

Almost every meeting by these groups are attended by the most powerful government officials, corporate leaders, media mogals and royal families in the world. These meetings are held in secret and no word of

them reaches the mainstream media. How is it that so many powerful people can attend meetings alongside the mainstream media and not a mention of it makes it to the public?

This will only start making sense when you start to understand that common citizens are not meant to know what is happening at the top.

Is there any dispute that to gain power in our day and age, it takes strategy and intelligence rather than brute force?

Logic will tell you that in any sport or game, to claim victory you must keep your moves strategic and secret. Why would it be any different in global politics? (8.46)

Piggy: That would break our treaty. You’re a good guy. Why, you hate war. You wouldn’t go back on your word.

Wolf: Are you kidding? hahahahah

(warlike music)…………… 1.04

(1.04) George W., Bush is a direct descendant of Godfrey de Bullion. The Bullions were servants of Pope Gregory 7th and lead the European noblemen into the Crusade in order to recapture Jerusalem from the

Islamic faith. He became the first King of Jerusalem and Duke of Lower Lorraine which was known as a major region for the bloodline link to the illuminati.

(1.25) Bush is closely related to every European monarch. He is the 13th cousin of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. He also has kinship with every member of the British Royal Family in the House of

Windsor. The House of Windsor is known for abandoning their German name after World War 1 due to criticism of the people.

A lesser known fact about the House of Windsor however is the heavy funding contribution to bring Adolf Hitler to power in the rise of World War 2.

The swastika is actually a symbol of the sun, referencing to the Sun Order of the occult. (2.00)

(2.02) The word ‘nazi’ actually translates to ‘Anu Naki’ which is one of the 8 children of the mother Goddess (nin hasag?) and even the word ‘holocaust’ is actually Yiddish for ‘burn sacrifice offering’.

Heinrick Himler was the Commander of the SS and one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany. Himler was a 7th Ray Occultist and was very influenced by the book ‘Ostara’ by George Lintz who was an Austrian


This occult book mapped out a plan for the cleansing of ethnicities and bringing about one race and to revive the ancient tradition of the Knights Templar of the middle ages.

(2.38) The Knights Templar were a group largely killed off by the French monarchy. The remaining Templars created many masonic Orders and secret societies throughout Europe from which the illuminati is

believed to have originated.

It is important to note as well that the Bush family’s ancester Godfriey de Bullion, was a Holy Templar himself.

To this day every single US President with no exception has a direct bloodline relation to British monarchs.

(3.04) On December 20th 1993 George Herbet Walker Bush was knighted by the Queen of England as a Knight Grand? Cross, the most Honourable Order of the Bath for his leadership in the Gulf War.

Does it strike you as odd that our President, our leader, knealed before the Queen of England in a ceremony that symbolises alliegance?

So what does this all mean? It simply means that throughout every major civilisation, political power has remained in the select few bloodlines and it is desparately held in the same manner today.

(3.38) It is openly admitted to the public that major leaders worldwide are part of secret fraternal orders or secret meetings but what is not disclosed to the public is the purpose of these meetings. So

let me spell this out for you.

(3.53) “Major leaders from around the world are part of a united effort to remain in power forever. To do so, people are lured into the trap of perpetual debt, making it impossible to be repaid by the

people. So in turn, all property and assets will be repossessed by the debtor.

(4.11) For those of you who are unaware of what it means when a government owns everything of your’s; it is called socialism.

All of this is part of an ultimate goal of the mystery religions, the paganism we have been talking about all along, but the pagan religions known to the public today are nowhere near as involved as the

mystery religion.

It is much less confusing that you think. Try to imagine this practice as less of a religion and more of an ambition. The ambition is to reach enlightenment.

(4.46) There is no super human intelligence or fantasy involved in this. The gifts of God are very simple.

Omnipresence – The power of one being or consciousness to be everywhere at once.

Omniscience – The power to know everything that can be known.

and Omnipotence – to have unlimited power.

We see all of this today. It cannot be denied.

(5.30) If you still don’t believe that the mystery religion is present today, just look around you. There are literally thousands of statues and emblems of ancient religions on every political

establishment. Even on military uniforms these symbols are found everywhere. Not only in our country; the same emblems are found on every nation’s military uniform.

And why would this be? Because a life taken at a chosen time, place and in a specific manner, becomes a sacrifice.

(6.01) And to further illustrate this point – on March 20th 2003 President Bush launched the bombing of Bagdad at 5.50 Bagdad time. This lasted until March 21st. It was called ‘Shock and Awe’ by the

mainstream media. But according to the mystery religion? This date is known as the eve of Ostara, more commonly known as the spring or vernal equinox.

Occultists worship the Goddess of the earth Gaia on this day

(6.30) The Druids knew this date as the spring fertility Right, the Day of Feast.

The War was promptly ended on May 1st 2003. This date is known in the Druidic calendar as Belty? or World Birches Night? (Sorry, not sure of these).

It was named after Saint Walhurga who was the Pagan Goddess of Furtility.

From March 20th to May 1st the Pagan ritual is to give blood to the earth and renew life to the Goddess of Fertility. What better time frame to declare a bloody war on the days of ritual sacrifice and end

it exactly when the Pagan ritual ends

(7.06). The parallels are uncanny. These are all facts written in many different sources around the world and are available for anyone to discover. Connecting the dots is up to you, but make your own

decisions instead of settling for conclusions that others have put in place before you.

(7.32) (Echo-ee voice-over)

“The right answers are what YOU decide are the right answers.

Maybe everything I’m telling you is wrong.

I can tell you what I think happens to be more or less right, but there isn’t any reason why you should pay any attention to me” (end echo-ee voice-over)

(7.49) It is difficult to comprehend the relationship of every major political decision to a religious ritual practice, unless you abandon everything that you have been taught, everything you have been

trained to think and trained to believe since the day of your birth.

All of this starts making perfect sense when you abandon vanity, abandon materialism, abandon all the bullshit that separates human beings from what is natural.

We were born naked creatures of the earth to eat and drink of the earth to live and die by the earth in natural time, time that exists only within us, not without us because without us, there is no time and

there is no earth.

(8.29) Abandon all intellect, abandon all formalities, abandon etiquette and courtesies, abandon language and words altogether. Nature doesn’t require any of them.

They are pointless distractions created by miserable people who cannot stand to see their own reflections. They hate themselves because somewhere along the line, they have denied what the universe provided

for them.

The natural body isn’t good enough for them so they alter it with surgery and make-up and clothing and hours upon hours of unnatural, inorganic, painful excercises at the gym to punish their natural body

and replace it with a completely false representation of themselves so in depth and so complex that it is nearly impossible to recognise what the earth gave to them in the first place.

(9.17) Disguised even further by titles and status and wealth and power and family names and everything imaginable to divert the attention away from nature and on to a false existence. Abandon everything

you used to think. Abandon every conclusion you have been taught and trained to believe prior to this moment and see the present world with new-born naked eyes. (9.41)


Its a media-opoly.

The whole media’s controlled by a few corporations that….

deregulation by the FDC? They own networks.

They can use them to say

whatever they please

and put down the opinions of anyone who disagrees.

What are PCBs?

They come from electric power plants

built by Westernhouse & GE?

They can give you lots of cancer

that can hurt your body.

(0.36) But the big shots don’t care

They’re all sitting pretty

thanks to corporate welfare

They get billions in subsidies from the government

its supposed to create jobs but that’s not how it’s spent

They use pacs and soft money to support congressmen

who look over welfare programmes again and again

and let them dump toxic waste where the young ones play

and GE made the bullets that shot JFK

(1.08) You can drink into this chain every time you buy a product


1.30. (Ben Stewart speaking)

And for those of you who are unaware of this one world government and one world religion, I challenge you to do an internet search on the New World Order. You will be overwhelmed by the amount of people

trying to get the word out to the masses.

This exemplifies the findings that 87% of the population formulates their belief structures according to other people’s ideas. Only 13% formulate their beliefs on logic and evaluation. And sadly, the two

greatest factors that lead to the ignorance of the people are as follows:-

2.02. (General Crowd, Protest Noise)

2.26. (Ben Stewart speaking)


(More Protest Crowd Noises)

2.38 (Ben Steward speaking)

It is a term to describe a group unwilling to look beyond the overall consensus of the herd. Many times it is out of a lack of drive or ambition to ask original questions to arrive at genuine answers. But

more importantly – and dangerously – it is also an occurrence that spawns from the fear of looking foolish in front of peers.

3.00. Both religion and politics are forms of GROUP THINK

Words such as ‘Patriotism’ and ‘Faith’ are fancy words that ultimately mean Blind Submission.

Supposedly it is considered heresy and unpatriotic to question the words of your leader, so the fear of upsetting the superior, higher power has forced the herd to practice GROUP THINK, regardless of what

it leads to.

And one of the greatest examples of GROUP THINK is the stigma given to Conspiracy Theories.

3.30. The phrase ‘Conspiracy Theory’ gives a distinct impression to the average person.

JFK assassination. Area 51. Rosswell. Government cover-ups. Strange disappearances.

These subjects probably sound a bit too fantasy for the average person. And it is quite understandable. IT IS SUPPOSED TO SOUND ‘MADE UP’.

Throughout the mistranslation of time and the embellishment of these stories, facts were added or omitted. Some may be true and some may be false, but one thing is for sure.

4.00. If global secrets needed to be hidden, yet began emerging among the public – the best cover-up is to embellish or alter the story until it sounds ludicrous.

So what happens when the secret involves the government?

And the government has intimate ties to the mainstream media (MSM).

And MSM, as said before, has been proven to sway at least 80% of the public’s opinion.

The logic is undeniable.

The media in every form is put in place to make people feel stupid for even keeping an open mind towards conspiracy theories

4.30. Movies, books, fairy tales and folk law are all tools to make the average person feel insane for supporting or believing in the conspiracy.

And why shouldn’t they?

Our leaders have no problems in telling us not to investigate or believe in these theories.

(George Bush)

“Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11th. Malicious lies, that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves.”

(Ben Stewart)

5.00. The most basic of pagan practices is the control of human population to have a perfect balance between man and nature. The goal is to bring the population down to 500,000,000 which is over a 90%

reduction of humanity.

Now that we have abandoned everything we have been trained to think prior to this moment, we can start looking at the world for WHAT IT IS, instead of what people TELL US IT IS.

Open your eyes today as if you’ve never seen the world before and you will begin to notice that the global population reduction is everywhere around us.

5.42. (woman speaking about CODEX ALIMENTARIUS)

“Let me assure you that absolutely nothing that I am going to tell you is exaggerated, is interpollated or is imagined. Everything I am going to tell you is documented.

6.02. He who controls food, controls….. the world.

Well, they said in 1962 ‘We’re going to work toward total global implementation of Codex Alimentarius on December 31st 2009”.

They were sort of guidlines. Now Codex Alimentarius Commission is administered by the World Health Organisation and the Food and Agricultural Organisation. They fund Codex and they run it at the request of

the UN. So they’re mummy and daddy to Codex Alimentarius.

6.44. In 1994 Codex, with no notice here in this country whatsoever, declared nutrients – put on your intellectual seat belts – declared nutrients to be toxins. They are poisons. Under Codex, every dairy

cow on the planet MUST be treated with Monsanto’s recombitant bovine growth hormone. Furthermore, Under Codex, every animal used for food on the planet MUST be treated with sub-clinical anti-biotics and

MUST be treated with exogenous growth hormones.

7.30. If you do the numbers in the WHO and FAO projections, the epidemiological projections, they estimate, not I, that just the vitamin and mineral guidelines alone, when it goes into global implementation

on December 31st 2009, will result in a minimum of 3 Billion, that’s B, Bad, B, Billion deaths.

8.08. One billion through simple starvation. Those folks who die are not particularly economically successful from the point of view of the corporations. But the next 2 billion, they will die from the

preventable diseases of under nutrition.

Who will live? Probably those people who are wealthy enough and powerful enough to have their own pushers of clean food and nutrients.

So we need your help because the US leadership is what’s going to literally save the population of the planet.

8.50. (Alex Jones talking)

The UN has put out dozens of public documents where they are calling for an 80% world population reduction. In fact, at the Beijing Women’s Conference, the World Conference, back in 1997, the Head of the UN

Food Programme said ‘We will use food as a weapon against the people’. 9.09.


66% of the United States residents public water is fluoridated. It is known to have tremendous effects on bone cancer, ? problems, bone weakness, lowered estorgen and testosterone levels and dendal

fluorosis, which is yellowing of the teeth and pitting of the enamel.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to enhance public water with vitamins which are meant to be ingested to promote overall health, rather than putting such a toxic chemical in our water with a bogus explanation

that it will improve our dental health?

0.40. We now know that fluoride causes more dental problems than it solves. Something doesn’t seem right about this. Do you honestly believe that these companies care deeply enough for people to spend large

amounts of their own money to fluoridate public water when the people already purchase their own toothpaste?

But there’s a difference between toothpaste and drinking water. We don’t ingest toothpaste.

If you go to any hardware store and look at any rat poison product you will only find one ingredient: sodium fluoride.

1.10. It is the most toxic ionic molecule outside of potasium dicromen? Now Danone along with other companies have began fluoriating bottled water. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get away from.

And the fact that fluoride is also used in many prescription anti-depressants shows that it eliminates aggression and motivation in people.

1.33 (woman talking) Fluoride to my knowledge as a physician has absolutely no biological benefit whatsoever.

1.40 (man talking) One of the experiments carried out on people in the Gulag was to fluoidate the water. Why? If you flouridate the water, people are not as aggressive as they were. What is the active

ingredient in Prozac that is so widely distributed in America today? It’s a fluoride compound.

2.03 (Ben Steward) And now we are finding that public water nationwide is showing up with arsenic, lead, cadmium and themonium?, which is a radioactive form of lead.

Cancer, lowered sex drive, birth defects, sedation and brain defects. Does this not sound like a wonder drug for anyone aiming to control population?

2.25 (man talking) It is quite astonishing the degree to which environmentalists have not been educated about fluoride. People have an unconscious trust in their doctor or their dentist and if you can

persuade doctors and dentists that fluoride is safe and good, then you are able to reach the rest of the nation who believe their doctors and dentists and that was a way of promoting fluoride for Bernaise.

Fluoride was killing the cattle, destroying their crops. Fluoride, given to rats had produced bone cancer and liver cancer and those results had been doctored to make it look as though fluoride had not

caused as much cancer.

3.12 (Dr. Mullenix). The pattern that we saw typically is what we see with other neurotixic agents that are well known to cause a hypo-activity or a memory problem or an IQ problem.

When I first presented the results of these studies, one of the individuals sitting and listening to the results said ‘Do you have any idea what you are saying? You are telling us that we are reducing the

IQ of children.’ and basically, I said ‘Yes’.

3.45. (Text)

Within days of learing that her study was accepted for publication, Dr. Mullenix was fired from the Forsyth Dental Centre. She has received no grants since that time to continue her research.

66% of US water supplies are currently flouridated with industrial waste.

98% of western Europe has rejected water fluoridation and yet their children’s teeth are just as healthy as children’s teeth in the US.

4.15 Aspertame

(Ben Stewart) Aspertame the artificial sweetner found in almost every low sugar or sugar free product on the market.

4.26 (man speaking) First of all aspertame is made up of three things.

Methanol which of course produces blindness.

Aspartic acid and Phenalanolyn?

These are all poisons. Aspartic Acid of course produces brain lessions.

This was known back in the early 1970s.

Methanol produces blindness

Phenalanolyn is what you see settling in the brain. And in high dosage it produces trauma.

4.50. (woman speaking) We are not making it all up. the FDA did publish back in I think it was the 80s, they did publish 92 potential side effects of aspartame and these side effects are extremely serious.

Things like dissiness, problems with balance, abdominal pain and cramps, changes in visual, seisures, convulsions, etc. etc.

5.20. (Ben Steward). Yet despite all of these harmful effects, Donald Rumsfelt pushed it out into the stores in over 5000 products when he was CEO of Searle, the company that manufactured aspartame.

Agenda 21

5.44. (man speaking) The sustainable goal is the elimination of the middle class. The world cannot support 6 billion people. The plan behind Sustainable Development includes population control. It is a

programme for landings? control, education control and population contol. The leaders of the Sustainable Movement said that the world human population should not exceed 500 million people. That is a 93%

reduction in todays population.

In 1992 while the real conference was going on, George Bush, then president, was there. He was just off shore in Prince Charles’ yatch where he executed the Agenda 21 protocol on behalf of the US and

brought it back to Washington DC.

6.36. Within a year Bill Clinton by Executive Order, established the Presidents Council for Sustainable Development.

6.47. (Woman talking) In 1996 Bill Clinton set up the President Council on Sustainable Development and one of the dictates for the Agenda 21 is that every country in the world should set up a National

Council to oversee the implementation of Agenda 21.

I have listed to Gorbochev explain:

“We are writing a new set of 10 or 15 Commandments to replace the original 10”.

Which one of the 10 do you think these guys don’t like?

Thou shalt not lie?

Thou shalt not steal?

Thou shalt not covet?

Because I will tell you what. These people have lied to us. They’re in the process of stealing all of this nation’s natural researces and they covet everything you have left.

7.40. (man talking) To explain the map. The red are areas that will be off limits to human beings. If you live there, you won’t.

Yellow areas are for major control of all human activity. If you live there, you won’t.

Black dots are the smart growth? zones where human beings are to be stacked and packed in small living units along rail tracks. The smart growth? programme also only has jobs assigned and children cared for

by the state.

8.29 (Ben Steward) And in conjunction with Codex Alimentarius, food will be limited and water consumption will be decreased to 10 gallons per day per person. That is over a 90% reduction in people’s average

daily water consumption. And along with shortages of food and water, the food we will be provided with will be genetically manipulated and nutrient deficient. Genetic manipulation of food causes

complications in metabolising and utilising food for energy.

8.57. (man speaking) In January 2003 scientists reported that the gene sequence of the insterted genes into crops had actually changed their order. They had re-scrambled, so that genetic inserts are not


Another laboratory confirmed this and found that it changed the same varieties in different ways, so not only is it unstable in changing, it is not even uniform in the way it is changing. This is incredibly


9.22 (Ben Steward) Nutrient deficiencies due to Codex’s planned vitamin and mineral ban will cause billions of preventable diseases. Both of these will ultimately lead to billions of deaths. 9.39.

Man talking

In 1970 just three years after the publication of the Iron Mountain Report, which calls for , if we are going to create a world government we can no longer use war as a mechanism to cause fear amongst

populations and therefore allow us to control the behaviour of populations through fear. And they settled on, in 1967, in their publication called the Iron Mountain Report, the Environmental Holocaust.

0.30. In 1970, 3 years after that publication the Council of Foreign Relations began to publish a series of articles describing ecological holocaust that was facing the world and in this particular issue,

the first issue done by George Keenan, to prevent a world disaster it sums up in three points that the eco crisis is a global threat so great that it endangers all of life on earth. Aurolia Pecci? who

actually created the Club of Rome, and it is the inner, inner circle of the global elitists in 1991 stated that while searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the

threat of global warming and the ? would fit the bill. All of these dangers are caused by human intervention. The real enemy then is humanity itself.

Ben Stewart

1.20. Let’s take a look at Al Gore’s award winning and Nobel Peace Prize movie An Inconvenient Truth.

Text: It will shake you to your core

If you love your planet

If you love your children

You have to see this film

Voiceover of film

If you look at the 10 hottest years ever measured, they have all occurred in the last 14 years and the hottest of all was 2005. We are causing global warming. This is really not a political issue so much as

a moral issue. Temperature increases are taking place all over the world and that is causing stronger storms. Is it possible that we should prepare against other threats besides terrorists?

2.09. The Arctic is experiencing faster melt. If this were to go, sea level world wide would go up 20 feet. This is what would happen in Florida. Around Shanghai home to 40 million people. The area around

Culcutta – 60 million. Here’s Manhattan, the World Trade Centre Memorial would be under water. Think of the impact of a couple of thousand refugees and then image one hundred million.

2.44. Those who deny global warming are just flat out wrong.

Helen Goodman from the Boston Globe wrote ‘Let’s just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with holocaust deniers’.

Scientists silenced for questioning the threat of global warming.

3.00. (man speaking) I’ve had several friends who have essentially been told if you speak out on climate change, you must do so as citizens. If you do so through our organisation, our institution, you will

essentially be fired.

Once you realise how many holes there are in the concensus solution you may begin to open up your mind to the other side of the global warming debate as a whole.

(different people talking)

The only consensus I am aware of is that it is ? in the last century

They completely ignore the fact that there is this thing called the ‘Orgate?’ Petition that was signed by 19,000 professionals and scientists who don’t agree with the idea that we are causing climate


3.41. I can’t tell you how many calls I have received from parents saying their kids are now being shown an Inconvenient Truth completely unchallenged not just in science class but in art and math classes.

I have to speak out and say that the science we have is still incomplete and the science we are being told by the IPPC is really incorrect science.

(a whole load of people spreading fear)

Global warming paradoxically causes not only more flooding but also more drought.

Big hurricanes, tornadoes, fearsome diseases, polio, tuberculosis, west nile virus, avian flu, sars, polar bears that have actually drowned, mosquitoes, caterpillars, communism, slavery, global warming,

global warming, terro, error, terror, terrorists, al queda, taliban, nuclear weapons, terrorists, 911, september 11, terrorists, a walking talking weapon of mass destruction, barbaric terrorists, september

11, war and danger, evil terrorists, terrorism, global warming, global warming, global warming.

5.05. Ben Stewart.

Lets put this to you bluntly. Global warming is a complete fallacy. All Gore received a Grammy and the Nobel Peace Prize for a film that is filled with holes and mistruths.


5.15. Ice cores taken 2,000 metres below the surface have enabled us to look at the last 160,000 years. We believe that in Greenland, the medieval one ? period was about one and a half degrees warmer on

average than today.

Ben Strewart.

And they also show consistently warmer temperatures thousands of years ago before man made green house gasses existed.

5.36. (man talking) You can see that in the period between 4,000 years ago and back to the period 2,000 years ago, which is actually the Roman Age, the temperatures have been decreasing in Greenland by two

and a half degrees.

5.50 Ben Stewart

Al Gore is made out to be a revolutionary figure attempting to save the planet. Which is quite true. He just doesn’t mention the fact that saving the earth does not involve you. According to his agenda, it

will result in massive land repossessions and extreme limitations of food and water and fossil fuels for the public. And please note that Al Gore is a sustainable developer. The Global warming lie is very

popular today because it receives major media coverage and has an attractively titled goal of ‘saving the planet’. But how does this tie in with Agenda 21?

6.26. The result of the 1992 Earth Summit Conference in Rio de Jenero was the Kyoto Treaty. The kyoto treaty states that every country must drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels by mandate of the

United Nations.

6.41 (Bill Clinton) Concentrations of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere are at their highest levels in more than 200,000 years. If the trend is not changed, scientists expect the seas to rise 2 feet or

more over the next century. Island chains such as the Maldives will disappear from the map unless we reverse the predictions. Thank you very much.

7.04 Ben Stewart.

And as of June 2007, 172 nations and other government entities have ratified the Treaty. And if you were wondering how this ties into putting the earth’s priority above human survival in accordance with

pagan beliefs, every country’s deadline for the implementation of Agenda 21 and the kyoto Treaty is in 2012.

Lots of headline stories.

8.00. And if this wasn’t enough, when the Pentagon was damaged in 911, they set a goal to have a completely new and improved Pentagon in December 2012.

So Codex Alimentarius goes into effect at the end of 2009 which gives it three years for the Codex regulations on food to create billions of preventable diseases and deaths. When citizens of every nation

are dying of starvation and diseases and fear for their lives because of global warming and major catastrophies, they will do what the public has been proven to do in times of great peril. They will beg for

their government to step in and do something.

8.42 (man talking) How are they going to get you to join the new economy? They are going to say, we have a solution. You see one of the tricks of the illuminati. They create a problem and then they provide

a solution when you beg them to.

Ben Stewart

And pray tell, what will the United Nations suggest when there is a global problem? They will demand a global government. A New World Order. Exactly as the Maya, Hopi, Kalli Uga? and many other pagan

civilisations prophesised.

By 2012 the Kyoto Treaty, Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius and the new Pentagon will be fully operational to enforce a New World Order. And the New World Religion is obvious. We will all worship the earth,

Gaia, the mother goddess we saved from extinction from global warming.

We will be told that to keep from repeating the mistakes that we made in the past, we must hold the earth in higher regard than humans, just as pagan traditions require.

This is too obvious to ignore. It is right in front of our faces, yet we still refuse to see it. 9.45.

Why do you think the United Nations are consistently trying to disarm the public and the nations? They don’t want us to be capable of fighting back. The poof of this is in the film released by the UN called

‘Armed to the Teeth’ where it demonises gun ownership. It is also shown in the Freedom from War Policy put in place by JFK in 1961.

(voiceover) President John Kennedy went to the United Nations September 1961 and he presented the US Programme for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World during a speech and he said this is

the official programme of the United States of America. It is a disarmament programme. It calls for the US to turn over its military to the UN. Let that sit for a second. It calls for the US to turn over

its military to the United Nations. The programme ends by saying progressive controlled disarmament would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively

strengthened UN peace force. The UN would have all military power.

1.09 (Ben Stewart) This policy outlines some pretty scary scenarios when you understand what it reads. It calls for the disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their re-establishment

in any form whatsoever, other than those required to preserve internal order and for contributions to a UN Peace Force.

1.30 This clearly shows that the UN is calling for all military power to be under their control.

Inspection and verification must establish both that nations carry out scheduled limitations or reductions and that they do not retain armed forces and armament in excess of those permitted at any stage of

the disarmament process.

Strategic delivery vehicles reduced.

Arms and armed forces will be reduced and all the while UN peace keeping powers would be strengthened.

2.02. A United Nations peace observation group would be available to investigate any situation which might constitute a threat to or breach of the peace.

Establishing of a permanent international peace force within the UN and depending upon the findings of an experts’ commission, a halt in the production of chemical, biological and radiological weapons and a

reduction of the existing stocks or their conversion to peaceful uses. Peaceful uses of chemical biological or radiological weapons??

2.34. Do you see how they are perverting the word ‘peace’ and making this policy seem unilaterally good? There is no other way to read this publication. It clearly states that all nations will hand over all

their military forces to a Global United Nations Military.

Along with the film ‘Armed to the Teeth’, we have a supposed hero among us called Michael Moore who released Bowling for Columbine as an attempt to show how tragic accidental gun related deaths are.

3.03. (Michael Moore) How many people are killed by guns each year? In Germany 381, in France 255, in Canada 165, in the UK 68, In Australia 65, in Japan 39, in the United States 11,127.

3.41. (man speaking) The US has a population of approximately 285 million and Australia 19 million. If we were to apply Australia’s homicide rate to the US population, that would work out to 5,715 murders.

Interestingly enough Canada, the country Moore portrays as a peaceful land, actually has a higher crime rate than the US based on 2003 statistics. Interpol stats also say the same.

4.10 (text)

Out of all the silly points he makes in Bowling for Columbine, Moore is weakest when he tries to deny the fact that crime in America is disproportionately committed by minorities. He contends that black

people are a mis-represented peaceful group while the racist white kids in the suburbs are the real dangers to society. However, according to the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI, homicide and gun

crime in the United States are almost 50% centered within the black population, who themselves only make 11% of the total population.

4.46 (Michael Moore) Just as he did after the Columbine shooting, Charlton Heston showed up at Flint to have a big PRO GUN RALLY.

4.55 (Charlton Heston) Freedom has never seen greater peril nor needed you more urgently to come to her defence than now.

5.03. (Michael Moore) Before he came to Flint, Heston was interviewed by the Georgetown Hoya about Kayla’s death and even his own NRA (National Riffle Association) Website talked about it.

5.11 (woman speaking) We wanted to let the NRA know that we haven’t forgotten about Kayla Rolland.

(different woman) How can they come here?

To me it’s like they’re rubbing our noses in it. I was shocked and appalled that they would come here.

(man’s voice) The idea is to make you believe Heston went to Flint to give a gun rally right after a little girl’s murder. This is quite a number of degrees from truth.

5.31. Kayla Rolland was murdered on February 29th 2000.

Heston’s speech was given on October 17th 2000.

And the even at which Heston gave his speech was not a ‘pro-gun’ rally as Moore says. It was a ‘get out the vote’ campaign rally. It had nothing to do with Kayla’s murder.

The Georgetown Hoya paper where they referenced Kayla was actually a question to Heston. Heston did not even respond to that part of the question.

6.00 (Michael Moore) Even his own NRA website talked about it.

(man’s voice) And this is even further from the truth. This website is pro NRA but it is not Heston’s. It does not say Heston gave a speech 48 hours after Kayla died because he never did, but the text

flashes by so quickly (in Michael Moore’s film) your mind says, Heston did something 48 hours after the murder. If you freeze frame it you can clearly see Bill Clinton’s name. The original text says ’48

hours after Kayla Rolland is pronounced dead, Bill Clinton is on the Today Show telling a sympathetic Katie Couric ‘Maybe this tragic death will help’.

6.45 (Ben Stewart) I would much rather go for the one in a million change of being killed or injured by an accidental gun shot wound than leave myself completely helpless against any government that wishes

to control me. The 2nd Amendment was not put in place by our forefathers to protect us from burglars or trespassers. It was specifically meant to protect us from our government because Great Britain did not

have those rights to bear arms.

7.05 Michael Moore is what we call a false idol, leading a false rebellion.

7.23 The US population is currently around 300 million. The National Debt is currently around 10 trillion. So the current debt when divided among the American people comes out to approximately $33,000 and

has been growing at a national rate of 1.46 billion dollars a day since 2006.

Now with electronic banking, wire transfer and credit cards, people have less physical custody of their money. As of right now, the amount of money in circulation is not able to cover the national debt.

This was carefully planned since the inception of the Federal Reserve Bank.

8.00 And the next planned step by the elite is already in play. George Bush signed a Bill implementing the North American Union.

(Newscaster) President Bush signed a Formal Agreement that will end the United States as we know it. And he took the step without approval from either the US Congress or the people of the United States.

(man) I think one thing people who are dollar based need to focus on is the Amero. That’s the one thing that nobody is talking about but I think it is going to have a big impact on everybody’s life in

Canada, the United States and Mexico.

8.32 The Amero is the proposed new currency for the North American Community which is being developed right now between Canada, the US and Mexico to make a borderless community much like the EU and the

Canadian dollar, the US dollar and the Mexican Peso replaced by the Amero.

8.49 (man) You see, the domination of government by business is called fascism. And I am kinda wondering how many people know what NAFTA is, the National American Free Trade Agreement, because under Chapter

11 of the NAFTA Agreement, NAFTA Tribunals trump all United States Law if it conflicts with either:

a) World Banks International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, or

b)United Nations Commission for International Trade Law.

Now that sounds scary enough but when you understand what that reads, it also gives the power to violate the first and second Amendment which is saying bye bye to the Constitution.

9.25(Ben Stewart) This will weaken national sovereignty and bankrupt the dollar we use now. After this happens the FED will call in all debts. When the debts cannot be repaid by the people, assets will be

seized and by this I mean absolutely everything you own, including your property, your home, your vehicle, your furniture and the clothes on your back.

This plan is already in progress and when it takes place you will literally be owned by the Federal Reserve Bank. (9.54)

So what are we to do? There is an over-abundance of information out there for anyone to see pertaining to why this situation seems so hopeless and out of our control.

But in all honesty there is even more information out there about how to protect ourselves. The only problem we face is that most people don’t know how to apply this information to their own lives and

rarely anybody takes the time to spell it out for us.


There are many great teachers out there. Teachers who have dedicated their lives to protecting the people who need protecting the most. The teacher has the most difficult role in our society because nobody

likes attaining true knowledge. True knowledge encompasses all aspects of existence ; good and bad. Most others do not. Hearing true knowledge upsets people because it implies that we were wrong at one

point in our lives. And another character flaw is our desire to apply absolute truths to unstable foundations in our life.


When we do so we build a structure that we hope will define us best when we are reaching the end of our life on earth.

So everything we think we are….. (Text on screen), “Christian, Catholic, Muslim, etc. etc.”

Everything we tell others we are

Everything we base our life changing decisions off of

Is all depending on a foundation that could crumble at any moment. And because we have been told our entire lives that there are certain guidelines and mores we must follow to be a decent human being, we

deny everything that may pose a threat to our unstable foundation.


This is why we despise true teachers. We lump these teachers into the same category as terrorists and the method for spotting these teachers and terrorists are just as flimsy and ridiculous as the methods

used to spot witches.


(Film clip from Life of Brian)

Mob: We have found a witch, may we burn her? Burn her. Burn her. Burn her. Burn her.

Priest: How do you know she’s a witch?

Mob: She looks like one

Priest: Bring her forward

Woman: I am not a witch. I am not a witch.

Priest: But you are dressed as one

Woman: They dressed me up like this. And this is not my nose. It’s a false one.

Priest (to the mob). Well?

Mob: Well….. we did do the nose.

Priest: The nose?

Mob: And the hat. But she’s a witch.

Priest: Did you dress her up like this?

Mob: No. No. No………. yes, yes, a bit….. a bit…… She has got a wart.

Priest: What makes you think she’s a witch?

Man in mob: Well, she turned me into a newt.

Priest: A newt?

Man in mob: I got better.

Mob: Burn her, burn her, burn her.


(Ben Stewart talking.) William Cooper, a loving father and husband, friend of many….

(text on screen) “Read everything, Listen to everybody, don’t trust anything unless you can prove it with your own research” William Cooper. 1943-2001)

(Ben Stewart talking) Simply a teacher trying to better humanity and protect fellow citizens across the globe.


(William Cooper speaking) They became a mystery to the others and the priesthood was born. No King ever existed without the permission of the priesthood. The kings never had the power and do not to this

day. Kings exist at the whim of the real power which is the priesthood standing behind the thrown.

It is a method of encoding information through a system of mathematics and numbers. It is some of the most ancient knowledge that man has ever possessed and has been kept secret and given only to those who

have proven themselves worthy through the process of initiation.


There’s a method to their madness but there’s really not much method to your’s because you are operating from a place of ignorance and until you change that you will be bumbling around bumping into each

other, saying and doing the wrong things, not understanding the nature of your enemy and if you don’t understand the nature of your enemy and the weapons they use, you cannot fight that enemy, you cannot

fight the battle. You should not even be on the battle field.


(William Cooper’s Hour of the Time Broadcast – dated June 28th 2001)

(William Cooper talking) Supposedly, a CNN reporter found Osama Bin Ladin, took a television camera crew with him, went into Osama Bin Ladin’s hideout, interviewed him and his top leadership and he came out

and he told everybody, within three weeks Osama Bin Ladin is going to attack the United States and Israel………. Now don’t you think that’s kind of strange folks?

You see, because the largest intelligence apparatus in the world, with the biggest budget in the history of the world has been looking for Osama Bin Ladin for years and years and years…….. and can’t find

him. Some duffas?, jerk-off reporter with a camera crew waltzes right into his hideout and interviews him.

And I am telling you, be prepared for a major attack. But it won’t be Osama Bin Ladin. It will be those behind the new world order.

I wonder what Osama Bin Ladin’s targets are supposed to be. And if this doesn’t materialise in the next two or three weeks, it will eventually materialise because they have not succeeded in getting the guns

out of the hands of the American people, nor have they succeeded in taking our freedoms away.

And so I can tell you with certainty, they must do something terrible in order to stop this backlash and regain the sympathy of the mass herds of sheople out there.


(William Cooper speaking – Passionately)

What is our common bond, truly? Freedom! Freedom! Without freedom you cannot be a Christian no matter what denomination you belong to. You cannot be a Buddhist. You cannot own a doughnut shop. You cannot

drive from here to Oregon. You cannot be an American because that is what it’s all about. And it’s the only thing that it’s about. Nothing else. Nothing else.

(quietly) You know, you got to understand sometimes what a terrible burden it is to know some of the things I know and try to wake people up and impart this knowledge to them and find out that they just

have walls built in front of them. They want to be slaves. That’s why my broadcast scares the hell out of socialists.

You see, what happens when you broadcast the truth is, you piss everybody off. (Huge Applause from audience)


(Text on screen)

Though the official story was suspicious, William Cooper was shot to death outside of his home by the Eager County Police on November 5th 2001, less than 2 months after predicting the events of September



(Ben Stewart)

This is how we treat our teachers.


We have very powerful tools on our side called the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. These documents state that no government can deprive us of our Natural Rights. So how has it happened? You must

understand that the elite group controlling our government, our educational system, agriculture and media are also in control of our free enterprise.

Free enterprise is our economic system or our means of production. Privately owned and operated for person benefit. Free enterprise cannot legally be taxed unless it volunteers itself.


The reason why income tax seems inescapable is because most every job on the planet requires you to sign a number of documents with fancy wording stating you are agreeing to be a representative of a

corporation or entity. What all of this means is simply that when you sign working papers which are required by pretty much every employer that you apply to, you are waiving your rights as a Natural Person

protected under the Constitution and agreeing to represent an Artificial Person that is not protected under the Constitution.

It is difficult to avoid because if you do not sign the document waiving your rights, you will not get the job.


So why does every employer voluntarily pay taxes which leads to the requirement of those documents? Because without doing so, the business looses all State and Federal Benefits provided to Private or

Commercial Business. And furthermore, most people simply accept the mistruth that income tax is required by Law without investigating it.


When your name is presented on a document with the first letter of your first and last name Capitalised, it represents

Capitus Diminutio Minima

Which occurs when a man’s family relations alone were changed.

It is a minimal loss of rights.

When your last name appears in Capital Letters, it represents

Capitus Diminutio Media

Which occurs when a man loses his rights of citizenship but not his rights to liberty.

This means you can be fined and penalised but not enslaved or imprisoned.


But when your entire name is Capitalised on any document it represents

Capitus Diminutio Maxima

Which states that a man’s condition changes from freedom to bondage.

All rights of citizenship and family rights are surrendered.

This means you can be fined, imprisoned and enslaved in any amount, for any duration at the whim of the State’s suggestion.


But it is important to note that if you do not legally bind yourself to these documents stating that you waive your Rights and represent a corporation, you do not have to attend any court.


(man talking)

There are two kinds of Law on the earth, as I have said. One is called Civil Law which is the law of the land.

And one is called Maritime Admiralty which is the law of the water.

Maritime Admiralty is banking law. So consequently, a corporation and government and people who want to control you, they create a ‘second you’ and that ‘second you’ that they control that they created, is

all Capital Letters.

Check it out. Any time you get a bill, get a law suit, a fine, a ticket, when they send you a bill from the Department of Water or Power, check it out. On your driver’s licence, your Social Security Card,

on your Insurance Cards. Anything having to do with business, your name will always be in all Capital Letters because only All Capital Letters can be dealt with by banks and governments.


You need to wake up and find out how this stuff really works. Because once you understand it, you don’t need to submit yourself, as an American, to a British Commercial Venture called ‘courts’. You are an

American. You don’t need to go to court. You only go to court because you agree to go to court. When they send you a subpoena to court or a summons to court and they have sent you something, you look at it

and say ‘Hey, Jack, that’s not me, that’s an All Capital Letters. All Capital Letters is a corporation.”


Ben Stewart talking

Those who are charged under these Maritime Admiralty courts usually don’t understand that they are voluntarily being fined or imprisoned. When a judge calls your name and asks if you are that name, those

who say ‘yes’ are verbally agreeing to represent the Artificial Person that the name represents. In doing so you are voluntarily waiving your rights under the Constitution.

Your Absolute Rights as Natural Persons are the right to life, security and property and all of these are very important. Remember that you can never be deprived of these simple rights unless you are

willingly waiving them. But you need to understand your rights if you want to be protected under them.


When Sustainable Development is knocking down your door for the right to your property, you need to understand your inherent right to your property which extends from the visible surface to the centre of

the earth. Your property cannot be legally taken from you unless you have waived your rights to it. And as stated before, we also have the right to bear arms. This is equally important.

The single largest armed group in the world is the American public. The very knowledge that Americans have these fire-arms keeps us safe from a Police State.


I do not advocate the misuse of fire-arms but I believe every single American should have the right to own them. Consider a fire-arm like health insurance or life insurance. You hope that you will never

have to use it, but will never forgive yourself if you need it and don’t have it.


(Man talking)

My suggestion if I were being asked my opinion as to what we might want to do, my suggestion is this. Don’t ever give up your fire-arms.


(woman talking)

A couple of years ago my parents and I went to a cafeteria in Texas on a bright sunny day. We weren’t in a dark alley where we weren’t supposed to be, and as you all know the story, this mad man drove his

truck through the window and he began shooting.

Well, immediately my father and I got down on the floor and put the table up in front of us and this guy kept shooting, and you’re thinking, you know, what can it be? Is it a robbery? That’s the first thing

that generally comes to mind. And he keeps shooting.

It took me a good 45 seconds to realise that this man was not there to commit a robbery. He wasn’t there for a hit.

He was there simply to shoot as many people as he possibly could.

I can tell you that I am not mad at the guy that did this.

As he continued it was obvious that he was a mad man. My father at this point said ‘I have got to do something. He’s going to kill everyone in here’. And he rushed the man. And you know what? This guy

turned, shot him in the chest, he went down, was obviously mortally wounded.


For whatever reason, that made the man change directions and go off to my left. Shortly thereafter someone at the back of the restaurant broke out a window. When I saw what looked like an opportunity to

escape I turned around and I grabbed my mother by the shirt and I said ‘come on. Come on. We have got to run. We have got to get out of here’. And then my feet grew wings and I was out the back window.

As soon as I got out, I realised that my mother had not followed me out. And as I learned from the police officers, she had crawled over to where my father was and cradled him until the guy got back around

her, put the gun to her head. She looked up at him. Put her head down. And he pulled the trigger.

My parents had just had their 47th wedding anniversary. She wasn’t going anywhere.


As I mentioned, I am not really mad at the guy who did this and I am certainly not mad at the guns that did this. They didn’t walk in there by themselves and pull their own triggers. The guy who did it was

a lunatic. That’s like being mad at a rabid dog.

I am mad at my legislators for legislating me out of the right to protect myself and my family. I would much rather be sitting in jail with a felony offence on my head and have my parents alive.


As far as these so called assault weapons. You say that they don’t have any defence use. You tell that to the guy that I saw on a video tape of the Los Angeles riots, standing up on his roof-top protecting

his property and his life from an entire mob, with one of these so-called assault weapons. Tell me that he did not have a legitimate self defence use.


Just one final statement. I have been sitting here getting more and more fed-up with all this talk about these pieces of machinery having no legitimate sporting purpose, no legitimate hunting purpose.

People, this is not the point of the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment is not about duck hunting. And I know I am not going to make very many friends saying this, but it’s about our rights, all of our

rights, to be able to protect ourselves from all of you guys up there. (9.52)

The true history of this planet has been stifled from the top town.

Since the inception of monotheism and the ridicule as well as outlaw in specific cultures of all pagan religions and practices, a lie has been forced upon all civilisations.

You have to wonder why powerful empires were threatened enough by paganism to make the practice of such religions punishable by death. This threat did not end during the Roman Empire.

Take a look at how the founders of America by mandate of Great Britain, wiped out Native American tribes indiscriminately.


Great Britain has also shown some of the most brutal forms of genocide in Africa, India, New Zealand, New Guinea and many other locations in which pagan tribes still existed.

East Timor suffered from one of the most brutal genocides in all of history and was fuelled by the United Nations and United States funding during the Carter Administration.


(man speaking)

Ford and Kissinger visited Jakarta I think it was December 5th. We know that they had requested that Indonesia delayed the invasion until after they left because it would be too embarrassing and within

hours I think, after they left, the invasion took place on December 7th.


(woman speaking)

What happened on December 7th in 1975 is just one of the great…., great evil deeds of history. Early in the morning bombs began dropping on Dili. The number of troops that invaded Dili that day almost out-

numbered the entire population of the town. And for 2 or 3 weeks they just killed people.

(sounds of screaming, gun fire)


So the Timorese were fleeing into the jungles by the thousands. By late 1977/78 Indonesia set up Receiving Centres for those Timorese who came out of the jungle waving white flats. Those the Indonesians

thought were more educated or who were suspected of ?Fredline?(can’t hear the word) or other opposition parties were immediately killed.

They took women aside and flew them off to Dili in helicopters for use by the Indonesian soldiers.


They killed children and babies. But in those days their main strategy and their main weapon was starvation.


(man speaking)

By 1978 it was approaching real genocidal levels. The church and other sources estimated about 200,000 people killed. The United States backed it all the way. The US provided 90% of the arms. Right after

the invasion arms shipments were stepped up. When the Indonesians began to run out of arms in 1978 the Carter Administration moved in and increased arms sales. And other western countries did the same.

Canada, England, Holland, everybody that could make a buck was in there, making sure they could kill more Timorese.


(Ben Stewart)

The last thing the ones in power want is a sovereign group or tribe setting a positive example for others.

It is important to note that followers of monotheistic religions are not to blame, just as not all members of freemasonry, intelligence agencies, fraternal? Orders or political organisations are part of the

esoteric agenda that is being carried out in all upper echelons of society.


And it is difficult for people to comprehend that paganism is no more dangerous than understanding surgical procedures. The knowledge can be very useful when it is applied properly, yet it can also have

very detrimental effects if misused or abused.

Understand that most of these problems are not by mistake, but by design.

Most people do not understand how colours, shapes, catch words and phrases and biological timings are all used as talismans to affect humanity on an emotional and spiritual level.


Colours are used hypnotically in every news channel and corporate advertisement. Fast food chains typically use vibrant reds, yellows and whites in their restaurants to cause the customers to feel hurried

and restless. This helps the customers filter in and out quicker to make for more customers.

Fine dining restaurants, on the other hand, use very earthy natural colours such as soft greens, blues and browns to calm the senses and to make for a more lengthy and peaceful meal.


And the same goes for the music that is played at these establishments. Specific musical notations and progressions can give relaxing or exciting stimuli to the body without our knowledge.

The music industry goes even further and uses natural rhythms of the heart to map out the tempo of pop songs. This is why 72 beats per minute is used very frequently in pop music.


Music is not a product of culture. In 1986 the National Academy of Science found that infants prefer consonant sounds such as perfect fifths, rather than dissonant ones. This is just a small example of our

natural ability to understand sound.

So be very careful when placing a child in front of a TV or near a stereo. Those who believe that children cannot comprehend violence on a TV screen or aggression from music are thinking strictly with the

left brain.


The child might not rationally understand the words or actions on the screen, but the right brain even in infants can absolutely understand everything in its immediate environment because it transmits a

frequency that can affect us on a sub-atomic level.


Science has even proven that proper ?sona? vibrations are essential for the health of our vegetation. Studies done on many eco-systems have shown that when a specific species becomes extinct or moves from

an area, another species will replace its song patterns to fit the overall harmony of the vibrations required for plant life to thrive.


All of these are known as talismans and are used very carefully by corporations and the media.

Catch phrases are also used to spark certain emotions in the psyche. When the average person hears the words terror, bombing, gun shots, murder, war, assassination and so on, the body and the mind respond

with heightened alertness and caution. And when events such as assassinations of major leaders, bombings, terrorism or war happen on large scales throughout the world, the body responds differently at

different times, marked biologically and astrologically.


The tragic events involving the Branch Dividian at Waco

And the Oklahoma City Bombings

Claimed the lives of men, women and children as they ended in flames on April 19th.

This date is a pagan holiday where human sacrifice is made by fire.

The tragic events of September 11th 2001 happened on the Mayan Calenda date of 6 Emochs which represents large scale change.

And when the United States attacked Afghanistan on October 7th 2001, this was the Mayan Calendar date of 6K which represents balancing.


Please understand that these were not prophesies or predictions. The Mayans simply understood the body’s natural cycles. So these unfortunate events are not by chance.

One needs only to look at the result of the major political decisions of the United States since the inception of the United Nations to get a glimpse of ultimate goal.

(Text on screen:

Global warming – Kyoto Treaty and Agenda 21

Oklahoma City Bombing – Homeland Security and Executive Orders

September 11th 2001 – PATRIOT Act



Every major war, assassination, terrorist attack or security weakness exposed has two specific common themes:

1) The unfortunate event makes the world wide news and scares or angers the public.

2) The result, no matter what, is always the expansion of Government and destruction of Constitutional Freedoms.

It doesn’t matter what the excuse or the explanation is, the result always tells the truth.

A child can give the greatest excuses every time he is too sick for school, but if it always happens on the day of a test, the truth is revealed by the result.


The major media outlets can give every explanation in the book as to why war is declared, assassinations happen and terrorist events take place, but if they all end up in the expansion of government and the

destruction of Constitutional Freedoms, the truth is revealed by the result.

And because the vast majority of the public are completely ignorant of natural biological cycles of man, it is increasingly difficult for them to accept that these events are by no means an accident. (8.03)

Text on screen

Wako Texas, April 19th 1993

(Clive Doyle, Former Branch Dividian)

I am rolling on the floor and I am trying to protect myself from the heat, and being in the pitch black not being able to see, and the voices of those behind me screaming. It kind of got through to me.

(crying). I recognised who they were. I could identify the voices.

(voice of Branch Dividian Child)

Are you going to come in and kill me?

(voice of man?)

No. No. Nobody’s coming.

Text on screen

In July of 1995 two committees of the United States House of Representatives met to investigate the Waco tragedy. Those committees found that the Davidians had started the fires on April the 19th and had

killed themselves.

Their reports have been filed.

No further action has been taken.


(voice of newsreader?)

In a statement reportedly made by Attorney General Janet Reno during an interview on 60 Minutes. She allegedly defined a cultist as

“One who has a strong belief in the Bible and the second coming of Christ, who frequently attends Bible studies, who has a high level of financial giving to a Christian cause, who homeschools their

children, who have accumulated survival foods and have a strong belief in the second amendment, and who distrusts big government.”

Text on screen

…therefore anyone who cares about their Freedom of Religion and practices Freedom of Civil Liberties is defined as a ‘Cultist’ and should be treated as a threat to Americans way of life.

Also known as a Terrorist.


Text on screen

Oklahoma City Bombing, April 19th 1995


Through Federal authorities, that a second bomb has been found inside that federal building in Oklahoma City. It was an explosion at 9 o’clock this morning that did that damage you are looking at right




I just took a look down the street at the Murrah Building again. I saw another bomb truck going, so apparently they are going to try to get out that third bomb that has been spoken about.



At the present time the medical teams down town are unable to get into the wreckage to retrieve more of the injured because of the presence of other bombs in the area. I have been told by the Police

Department that just as soon as those bombs are defused they will permit the medical teams to enter.



Now we are also hearing from witnesses on the scene that they have overheard from fire fighters that were first on the scene that there is a possibility that there was a secondary explosive device besides

the car bomb device outside the building and that that device may have been placed near the nursery.



Also we are getting word now that President Clinton is sending anti-terrorism units down here to look over the situation and find out exactly what went on and what other danger may be after Oklahoma City.

That’s something we need to think about unfortunately this time, because as we have told you, 2 other explosive devices were found and were not detonated and they were larger than the first.


(Governor Frank Keating)

The reports I have is that one device was de-activated. Apparently there was another device and absolutely whatever did the damage to the Murrah Building was a tremendous, very sophisticated explosive




So President Clinton just called Governor Frank Keating and he says 3 FBI anti-terrorist teams are enroute to Oklahoma City right now. They are saying that this is the work of a sophisticated group. This is

a very sophisticated device and it has to have been done by an explosive expert obviously with this type of explosion.



The Justice Department is reporting that a second explosive device has been found in the AP Murrah Building in down-town Oklahoma City.


(Dr. Randall Heather, Terrorism Expert)

We should find out an awful lot when the bombs are taken apart. I think it was a great stoke of luck – it is hard to talk about luck on a day like today in Oklahoma City – but it was a great stroke of luck

that we actually have got defused bombs. It is through the bomb material that we will be able to track down who committed this atrocity.



The first bomb that was in the federal building did go off. It did the damage that you see right there.

The second explosive was found and defused.

The third explosive that was found, and they are working on right now as we speak I understand, both the second and third explosives, if you can imagine this, were larger than the first.

The first bomb that was in the federal building did go off. It did the damage that you see right there.

The first bomb that was in the federal building did go off. It did the damage that you see right there.



Still another problem, according to these groups, is the Executive Branch making a grab for much more police power, some of it highly questionable in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing.


(Greg Nojeim, ACLU Legislative Representative)

It should not be the case that American have to worry that their phone could be tapped.

It should not be the case that Americans have to worry that their credit records could be made accessible by the FBI without them being involved with any criminal activity.



The first draft of the House Anti-Terrorism Bill was so loose it could let authorities define as an Act of Terrorism, prosecutable by the Federal Government, everything from threatening your spouse with a

gun, to blocking an abortion clinic. While the Anti-Terrorism Bill asks for sweeping new powers, the ACLU and others also worry about numerous Executive Orders that the public knows little about. These

Orders could give the President, Federal Agencies and the Military near dictatorial powers.


Text on screen

North Hollywood “LA Shootout” February 1997


Talk to any police official anywhere and pretty soon he will bring up the Shootout February 1997. Two bank robbers in full body armour and firing AK47s did battle with police on the streets of North

Hollywood, California. It was every officer’s worst nightmare come true. Cops out-gunned by the bad guys.



The one weapon we have identified could go through a bullet proof vest at 200 yards.



After the LA Shootout requests for surplus machine guns increased dramatically. The LA Police Department alone got 600 M16s from surplus. Nationwide the number given away more than doubled this year and

many departments decided to issue them to regular patrol officers on daily duty. All because of one Shootout in one city.


Text on screen

Illusion and Reality

(Ben Stewart)

The daily life we perceive with our five senses is not reality. Quantum physics has shown that space and time are illusions of perception. Therefore, our bodies cannot truly be a reality if they occupy this


(voice of man)

Ernest Rutherford performed an experiment in Manchester that revealed to him the shape of the interior of an atom. Scientists were shocked to discover that the atom is almost entirely empty space. The

question then became; how could this empty atom possibly make the solid world around us?


(Ben Stewart)

Our true consciousness does not exist in our brains or in our bodies. But this illusion of our individual bodies, along with the misinformation of our true origins, has manifested the idea that we all think

independently from one another.

With this misunderstanding it would seem impossible to scientifically explain telepathy, clairvoyance, spiritual mediums and other phenomenon dealing with transferring information between sources without

physical means of communication.


But when you understand that there is a common spiritual bond between all things in the universe and that we are all part of one divine intelligence, no phenomena is unexplainable.

This simple understanding fills all the holes in modern religions. It explains reincarnation, de javu, predictions of the future and literally every event, occurrence or anomaly ever experienced.

The blank matter within the most basic building blocks of perceivable existence is malleable and moulded by intent. This means that consciousness shapes our reality.


This seems difficult to accept for most and this is quite understandable.

In modern times we are taught from a early age how to think rationally and tangibly. This is a very left brain method of education and it has more harmful effects than it is given credit for.


The left brain deals with logic, details, facts, patterns, practicality, science and math.

The right brain deals with feelings, intuition, symbols, images, risk-taking, philosophy and religion.


With a deliberate push for government controlled educational curriculum, generation and generation of the youth are being taught to focus only on the facts and figures and numbers. Repetition is used to

train children subconsciously to accept what they are learning.

Children are not rewarded for questioning the validity of the information they receive, they are ridiculed.

However, children who blindly accept the information as true and merely regurgitate the information on command when it is time to take a test, those children go on to become the decision makers in our

government, law, medicine, business and any other occupation with power and prestige. (9.52)

The most detrimental effect of being pushed away from holistic thinking with the full brain, into a strictly left brain thought, is what is known as the suppression of the feminine.

Every male and female have both feminine and masculine qualities. It has nothing to do with man or woman. These are represented by the left and right brain. Yin and Yang. Black and white. Light and dark.

And most every other duality.


Both are vital to our spiritual and physical health. In Ancient Egypt the female was the rightful heir to the crown. The male she chose to marry became the pharaoh. This depicted the goddess tradition that

has been destroyed to make way for a patriarchal male dominated society we have seen forced in every major denomination.

In suppressing the feminine of every society and pushing the people to strictly left brain thinking, the natural ability for humanity to feel earthly cosmic and personal energy and became lost.

Traditions that were past on through shamans, witch doctors, magicians, psychics and seers of all kinds became outlawed and ridiculed and given the stigma of something out of a Hollywood movie.

Every religion explains that we are children of God and have Godliness inside of us.


If you erase the anthropomorphised God and understand that God is nothing more than the spiritual web that connects all things, all religious scriptures begin to make much more sense.

Our bodies are merely vessels that contain our spirit to gather experience for the divine mind..

This is how evolution is possible. It is scientifically proven that all species are evolving into more complex beings. Innate knowledge or racial memory within all species is the understanding of newborns

of all kinds to automatically know specific details and traits that the mother does not have to teach them.


Therefore, innate knowledge helps every species naturally evolve towards more complex organisms.

Lyle Watson claims that it was a Japanese scientist who observed the 100th monkey effect in 1952. In this observation he discovered that a certain portion or percentage of monkeys learned or developed a new

trait, the knowledge became an innate ability in that species. This is further testimony to a collective consciousness among species.


Everything in existence has a natural vibration to it. From our atoms all the way to the vastness of the universe. To show a simple connection between the earth and our bodies, take a look at our body’s

harmonic focal points, better known as our chakras. Just as there are harmonic focal points on a guitar string, there are locations within our body where our vibrations culminate. In eastern philosophies,

these 7 chakras are used to bring health and balance in our physical and spiritual body. Our Earth also has 7 chakra points at equally distant locations from one another.


There is one chakra point on each continent.

The root chakra is in Mount Shasta, California

The sexual chakra is in the Isle of the Sun, Lake Titicaca in South America

The solar plexus chakra is in the Uluru Kata Tjuta in Australia

The heart chakra is in Glastonbury or Shaftsbury, England

The throat chakra is where the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt are

The heart chakra is at Kuh-e Malek Siah in Iran

And the crown chakra is at Mount Kailas in Tibet.


Scientifically this is explained because at the core of our Earth there is a molten iron crystal that resonates at approximately 7 Hertz.

There are energy vortexes all over the Earth where electric magnetic energy emanates. There are also several vile vortexes surrounding the equator where strange anomalies occur such as radio and compass

malfunctions as well as plane and ship disappearances. You may have heard of a few of these.


Text on screen:

The Bermuda Triangle

Devils Sea Atlantis

So the intangible parts of our existence such as emotions are part of the true reality of higher consciousness. If emotions are part of the realm that we cannot experience with our five senses, then how is

it that we are all aware of our emotions? What most people believe to be emotions are not truly the emotion itself. What we are experiencing is a physical manifestation of these emotions.


Anger causes disturbance in the psyche which manifests itself in the ego. These manifestations cause the heart-rate to increase, body temperature to rise and spawn many other physical traits that signify


Just as music from the radio is a physical manifestation of an intangible signal, our experience of emotion is the physical manifestation of an intangible signal as well.

It has been shown that our emotions have a vibratory frequency to them. Furthermore, there are only two emotions that humankind experience. Fear and Love. All other emotions branch either directly or

indirectly from these two emotions.

Fear has a long and slow frequency vibration to it, while love has a very rapid and high frequency to it.


To show that vibrations are the very foundation of our existence Hans Jenny? developed what is known as cymatics in the 1940s to show that when vibrations of sound are passed through a form of media, there

is a set pattern that will follow. When the frequency increases, the media develops into a more complex pattern.


This is precisely what is happening to our earth and humanity. There are 64 possible codes of amino acids in our DNA structure made from 4 elements – carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. By any means of

logic, we should have all 64 codes activated within our DNA structure. Yet we presently only have 20 active codes.


(Man speaking)

And of these 64 possibilities it appears that only 20 of these codes are turned on right now for us. The 20 amino acids. There is a switch that turns off and turns on where those coding sites lie and at the

switch for that turning off and turning on is what we call emotion and this is the first time that we have ever seen the patterns of emotion directly physically linked to human genetic material. Well, fear

is a long slow wave of emotion, so this wave of fear is a long slow wave and touches relatively few sites on this DNA, so an individual living in fear is limited to the number of antenna they have available

to them.


Whereas an individual living in the pattern of love, this is love, and you can see it has a higher frequency shorter wave length, we have many more potential sites for coding along that genetic pattern.

This information is amazing. This is the first time we have ever had a hard digital link between emotion and genetics.


(Ben Stewart)

This is important to understand because another researcher named Vladimir Pokenov? measured tiny particles of light called photons inside a vacuum tube. The photons were scattered as expected. A sample of

DNA was then entered into the vacuum tube and they measured the photons again. They found that the particles of light aligned themselves along the axis of the DNA. Then as they removed the DNA sample the

photons remained aligned to the same form of the DNA even though no DNA was present. This is what is known as the phantom DNA experiment.


Science has now bridged a very important gap between physical and ethereal or spiritual. Our emotions directly effect the structure of our DNA which directly shapes the physical world we experience every


So the messages left by the ancients that we have explained here were more than just prophesies about a One World Government or New World Order. We now understand why the study of the heavenly bodies was so

important. The rotation and orbit of all that makes up our universe serves as a clock to map changes and transitions.

This helped the ancients understand that the changes in the heavenly bodies were a mirror to the changes of all existence.


December 21st 2012 is simply a natural transition from one form of energy to the next. The transcendental evolution of man. This date is what is known as zero point.

Our Sun as well as our planet Earth is losing its magnetic field as the Earth is slowing in its rotation. All the while its base resonance frequency also known as the Schumann ? cavity resonance is

increasing in accordance with predictable sequence of the Fibonecci theory.


At a cellular level, our bodies respond to an electro magnetic pulse. The ancients called this the sacred circuit. The cells receive this pulse from the brain, which receives its pulse from the heart, which

receives its pulse from the Earth. This pulse comes from the Solar System which from there comes from the Galaxy, which ultimately comes from our entire Universe. We literally share a pulse with all of

existence. Yet another example of everything being one.


For as long as scientists have been recording the Earth’s pulse, it has remained at approximately 7.8 cycles per second. This was a constant fixed number until 1986/87. It rapidly began increasing to about

9 cycles per second in 1996. So in one decade it increased by about 2 cycles per second. By 2012 this pulse will be right around 13 cycles per second, just as the Fibonacci theory indicates.

What does this mean for humanity? Just as cymatics has shown that higher frequencies result in more complex patterns, we are now experiencing the beginning of a major shift in both physical and spiritual

vibration. (9.46)

It is difficult to understand what exactly will happen to our physical bodies but ancient scriptures, pagan and monotheistic religions, mystery schools and secret fraternal orders have all given indications

as to what this experience will be like.

0.14 Text on screen (no speaking)

King James Bible

Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Book of Mormons

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

This will be the shift of the ages, the transcendental period of monumental changes to humanity.


Those unprepared for this transition will likely not be able to cope with the rapid changes in the psyche. The only way to prepare for what is to come is what we have sought after for our entire lives.


Not the truth about governments, commerce, religions, terrorism or anything external, but the truth within ourselves, within our psyche and our shadow self.


Especially in the western cultures, we are taught that being normal means only being happy, never sad; only loving and never angry; only forgiving and never jealous.

This sounds plausible but it isn’t. We are not meant to repress any negative emotions because it causes imbalance. To conquer our emotions, we must embrace them, not fight them. We must acknowledge them and

allow them to serve their purpose as we learn from them.


The ancient Assene? culture left teachings dating back about 6000 years. They taught that our relationships with one another, with the Universe and with situations and events are mirrors of the parts of our

psyche that need to be cleansed.

Author Gregg Braden beautifully explains this entire segment at great length in his work. His hard work in understanding these subjects contributed largely to the marriage between science and spirituality.


It is very important to understand that when you fear loss, fear death, fear war, fear terrorism or fear change, you are giving others the ability to control you based on those fears.

When you fight against poverty or against racism, when you fight for relationships or for freedom, you are outwardly attempting to repress that which has been placed before you to conquer inwardly.

These situations are mirrors of our fears. This is why it is important to love and only love. Love those who stand with you but especially those who stand against you. Do not look at your fears as a threat.

Rather, understand that this material world is only a physical manifestation of either the love or fear in your consciousness.


It is as plain as day. All you need to conquer in your life is in your face. If you want to understand what your true inner fears are, analyse your ambitions and your inhibitions.

Everything explained here about the esoteric agenda of the elite few at the very top is nothing to fear. They have been at work for thousands of years behind the scenes to manipulate humanity and it has

worked, until now.


(man speaking)

It is very easy for any system of thought, religious or otherwise, that comes along. It is very easy to play on that, to play on our insecurities. To assure us all is well. We will be taken care of. We lap

that up. So don’t blame religion; blame our own insecurities, which has allowed religion to flourish and which has allowed so many systems of thought that are disempowering to flourish throughout human

history. That’s why we can’t get out of it.


(man speaking)

Ron Sedgley, Department Chairman, Chemistry at University of California, Berkley, showed that DNA acts as an antenna for cellular up-regulation. The primary function they taught us about what DNA is about.

It is a receiver and transmitter of photons, light, and phonons, sound. For what? Cellular up-regulation.

Meaning that they are water molecules. The pyramid power around the DNA spiral energising strands are taking in the spiritual energy of love vibrations and sending it out for manifesting precipitating in a

quantum field the physical matter of the body.

These are hertz frequencies or cycles per second that the musicians can re-tune their instruments to play and experiment with.

Why? Again these are the Creator’s musical scale, the original solfeggio, buried for 3000 years in the Bible.

So the ancient priests who knew how to levitate the huge stones for the building of the pyramids and the Masonic knowledge that pre-dates ancient Egypt. The ability to have this information, these

frequencies serve the function of creation, destruction and miracles on behalf of the empowered people who had access to this knowledge.


I say that because of this metaphor. This is the difference between the power of the Creator and anything else, particularly evil.

You can go into a pitch black room, full of evil, full of darkness and light a little candle and instantly that darkness flees.

But you cannot do the opposite. You cannot go into a well lit room full of truth and wisdom and righteousness and joy and health and harmony with the universal power. You cannot take up any amount of

darkness and go into that well lit room and have any effect whatsoever.

That is the metaphor which I frequently think of when I think that I am not empowered. It is the greatest lesson for me and I think for everybody else to know that we are on the winning side and that we

will win in the end.


(Ben Stewart)

As you are watching this, understand that it is not a fight to be fought. It is not a war to be waged. No gun rights have to be exercised. Not a finger has to be lifted.

Most people wonder how one person can make a difference. They ask that if all this is so simple and this information is available, why has not someone else conquered their fears and changed the world for

everyone else.

This is the most difficult and beautiful conundrum to realise. Your reality affects you and only you. Your curiosity has led you to this genre of information to serve a very specific purpose in your life.


To understand visually how the Universe is truly a hologram, a math professor at Yale University developed a formula that is plugged into a computer programme. Named after him, the Manobret Set? Shows a

seemingly disorganized pattern but no matter how far you zoom into the design, you will always find the same pattern within the whole pattern. Each fractal broken down infinitely, will always reflect the

whole. When one fractal changes its pattern, the sum total of the whole pattern changes along with it.


This exemplifies that the whole world does not need to be awoken. There is no race to inform the 6 billion people on this planet of this message. It is only important that you personally learn to conquer

your inner-most fears and learn to love.

When you see your fears for what they are and master your emotions, then, and only then, will you truly be free.


Text: What Will You Do?

After Mel Gibson-Joe Eszterhas spat, Hollywood Jews standing by Gibson on ‘Judah Maccabee’

Dana Kennedy – JTA April 23, 2012

Jews run Hollywood, the old cliche goes.

So an outsider might find it strange that one of Hollywood’s biggest studios, Warner Bros., agreed to make a movie about one of the Jewish world’s greatest heroes with a star known for going on anti-Semitic tirades.

And when the plans to film “Judah Maccabee” fell apart this month, igniting a feud between producer Mel Gibson and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas that involved more accusations of anti-Semitism, Hollywood again went for Mel.

A cross-section of industry figures interviewed by JTA – all of them Jewish and a number of whom come from families who survived the Holocaust or fled the Nazis – overwhelmingly defended Gibson over the Hungarian-born Eszterhas.

Veteran producer Mike Medavoy, whose parents fled to Shanghai in the 1920s to escape the Russian pogroms, has known Gibson and Eszterhas for decades. Both have “issues,” he said, but he has a softer spot for Gibson.

“I really believe that everyone deserves a second chance,” Medavoy said. “I want to give Mel the benefit of the doubt. I think Mel’s problem is he’s a little immature and can’t handle his anger.”

Alan Nierob, Gibson’s longtime publicist and the son of Holocaust survivors, has always stood by his client.

The loyalty to Gibson of some in Hollywood comes despite the controversy over his controversial portrayal of Jews in the 2004 film “The Passion of the Christ,” his rant against Jews following a drunk driving arrest in 2006, and his violent threats and accusations against an ex-girlfriend that were leaked online in 2010. Also that year, Jewish actress Winona Ryder said that Gibson had called her an “oven dodger” at a party in the mid-1990s.

The latest flap erupted when Eszterhas, who once was one of Hollywood’s flashiest screenwriters but hasn’t had a hit since 1997, accused Gibson of only pretending to be developing a movie about Judah Maccabee to help Gibson’s own image in the Jewish community. Eszterhas accused Gibson of setting him up — hiring him to write the script and then rejecting it not because it wasn’t good, but because Gibson actually “hates Jews” and never wanted to make the movie in the first place.

In his detailed nine-page letter that was leaked to TheWrap.com, Eszterhas said that while working with Gibson, the star “continually called Jews ‘Hebes,’ and even ‘oven dodgers’ and ‘Jewboys.’

“You said most gatekeepers of American companies were ‘Hebes’ who ‘controlled’ their bosses,” Eszterhas wrote to Gibson.

He also described Gibson as erupting in almost psychotic rages in which he railed about his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, intimating he wanted her dead.

Gibson wrote a letter back to Eszterhas saying that his claims were “utter fabrications” and threatened to sue Eszterhas for releasing the audiotapes. Gibson’s defenders suggested that Eszterhas’ attacks were exaggerations or lies meant to deflect from Gibson’s claim that Eszterhas’ script wasn’t any good and that’s why it was rejected by Warner Bros.

Through Nierob, Gibson declined to be interviewed for this story.

Eszterhas told JTA that he “stands behind the letter I wrote to Mel.”

Not everyone in Hollywood’s Jewish establishment has stood by Gibson. After Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade in 2006, Sony Pictures co-chairwoman Amy Pascal spoke out against him and powerful agent Ari Emanuel called for a Gibson boycott.

When they were the only big names to speak out, former AOL Time Warner Vice Chairman Mel Adelson took out a large ad in the Los Angeles Times protesting the silence of many top Jewish Hollywood executives.

But by 2011, when Warner Bros. agreed to do “Judah Maccabee” with Gibson, it seemed all was forgiven.

Despite their support of Gibson, however, many in Hollywood also said they didn’t know why Warner Bros. had decided in the first place to let Gibson make a film about Judah Maccabee, the great Jewish warrior who fought and prevailed against a Hellenistic ruler who wanted to force the Jews to renounce their faith.

Sharon Waxman, a veteran correspondent for the Washington Post and The New York Times who now runs TheWrap.com, said she confronted a senior Warner Bros. executive when she first heard about the planned film.

“I said to him, what were you thinking?” said Waxman, who was raised as an Orthodox Jew and whose site is where Eszterhas’ letter and an audiotape of Gibson’s most recent rants were leaked. “He said something about the studio believing in forgiveness. But it’s still a mystery to me.”

Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, said last September that letting Gibson direct “Judah Maccabee” would be “like casting Bernie Madoff to be the head of the Securities and Exchange.”

Now, he says simply, “everyone should have known.”

“This is the story of an unrepentant anti-Semite who’s a world-renowned actor,” Hier told JTA. “How did he get Warner Bros. to agree to do this film? I think he reached out to rabbis and used them to soften up the studio. There are some who felt his 2006 apology was sincere. I never thought it was sincere.”

For now, Warner Bros. spokesman Paul McGuire said the studio is “analyzing” what to do with the “Judah Maccabee” project. But studio sources say privately that the film has been shelved.

A source in Gibson’s camp told JTA that Gibson is determined to move forward with “Judah Maccabee” on his own, financing and developing it the way he did with “Passion of the Christ,” which became an unexpected hit. Gibson has said that he’s been working on the “Maccabee” project for more than eight years and that it predates the 2006 DUI scandal.

Jay Sanderson, who spent 25 years as a TV and documentary producer in Hollywood before becoming president of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, said he didn’t  believe that Gibson has been developing the film for a long time.

“I would make a large wager that he’s not going to make this movie,” Sanderson said. “Of course, the people close to Mel are going to say that he’s going ahead and will make it just to show his supposed sincerity.”

Sanderson said Gibson’s anti-Semitism is “legendary” and “no one could have been more inappropriate” to make a film about Judah Maccabee.

“But I also understand in some ways why it happened,” he said. “It’s a great story and this is the man who made ‘Braveheart.’ Mel’s always had a great relationship with Warner Bros. And don’t forget Hollywood is a place where people want to avoid making the wrong enemies. Mel is more of a wrong enemy.”

There is no star arguably less likely than Gibson to direct a film about Judah the Maccabee. Gibson belongs to a conservative sect called traditionalist Catholic that is not recognized by the Vatican in part because it adheres to Catholicism as it was practiced before the reforms instituted by Vatican II in the early 1960s. During Good Friday services in the old liturgy, traditionalists still read a prayer in which they pray that Jews will “recognize Jesus Christ as the savior of all men.”

In 2003, Gibson said there is “no salvation for anyone outside the Church,” including his then-wife, Robyn, a devout Episcopalian, in that category.

Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson, is also a traditionalist but is associated with an even more extreme group within the sect, Sedevacantism. He is also a Holocaust denier. Gibson has never renounced his father’s views or specifically said whether or not he is a Sedevacantist, but he has said that the Holocaust did happen and that it was “an atrocity.”

In 2006, the Southern Poverty Law Center released a report based on a three-year investigation into so-called “radical traditionalist Catholics” that focused on Hutton Gibson, whom they called an “important player” in this “shadowy world.”

“These Catholic extremists, including the Gibsons,” wrote investigator Heidi Beirich, “may well represent the largest population of anti-Semites in the U.S.”

“Hutton Gibson does the circuit and he’s featured at a lot of events,” Beirich told JTA. “He’s beloved by anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers and extreme anti-government activists.”

Mel Gibson built his own traditionalist church in the Malibu hills that is so private and secretive that no one knows what goes on inside it, Beirich said.

“But we do know his views are anti-Semitic, even if they don’t line up with his father’s,” Beirich said of Mel Gibson. “The alcohol defense is ridiculous. You don’t bash Jews just because you get drunk.

“This idea of forgiveness and giving second chances to him is bad one. When you start OK’ing anti-Semitism and racism, you end up in a very bad place.”

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Who is the Real Enemy?

An edited extract from Francis’s Legacy, by E. Michael Jones.
(Pictures, captions, and Talmudic quotes supplied by Lasha Darkmoon) 

“If you come down from the cross, we will accept you as our Messiah.” — The Jewish high priests Annas and Caiphas to Jesus.
 If what is left of the WASP establishment wants to do something effective in the culture wars, they will have to understand just who the enemy is.
In order to understand this, they will have to go back well beyond the 1960s. In fact, they will have to go back beyond the 18th century: to be precise, 1800 years before that, right back to the opening shot in the culture wars.
This war began 2000 years ago at the foot of the cross, when the Jewish high priests, Annas and Caiphas, said to Jesus Christ, “If you come down from the cross, we will accept you as our Messiah.”
Needless to say, Jesus did not come down from the cross. And because he didn’t, the Jews rejected Him. Instead, they chose Barabbas, a bandit who had been condemned to death for his revolutionary activities.
At once, by doing this—by preferring a notorious criminal to a man of spotless innocence who had come to redeem them—the Jews became revolutionaries themselves: condemned to seek heaven on earth by following one false Messiah after another from Simon bar Kokhbar to Shabbetai Zevi, from Alex Portnoy to Paul Wolfowitz.
As my friend Sam Francis used to say, Who is the real enemy?

Continues in full at source…